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Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm...

I kind of felt like being new and all to Nerdfighteria, and still learning what to do my part meant that I should do an introduction.  So hello!  I'm Tori, it's nice to meet you.

 I'm 16 and ready to take on the world, as much as I can.  I grew up in Wyoming and it was here that I became a little more who I am now.  I love video-games, don't even get me started.  I…


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July 8th, 2013

Dear Reader(s),

I'm not exactly sure how to start this detailed telling of my life-so-far, so I'll describe the place I was born.

Carpinteria, California. Some may know of it, most may not. Carp is a small town about 15 minutes towards the coast from Santa Barbra. It's a small town, but bigger than the place I live now. This little hippie town is right on the beach. I remember growing up, seeing sand on all the main roads during March and April when it would get windy.



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inner thoughts

Uh, hello. I'm new here, and I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them: Hearing things in someone else's voice after you read or watch something of theirs. Particularly if you really enjoyed that something. For example, right now every other thought in my brain right now is in John Green's voice, as creepy and as fangirlish as that sounds. It happens with books or articles as well; I read a really good one, or one that just has a message that really sticks with me, and…


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MY story

I been dealing with lots of feeling lately. So I am going to do something that more people should do... SHARE! and I want people to do the same. So please share I will listen. so my story

I was born deaf, I had a op to fix it but not before the damage was done. I didnt learn social skills and how to read people. This left me with problem with spellling and grammer. So I am going to say sorry of the that, if the grammer and spelling in this isn't rigth.

I grew up most of…


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In Black And White

Maybe this is what happens when you have to keep secrets. It ends up spilling out somehow, and this is how I end up staring at the blank page with a pen in my hand.

It might come out eventually, but everything always does.


Some days, it was clear and easy what we were.

Other days, the lines blurred so much that I had to squint to see.


We were best friends, together from the forgotten start. I can’t remember how we met; it was a blur…


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Working In Fast Food

Before reading any further you should know one thing, I actually like my job. Yes, I work at a fast food place for minimum wage. Yes, I deal with customers who have no idea what they want and get frustrated with me because I can't read their mind. Yes, my boss is a micro-managing control freak. My other boss is lazy, though. 

I've been working for this fast food restaurant for a couple of months now. I don't…


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I Don't Have a Favorite Pony

Evil Baby Orphanage Kickstarter:

In which Hank (with the help of Michael Aranda) sings about My Little Pony. Yup...

Accoustic Version…


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we are the way, we are

Ok a friend is having a hard time with coming out. something that I dont see as I big deal. So this is my view on some of the things to do with relationships. I am Bi, some will say more like pansexual. but I don't like the term pansexual, as I feel that sex and gender are what makes you look at someone as a possible mate. But it who they are that make you fall in love with them. so I will stay with Bi, thanks. Anyway, I think that being whatever you are is both a choice and something that…


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Sign the internet

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This is my first post and the blinking cusor is intimidating. In front of me is a beautiful blank canvas and I am expected to fill it with my thoughts and my mindless wonders.  My computer obviously shows no sympathy, the cursor just blinks and blinks (I think it's mocking me)... But if we want to get deep and philosophical I guess the blinking cursor and the blank canvas could be a metaphor for life. (Cheese Alert!!!) We are born so pure, innocent and naive, like the blank text box. We…

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Not very good at this

So this is the first blog I've ever tried to make and hopefully this will not go too horribly over the course of my writings. As the title implies I am not very good at this sort of thing and am as of this moment not entirely sure what to write about. So for now I guess I'll treat this like a sort of daily journal or whatever.

My name... will remain a secret, however know that there is meaning behind the one i have posted. That being said, my "first name" is a character I have created…


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I'm the doctor... RUN!

Ladies and gentlemen, your mind is now victim to my words. You will absorb them slowly, and as the letters seep down into your soul and steal your heart, you will smile because you know deep down inside,  that I'm no where near as brilliant as I think I am :)

Hello there. If you're reading this, you've stumbled upon my nerdfighters account and I applaud your stumbles because it gives us a chance to meet. :)


Let's see... I'm Donna, nineteen, awesome.

My life…


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I don't get it. How can three Tv shows that aren't really that good BEAT Doctor Who for most popular sci fi show? HOW!?!?

As you can see, I'm a really big Doctor Who fan. If you take away my Doctor Who, you die.

How can Fringe beat Doctor Who? I don't know. Fringe is a show you have to watch from the very first episode of the very first season, and that sucks. You can't ask some one "What does that mean?" because when they do, they'll just have to keep explaining stuff.



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College, Life in the Dorms: Night One

                           I was just given a smidgen of insight as to how special I am to him.

       I woke up this morning in the worst mood of my life. My roommate had kept me up all night. She snores, and whats worse than snoring? Well let me tell you, she makes weird moaning, grunting noises in her sleep, and she sucks her thumb. I could hear her over the in-the-ear headphones playing loud music. I was cranky and angry and just so upset. So I texted a friend for a bit and…


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Hi there :)

Hi there, peoples of the internetz.

I see that Your Pants are back up.

I just had to say that. Sorry.

Anyway, I know it isn't a Monday, Wednesday or Friday today, but I just felt like posting a blog post. Ok? Also, I'm not back at Air Cadets til the 10th. Which is next Tuesday. Which gives me time to blog.

So, well. At the moment I am confined to either my room or the living room because of my foot and the fact that I had an…


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The Fault in Our Stars and How I almost had it...

Only you, nerdfighteria can possibly understand how I feel right now. I went to indigo to do a quick return and while I was waiting for the clerk to run it through I glanced over to a box next to the computer. A box full of see-through plastic bags containing BLUE HARDCOVER BOOKS!!!! Naturally I said "The fault in our stars is here????" (although in my head it was more like "THE FAULT IN OUR STARS IS HERE!!!>!?>!?!?!!???") then she said "This book?" to which I replied "Yes, I preordered… Continue

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My Art Homework.

     So, I'm done my art homework, and I have nothing to do! I had to do an assignment about the Die Brücke art movement, and an art appreciation of Emil Nolde's "Masks Still Life" If anybody has any interesting facts or opinions about either, let me know, because I've got four more days of work to fill, with nothing to add...


     Se onr sverdar sitja hvass!

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Sad Math Failure

I was perusing my facebook page when I chanced upon this survey: 

Now this is really sad guys :(

It wouldn't be that sad except for the fact that the number of people who voted was amazing. the vote for "0" was in the 10,000s somewhere and you can estimate the others by it. 

Since this problem…


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MLP FIM Fan Art:


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fan art. My own pony character Brush Up made my friend's pony Scooter a scarf, because fall is coming an you need to stay warm when the weather turns cool! I used my own style for the ponies themselves and did my best to emulate the…


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My Class Schedule: My thoughts now

Yes, I am writing two blogs in one day. Woot.


I just finished my first week of classes and now I'm going to give my thoughts on each.


Music Theory III: This class is giving me difficulty. The first day was amazingly boring. My teacher read from a book about how to help us remember things. I don't remember much about it, because I was trying not to fall asleep. However, once he actually started teaching us things, it was more interesting. I don't mind theory.…


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