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Mini-Paper: How to make infinity bigger than infinity

If you think infinity is the biggest thing you can have then cool, I can make it bigger. First we need to know that there are different type of infinities and what infinity really is. Infinity is not really a number, is a concept. For example, I can't add 1 to infinity the same why I can't add 1 to the colour blue, so what is infinity? Simpliest infinity is called a countable infinity which is simpily a description doesn't end in one direction. For example, one countable infinity is all the…


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DFTBA Acronym Math

I'm working on a fun (for math/computer science nerdfigherts), and interesting (probably just to me) project on DFTBA acronyms, and this is one of the things that came out of it.

According to the Scrabble Dictionary:

There are 10,402 words beginning with D.

There are   7,138 words beginning with F.

There are   9,000 words beginning with T.

There are   9,973 words beginning with B.

There are 10,771 words beginning with A.

But I want to…


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An Open Letter to Students Returning to School

Learn with Crash Course:

And SciShow:

In which John Green gives advice to students returning to school for summer break, discusses the reasons public education exists, and celebrates the landing of…


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The Physics of Book Clubs and Vidcon

In which John discusses his Vidcon experience, thanks his brother, and announces that you (yes, you!) need to read Part I of Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451 by next Tuesday to prepare for our discussion in the Nerdfighter Book Club. (if you've read the book before, I encourage you to try reading it again with us!)

Vidcon was amazing. Thanks to everyone who was there,…


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Politics and Videos About Math

I don't like either of those things very much.

Last night, I went out to a classy restaurant to celebrate my cousin's graduation from college. The extended family all came out to celebrate, apart from a few members who were tied down by other things like work and such, seeing as it was a Tuesday night and everything.

A bit of a backstory- my mom is a Democrat, and one of my aunts is a stongly opinionated Republican. My aunt tends to say things that rub my mom the wrong way when…


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10 Misconceptions Debunked!

Inspired by CGP Grey's Misconception Debunking:

In which John debunks various misconceptions involving martyrdom, presidents, near-presidents, keeping track of your age, flightless birds, math, physicists, and the universe.

No Edge:…


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thirteen year old in need of a penpal

now if you are to comment saying I'd like to be your penpal you wont geet picked i would like some reasons why you want to be my penpal if you dont speak english please dont ask I'm sorry i only know english. below is a list of things I like and dislikes.

Some things I like- gaming, let's playing, marching band (witch i view as a sport), nintendo, mario, learning obscure facts and quotes, math, public speaking, math, science, mind games, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, The hunger games…


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Sad Math Failure

I was perusing my facebook page when I chanced upon this survey: 

Now this is really sad guys :(

It wouldn't be that sad except for the fact that the number of people who voted was amazing. the vote for "0" was in the 10,000s somewhere and you can estimate the others by it. 

Since this problem…


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DFTBA's servers may be slow for a while, you can also get Ellen Hardcastle on iTunes:

If you order the (physical) album in the next week, Hank will record a video for you featuring up to ten words of your choosing. (Really!)

Ellen Hardcastle on iTunes:… Continue

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The Education Continuum WARNER CHILCOTTED

Thanks to Karen Kavett for the graphics:

In which John explains the education continuum and why math and literature both help us understand the universe in surprisingly similar… Continue

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Feeling Accomplished!

Reasons for feeling accomplished (and just generally happy):

  • Wrote an essay in two hours that was very successful.
  • In the process of memorizing my lines for the play I'm in.…

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I think that the world needs a way to measure talent.


Not so much to compare your talent with other people, but more as a way to calculate how successful a person will be.


You see, I will be applying to colleges soon, and I want to know if that if I go to art school, I will have a shot at being successful, or if I should just go to normal college.


Anyway, We all know  that Talent x hardwork = success.But is there a way to figure out if…


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Probability 101

In which Hank discusses the basics of probability, the art of finding meaning in randomness. And it's there, it's all over, everywhere! Master these simple rules and you'll always know what's coming...except not really.

Thanks to Karen Kavett for the graphics!… Continue

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A Poem by Megan

It sat there

staring at me

I shoved it aside

hoping to get rid of it

but it was stilll there

laughing at me

taunting me

I could feel anger growing in me

Slowly, I stood up…


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The Greenest Vacation

I was recently asked by a friend which would be a more green way to vacation, go to Orlando Fl. by car, travel by plane, or go on a cruise. I didn't know the answer off the top of my head, so I decided to do a little research. At first glance, it seemed that by far the most fuel efficient way to travel was by car. She owns a Ford Escape Hybrid that gets about 31 mpg on the highway. A Boeing 747 gets approximately (taking different cruising altitudes into consideration) .1545 mpg. A cruise ship… Continue

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A Day In The Life

It started on Friday. (07:00) Not the best of mornings; woke up late. Didn't have time for a proper shower. (08:00) Buses, as usual, were a nightmare. (09:00) When I got to my first period it was practical Chemistry. Simple, pointless and most of all, boring.

(11:00) Next I had a meeting scheduled with the mental health councillor. She wasn't there. I was waiting for an hour before I gave up and brought a packet of winegums to cheer myself up.

(12:45) When I return she… Continue

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Nerdfighters Hand Thingy

So, I really think I should be considered a nerdfighter. I read Harry Potter and sing with the cast of Glee. I'm in drama and my favorite movies are 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and Yours, Mine, and Ours (with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda). I have celebrity crushes on the young Dick Van Dyke and Howard Keel and the people I aspire to be like most are God, Lucille Ball, and Angela Martin. I get high on my chemistry green problems and love getting math homework. I MUST be a nerd.

The only… Continue

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I'm Going to Ramble

Okay, okay, okay.

So I don't come on this site enough.

But here we go. I'm going to try. It's just hard. I'm not good at social networking sites where I haven't met people in real life. But I'm trying. Starting now. With this blog, because I like writing blog posts and diary entries and I carry aound journals which I write stuff in. So it's really time I started putting my thoughts online, right?

But I feel like I'm intruding on the regular bloggers. I know, that's… Continue

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Snuggies, Slankets, and Freedom Blankets

I was eleven years old when I made my first mathematic breakthrough. Like most mathematicians, I was not looking for a discovery. The inspiration struck me while I was drudging through my math homework on factorials. “6!” it screamed. “8!” it demanded. I was quickly getting bored of the monotonous task. Factorials were old hat. I already knew how to multiply all the integers up to a certain point. What I really needed was a way to add them. I snatched up my loyal friend, a powder-blue TI-30.… Continue

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"Lots of planets have a North."

I have collected further evidence that my math teacher is an alien!

I became discouraged recently when I discovered that he was not from the North of somewhere but in fact from the South of somewhere. However, lots of planets have a South as well. It… Continue

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