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Day 286: Things That Amuse Me #29

So, I was considering doing 1776 today, but I really don't have enough time for that given the fact that I have rehearsal today. Instead, I'm going to talk about a couple of vloggers who have been amusing since about 2007.

Things That Amuse Me #29: Vlogbrothers

Well, yeah. Obviously they amuse me or I wouldn't be here. However, I feel I should detail the reasons that they amuse me. Just because.

So, I've already…

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Oktoberfest 2010 video entry!

Nerdfighteria: now with more beer, musical numbers, Venn diagrams and self-effacing melodrama!

The song featured in this video is a parody of "Scarborough Fair" performed by my brother and I, who are currently living about 7183 kilometers (over 4000 miles) away from each other. Neither of us has recording equipment, and my brother doesn't even have a computer at the moment. I don't know what's more gratifying - the fact that it turned out so well despite our… Continue

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Haaaaaaaay Ning . ;)

Hey my fellow NerdFighters . :D

I've been a NerdFighter for a while but I stopped being 100% made of awesome for a while , sad to say .

But I'm back full force , and extremly happy to be . :)

So add me as friend , we can chat 'bout nerdy things and be internet buddies .

I'm on twitter as @MaeganisaWizard so follow me and @reply me that youre a fellow NerdFighter and I'll be extremly happy to follow you back . :D

So very glad to be back at 100% made…


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Made of Awsome.

Don't forgot to be awesome. That there is my life's philosophy. Today I officially became awesome. A friend called me Awesome in a tweet. Awesome.

Added by Sammy Wilsmore on May 13, 2010 at 1:18pm — 1 Comment

Nerdfighterian Situation 30th September 09


Added by Clive-φ-Davidson Ex-NM on September 30, 2009 at 3:03pm — No Comments

Summer in the City is made of awesome !!

Hi everyone!

Lotte, Anke, Michiel (Oliver & Didier - somehow) and I are making preparations for Summer in the City (SitC) !!!! Wow, now that we're arranging everything I'm really starting to get excited. Lotte and Anke are two girls from BestWishesFromNL! You might know them, but if you don't you should check out their channel. They are made of awesome :) Michiel is also a youtuber (Michske86) and Didier, Oliver and I (and some other Belgian people, who might not make it to SitC)… Continue

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Happy birthday Hank!

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So, Maureen Johnson made up a thing.

And I am doing that thing!

Me in other… Continue

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So yesterday I'd have to say my personal suck level was somewhere in the guarded to elevated range for various sucky reasons that don't matter now. Why don't they matter?


So technically, I've been accepted at Roanoke for a few months which is awesome because I love the school but I was wating to hear from my other schools because it's also private, making it amazingly expensive. They were… Continue

Added by wearsredsox on March 25, 2009 at 1:33pm — 2 Comments

Once Again A Library Update

i just came back from a library excursion earlier. now i feel a bit down though because i haven't really been keeping track of the books i've been reading. i just know i've read a hella lot. i'll try to go by memory. *shoot*

Books i've read recently:

Pride and Prejudice (not the first time)

An Assembly Such as this (fitzwilliam darcy trilogy)

Duty and Desire

These Three Remain

Bridget Jones's diary : a novel / Helen Fielding.

Bridget Jones : the… Continue

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It's too late for him and his white horse to catch me now...

I realized today I think I may have lost my best friend for good. I mean, he's always in and out, and I admit I'm needy and when I'm having a bad day, which is most days, I'm no fun to be around, but he promised he'd never give up on me. But he also promised he'd take me to the corn maze. He went without me. He promised he'd go to the seventh grade end of the year dance with me and stood me up. He's promised a lot of things, and broken a good deal of those promises, so I don't know why I… Continue

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Holy Paper Towns Colab Project, Batman!

Ahhh. I'm so excited. Today was a good day.

Not only did I finish Paper Towns (ZOMGGG) but I completed the colab. I wanted to share a bit about it since I don't have any real live nerdfighters around to discuss with.

I ended up leaving notes at 3 different stores (sorry, multiple Targets and Barnes and Noble for infiltrating your books). I felt so...rebellious. Trying to be sneaky while sticking post-it notes on the first page of the prologue. It was fantastic. B & N… Continue

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This week was totally M.O.A

Haha, M.O.A = Made Of Awesome. A "moa" is also an large extinct bird, native to New Zealand.

Anywho, this week was totally M.O.A BECAUSE of three things:

Part 1:

It was my last week of uni for my very first semester. Lots of cramming, lots of discussion on the two exams I have and the one assignment I have left, no more Image & Sound [boring class] ever again. Sad to be finished with my other two tutorials though :( But all good! Study leave now, exams… Continue

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So, First blog post ever. This is pretty intense I must say although I have a feeling no one will ever read this . . . But things to talk about! Getting a cat to yodel can be a very difficult task. (Yodeling=the act of shaking a cats bottom while it is meowing to create a yodel like sound.) I found that JJ (my friends cat) proceeded to actually immensely enjoy this act and go so far as to not meow once but to purr the entire time. Therefore making the act of yodeling impossible. Of course the… Continue

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Made of awesome....INDEED

Wow so finally i am a nerdfighter!
Feels pretty good indeed part of a family or something!
Just getting to grasps with it though. I thought today was a perfect day to become a nerdfighter because i am ill off school and i saw that someone i subscribe to has just joined so i thought why not?
So yeah.... speak soon i doubt anyone is reading this but anyway....... Cya xxx

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Now, I have NEVER been upset with John Green before, but now on May 6th 2008 I have come to loathe him.

"HOW COULD YOU EVER HATE JOHN GREEN?!?!?!" You may ask. Well I'll tell you. On Thursday He, and his brother, will be in Grand Rapids, MI. At first I thought this was EXCELLENT NEWS! Because I, Sara, live in Riverview, MI. Which is only about 3 1/2 hours away. Then Today, my dearest friend, Tyler, called me whilst she was almost in tears. She said that she really wanted to go and meet her… Continue

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Shoot! I meant to post this here yesterday!

Happy birthday, Hank!


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My life has been incredibly busy as of late due mainly to the fact that I have started a youtube channel with my Friend Kassi.

It is based off our old webcomic and it is generally just us doing nerdy things. If you would check it out that would be great! Thanks dudes y dudetts. DFTBA

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DaveDays Made a Video for Me!

You heard the guy in the vidideo! Go to my YouTube account and subscribe right away!

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Epic Anagram

"Nerdfighters are made of awesome"-----------------> "We heart free readings. Fame dooms."

That's right.

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