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Well, summer is almost over. I begin sophomore year of high school in just a couple of days. But I wanted to take this moment to tell the story of my summer.

For the past five years I've been going to a music camp. I play oboe and I sing. This year, I stayed for two months. This camp has been a second home to me. I love the people, the music I get to play and the atmosphere of it all. I've never had as many opportunities to show my talent anywhere else.

The camp is in two sessions.… Continue

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John Green and Being Beautiful.

This quote. There is so much truth in this quote. It's something that penetrates my heart. Because when I think about how many people get disregarded because of their outer appearance it makes me cringe inside. Not just for the people getting disregarded but for the people who could be missing out on a beautiful human being. That's what aches my soul. There are so many amazing humans that are so over looked because they aren't what society thinks is "BEAUTIFUL" . Well, here's what…


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Selling Tee Shirts to raise money!

Hey guys I'm selling tshirts in order to raise money to kickstart my business. I need to sell 50 of them by the end of this week. They are only 15 dollars and it would mean so much to me if you could share the link or pick one up for yourself.

I'm selling them here:

Please help me out I would really appreciate it!

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New here, and the thoughts I've been having on defining "Nerd."

Hello all,

So, while I've been following the Vlogbrothers and have read a few John Green books, I don't think I necessarily fit into the category of what might be considered a "nerd."

Not that I have any desire to.

The term "nerd" becomes problematic in its own right. 

Let's find a definition and go from there. (I hope that Wikipedia will suffice for now.)…


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Home Library

I just watched John Green's video blog of October 16, 2007 in which he displays his extensive home library.

Which prompted me to think to myself...

"I want a home library so much!!!"

I've got two bookshelves in my small apartment, and I have to share them with my…


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Nerd Girls

Some thing that always kind of ticks me off is that how being a nerd girl is well kind of hard. This is because it seems that we have to prove ourselves more to people that we read comic books, worship TV shows, and other things. People think that we just read it because we think the guys in it are hot or that we're trying to be hipster or something which is stupid. I watch nerdy shows because I admire the writing and storylines not because the actors are attractive. I read zombie comic…


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In my random wandering around the internet, I found this:

For all the Nerd/Geek girls out there, the ones that get the crap from their peers for being geeks/nerds.

Watch the video, scroll the tumbler, submit a story of your own. It is all good stuff.

You have NOTHING to prove, keep on doing what you're doing.


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lonely vlogging me

hello. So today I decided to make a vlog's not great, infact it's pretty bad, but it was really fun to make and I'd like to try my hand at doing another.

However there isn't really any point in doing so when I don't have ANY subscribers, only 14 views and one like!

SO I guess what I'm trying to say, is please check it out, it means a great deal to me.

Thank you xxx…


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Thank you!

I would like to thank Karen for providing me with personal input to put in my essay on nerds! It is fabulous personal opinions like those she shared with me by commenting on my last post that will help me write the best essay possible. Thanks so much Karen!  

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The position of Fem-nerd, or Femineity in nerd culture

Since i was a little girl i have watched and grown up with star trek, my little brother and i learnt all the words to the beginning sequence, my best friend was even named after one of the characters, in other words i was a massive nerd. In my high school years I was defiantly an outcast, but at the age of 14 i discovered Harajuku fashion and anime, these were my new loves, i spent hours looking at fashion shows and reading blogs about Harajuku. My Friends were not as enthusiastic about…


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So, we decided that we needed to make a Swot Sisters tumblr account. Just cause.

Follow for lots of geeky nerdy awesome and updates on our vlogs! We follow back! :D


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nerd denial

Hello nerdfighteria,

my name is Charlotte. I have been a nerd for all my life, but it has been a difficult journey for me.

When I was in 4th grade (4 years ago) I read Harry Potter for the first time. And I went over the top obsessive over it. I got a cardboard cutout of Harry and named him Happy Harry. I had 47 posters exactly. I was no longer permitted to read the books because I lived in a huge shrine that was my bedroom. And I did refer to it as a shrine. Kids still talk…


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Video: Ebooks vs. Paper Books

If this video doesn't show, followthe link…


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Reivew-- The Language of Souls

Wow, what a sweet story. Slightly reminiscent of Dear Enemy but unique in and of it's own right. For a novella to bring about that much change in fate and emotion in so few pages, it deserves to be applauded. I was quite glad.

Solena, a young orphaned girl raised by the High Prophet of her people, is known for having a generous heart along with her…


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Nerdiness Undimmed by Human Tears

I know I've been exhausted and stressed for too long when I actually cry at TV shows - especially reruns - so when I found myself full-on sobbing at the end of a Doctor Who episode, I realized not traveling this weekend was a good idea!

Then (while I was still sobbing into my napkin under the dubious stare of my cat) I thought, "I wish I could see what happens in my brain while watching emotional TV shows! What would that be - fMRI? Have they done that study? Can I see…


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Fanfiction is Awesome

Hey guys! So this is our first real vlog post so if you guys want to hear about the amazingness of fanfiction, give us a look!


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We've started a vlog!

Hey fellow nerdfighters! So, I know I don't really post much (this shall change, I swear on the grave of Thorin Oakenshield), but my friends and I have started a nerdvlog together! We'll probably just be talking about random nerdy amazingness. We do fight against suck, and we even mention a JOHN GREEN NOVEL in the first post! Give us a look and maybe some ideas for topics to discuss if you'd like. We hope to entertain you in your fight against suck! 

(By the way, sorry for the cruddy…


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First Time Blogger

Hi everyone!

Hopefully this doesn't come off as horrible self advertisement, but I'm trying to get my blog out in the world, it's something I've realized that I have to work at! Internet pages don't share themselves, you need the people behind the screen. And hey, maybe I'll post on here too, I didn't realize anyone could do it! :)

The reason why I wanted to post a link here was because I think the community that Hank and John has built is wonderful. In fact, if…


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I really want...(feel free not to read this)

A girl who will not only accept or embrace my nerdiness, weirdness, and quirks, but enjoy them with me. I want someone who won’t be ashamed of how excited I get over Doctor Who or Harry Potter marathons. Someone who loves the fact that Three of my tattoos are Harry Potter related and the last one is Blooregard Q. Kazoo (Bloo from Foster’s Home for imaginary friends.) And that I’m a dedicated comic book nerd. Someone that loves and supports my passion for music and film. I also want a woman…


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Proud to Be a Nerd Among Nerds

I've just joined the Nerdfighters, and I am so excited that this community exists. I grew up as kind of a closet nerd.  I mean, my whole family are nerds, so nerdiness is entirely accepted and encouraged at home. My older brother and I grew up with successive versions of Star Trek. Star Wars was a staple too; my brother had lots of Star Wars toys, and one Halloween we went as Luke and Leia. My mom even did the coiled braids at the sides of my head. I apparently took my princessly role very…


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