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I'm Back!

I thought I'd make another blog post just to be like... YO! I'M ALIVE! :D It's been about 3 years since I made my last blog post, and obviously a lot can happen in 3 years. For starters, I've actually READ some BOOKS - the thing that 18-year-old me had a total aversion to. I've even developed an affection/obsession with Harry Potter - the thing that 18-year-old me had a slight aversion to. All my life I've been conflicted over matters of literature... but now I'm pretty sure I adore books,…


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Hey Guys,

So, I love this community and how supportive everyone is of each other! :)

I like to sing and write music so I was wondering if you got a chance if you could check out my YouTube page HERE: Shannon's Youtube Page…


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Well, summer is almost over. I begin sophomore year of high school in just a couple of days. But I wanted to take this moment to tell the story of my summer.

For the past five years I've been going to a music camp. I play oboe and I sing. This year, I stayed for two months. This camp has been a second home to me. I love the people, the music I get to play and the atmosphere of it all. I've never had as many opportunities to show my talent anywhere else.

The camp is in two sessions.… Continue

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Introducing me:

I suppose it's been awhile since I've actually written a BLOG about myself, usually I'm trying to come up with an interesting topic for my blog, ( I guess this will be interesting.

I live in the midwest of the U.S. of A.-the Dairy state to be exact. I've traveled to Honduras, Oregon and Denver (those are the ones I've gone to of my own accord, 'cept I went with my dad to Honduras). I grew up in church, and I'm still attending. Writing is one of my passions,…


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Band troubles

I am in a band and I am really stuck on wether to continue or not. I enjoy it, we sound great (if I do say so myself) and we do get bookings so I am not losing any money but I need to concentrate on my studies as I want to eventually study the psychology of criminals and forensic science at university. Cutting down on the hours I am with the band is not an option as it is not fair on the others. I do not want to quit but I also do not want to have something that prevents me from doing my best… Continue

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Sooo my house is being foreclosed on… halp? .-. I write nerdy mooosik!

Dear Nerdfighters,

Since you are all so awesome and world suck has become quite prevalent in my life, I was wondering if you could help me out?  

Me and my mom live in a quaint little house in the mountains of Colorado and I am in college studying Japanese and Geology at CU-Boulder.  My mom is disabled and no longer has a job… there is only so much one 19 year old college student can do to help keep my house but it means the world to me...…


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Good Old Songs: Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die?

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Good old songs: Yo La Tengo - Our Way To Fall

Great song that reminds me of Alaska  </3


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Good old songs: Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy

I was lucky to watch Snow Patrol playing live as the opening act for U2 360º Tour. They played only for half an hour but it was a very good concert (I already knew the band so for me it was a perfect match).

Here's one of their best works, a bittersweet though hopeful song.

Enjoy and DFTBA.

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Good old songs: The Alan Parson Project - Don't Let It Show

One of the main themes of the progressive band The Alan Parsons Project was the exploration of love. In their second album, I, Robot (after the famous Isaac Asimov anthology of short stories) included this beautiful piece of broken hearts and true love.

Enjoy and DFTBA


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Good old songs: Queen - Love Of My Life

The legendary Wembley performance of 1986 of one of the most beautiful love songs.

Enjoy and DFTBA.


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Good old songs: Billy Joel - She's Always A Woman

One of my favourite songs of Billy Joel.

Enjoy and DFTBA.


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Great old songs: Chicago - If You Leave Me Now

DJ Morgan would try to present you a nice selection of good old songs that perhaps some of the youngest Nerdfighters haven't heard. Hope you enjoy it. Today's track is the awesome and heartbreaking Chicago's "If You Leave Me Know". The song was written and sung by Peter Cetera, the band's bassist.

Hope you like it.


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Texas Thunderstorm

Texas thunderstorms are probably the only reason I would be sad if I was ever required to leave Texas. I moved here when I was only three and I consider myself to be a Texan. To all those people that say that since I wasn't born in Texas I can't be considered a true Texan, I say "that's your opinion." I digress. 

A Texas thunderstorm is probably the most beautiful music nature makes. If you aren't a Texan and/or never heard a Texas thunderstorm, you're missing out. I tried to find a…


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How I Helped Decrease World Suck... By Listening to Music

Good evening, nerdfighters!

Some of you may or may not have heard of the tragedy that ensued last month here in Arizona. Of course, tragedies happen all the time everywhere, but this specific one took place on Yarnell Hill near Prescott, AZ. Some of you may recall that a wildland fire raged there and threatened the homes of hundreds. This is why they brought in the 'hotshot' crew from Station 7, a crew of 20 men. While battling the blaze, 19 of those men perished. In response,…


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Hello everyone! My name is Nathanael. I'm new here to Nerd Fighters. I discovered the community via CrashCourse History, was intrigued by the concept of Hank and John's record label, and decided to give it all a try.

I'm fresh out of graduate school (I studied film scoring) and so far it has proven to be stressful, but I'm optimistic and patient. I know it won't all happen overnight (nor do I really want it to), and so I've been mostly looking for a day job which, in truth, is the…


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MusicMe! The Beatles Inspire Brain Science!

Music & Science Effect My Brains!!!
Did you know that when we listen to a new musical phrase, we use the parts of the brain…

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This weeks Song Club Challenge, Write a song about summer.

Every week for the past four years I have posted a weekly songwriting challenge to my blog

The Song Club . This weeks Song Club Challenge is to write a song about summer.

All you have to do

  1. write an awesome song loosely based on the weeks Song Club…

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The Song Club - Radio

Every Monday I post a new song to YouTube.

This weeks song, Radio is about the cosmic background radiation and the Awesomeness that is radio astronomy.


Ben Davila

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We all start as little less than nothing, and the Boom, find each other

So, here we are, my Dutch friend and I. We have never met, but guess what? Anything is possible when you are a nerdfighter! We made a video together, and it is awesome, so if you have 4 minutes :) 

"Alphabet" cover by Hildefy and Greensock

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