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Calling All Nerdfighters...and Really Anyone with a YouTube Account

     This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.  However, it will not explode after viewing (YouTube doesn't allow it).

     I made this video last month for my area Nerdfighter Facebook group and I'd like to pass it on the Greater Nerdfighteria.  :)  I'd really appreciate a quick view and participation.

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The Future of Manned Space Exploration

In which Hank discusses NASA's new Space Launch System (SLS) and the Orion space vehicle, which are (unlike the space shuttle) designed exclusively for deep-space missions to places including our moon, the asteroids, and Mars.

In other news, I also made a video about the Invisible Children / Kony 2012 campaign because, of course, how could I help myself. It will be at…


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First of all, I would like to say, hello Nerdfighteria, and happy First of April! (And no, this isn't a joke.)

For my intro to public speaking class, we have to write an epideictic speech. (for those of you who don't know what epideictic means, its pretty much just a ceremonial speech) So, I have decided that in lieu of writing a graduation or commencement speech, since I already wrote one for my high school graduation, I am going to compose a eulogy for a dead person. But whom should…


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Marshmallows & Emo Spears for Ningmaster Tom


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Nerdfighter Mission: Sydney

It's 2am Saturday night and I'm on Omegle. Stranger tells me he likes books and among other things youtube, "Are you a Nerdfighter?" I ask, he is. It's Monday and instead of wandering aimlessly around Sydney's CBD by myself, Liam has given me a mission.… Continue

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The Not-So-Eggsellent Omelette

Wherein Meg completes Clive's mission and answers a few questions. And fails at cooking a (ridiculously oversized) omelette (hey, back off, it was her first attempt!).




Personal Channel:…


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Thriller Chiller Midnight Adventures :)

Meg has an interesting encounter at the graveyard and dances to Thriller with no music. Good times ensue.

She also likes Pirates. Anyone need a wench? ;)


Personal channel:… Continue

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Mission #1: Busted!

Wherein Meg completes Clive's first assigned mission. And kicks its ass!

Sorry about the unflattering angles guys. I'm not supposed to film in the mall so that was the best I could do :(

Also... my tongue still hurts from that busted balloon… Continue

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So...there's this guy that I met at my religion group. He's really nice. I think he likes me. I mean, he always asks me to partner up with him when we do activites. We also went on a mission trip together, and when we were there, I felt like he ws paying extra special attention to me and not the other people from our group. I kinda expected something to happen, but nothing did. So I was thinking about asking him if he wanted to come to a school dance with me (I'm in high school, by the way).… Continue

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Decreasing World Suck

Tomorrow I am going with a group to a church mission. We are staying for 4 days. During the trip, we are going to take the little kids that live at this shelter and go to the zoo and other attractions with them. Its going to be awesome. Even though we have to sleep on the floor and have no electronic access to anything, it'll be worth it because we are helping to decrease world suck. And that's what nerdfighters do best. ;-)


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Twitter Mission!

A couple of days ago, a small group of us tried really hard to make Maureen Johnson a trending topic on twitter, but sadly failed.

We need your help :)

Saturday, June 27th, 6PM-8PM Eastern time. Tweet about Maureen Johnson as much as humanly possible!

Don't have a twitter account? Now would be the perfect time to get one! :)

I made a youtube video about this mission if you'd like to watch it, but I basically just say what I've already said in this blog post.… Continue

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Troops are necessary- for now

I've known Sebastian since I was eleven, since I started the sixth grade, so for over ten years, for over half my life (I'm twenty-three now). He's being deployed to Iraq in a few days, via Kuwait. I of course worry about his safety (to the extent that yes, I began to cry as he and I were talking about it last night on AIM). This will be a 6-8-month tour. He'll come back for about two weeks, and then go to Afghanistan- and he doesn't know how long he'll be there.

But, the nature of… Continue

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A Beautiful Day In Nerdfighting.

I completed my mission :D

I'm quite pleased with the fruits of my labor and will find some way to share them with you in the near future.

There's this amazing song I'm listening to on MrAdamSir's profile called So Long Lonesome and it makes my insides want to burst out of my skin in little rainbow threads to creepingly turn the night into an autumn-glow evening.

Oh world, how can you be so perfect tonight?

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My Mission


Since I myself cannot go to the Nerdfighters, throughout the day I will be doing Nerdfighterly tasks to show my love and appreciation of Hank and John Green. This will include;

-Putting things on my head.

-Happy dancing.

-Drawing tetris blocks on things.

-Wearing my self-made Nerdfighter Hands shirt.

-Going by Helen Hunt for the day.

-Documenting the whole thing with pictures/video.

-Spreading the Word of Awesome :D

Expect… Continue

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