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When I get bored in Chemistry

Today in Chemistry, I forgot my notes, so I just sat there doing nothing when I started writing down random phrases from the notes PowerPoint that I thought sounded cool. This was the result:

Now the electron is in an excited state
The atom is unstable
Energy levels are fixed, set amounts
Electrons circle the nucleus in set orbits
The greater the movement, the more energy involved.

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Anecdotal boredom.

So I was waiting in a waiting room, (Which sounds repetitive and unoriginal--which is why it stands) and because the waiting room was practically empty and the receptionist had disappeared to wherever it is that receptionists go when the waiting room has one person in it--and they're clearly waiting for their mother, (in my case) I was awash in my own personal sea of boredom. I had my kindle but after the first hour I was tired of reading (gasp--inconceivable!). So like any female worth her…


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The Cat is Back!

I have decided to start a blog... obviously... ok... I need to stop rambling. Over winter break I posted 4 videos about the places I went on my channel ( ). And since due to school starting back up and finals and my SAT coming... I wouldn't have as much time to make videos. Blogging seemed like a great way to continue sharing my exploits and creative output... so…


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Nerdfighter Notes

This week I have made a concious effort to be a nerfighter, and be more active in nerdfighteria. I have considered myself a nerdfighter since earlier this year, but other than watch the vlogbrothers videos, purchase myself a t-shirt, convince my sister to be one to, and talk to my one nerdfighter friend about how awesome we are (note: we did not discover nerdfighteria together), I haven't really gotten involved.

Well, this week, I placed a total of 6 nerdfighter notes in…

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Of Academics, Strange Dreams and Neuroscience.

A strange dream I had that reminded me about the different methodologies for taking notes that I don't use but might be useful to you.


Note taking methods:…


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Alaska Day

While this is not the official meaning of Alaska day, I think today would also be a perfect day to celebrate instead the formal transfer of Looking For Alaska from John Green's mind to our libraries.

Two excellent covers for one excellent book in one excellent drawing by… Continue

Added by Clive-φ-Davidson Ex-NM on October 18, 2010 at 12:28am — 4 Comments

Nerdfighters in Honolulu?! Woo hoo!

So I went to Barnes and Nobles at Ala Moana in Honolulu this morning to buy myself a copy of WGWG for when finals are over. And I was a skimming through the book, I found this:

It says:

"Greetings from Nerdfighteria!

John and…


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You know you're a nerdfighter when...

When you have notes written on your hand, which a science teacher squirted acetone onto, and you then remark:

"That's an amazing example of chromatography." at the resulting smear.

This is what happened to my friend today - the picture doesn't show it particularly well, but it was a really funny… Continue

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1/20/09 Post It Notes, Rick Astley, Stationery, Shia LaBeouf


Fangirls over Shia LaBeouf :)

Shows you my stationery for school (Jessica wanted to see it)

Song: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up.… Continue

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Putting notes in books.

Last weekend, Molly Olly Oxenfree and I went to put notes in books telling people to be awesome & to read John's books. xD

It was fun on, like, ten different levels. :) We put some in Twilight books, telling them to go read some real literature (*braces self for fangirl attack*), and we put some in Harry Potter books, thanking them for being awesome. :D

The B&N we went to only had two of John's books, and they were both Paper Towns. One was a sad Margo and one was a happy… Continue

Added by Shelbie on February 23, 2009 at 4:37pm — 1 Comment

Nerdfighter Note In Augusta Maine!

look what i found in a copy of "An Abundance Of Katherines"!

It was at a Barnes and Noble in Augusta Maine =D

Added by Meghan on November 29, 2008 at 5:54pm — No Comments

Found notes 1

Given its proximity to an elementary school and a high school, it isn't unusual for me to find the occasional note in the field when I'm cleaning up. They get passed in class and then, somehow, they end up scattered along the trail or in the grass. Here's one from today.

Media: half of a blue "post it" note.

First side, in very light pencil, somewhat feminine lettering:

If If Luke asks

you out what

would you say?

Second side, in bold… Continue

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Nerfighter notes

I was out shopping today, and I stopped by a bookstore to browse. I couldn't help going over to the YA section to check up on John Green's books.

I was a tad bit overly excited to find a note in one of the copies of Paper Towns! A note that I didn't leave! That means that there are other nerdfighters really close by!! In my neighborhood even! :)

...Unfortunately, the nerdfighter who left this note was either confused, misinformed, wrote their note too hastily, or was in… Continue

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Holy Paper Towns Colab Project, Batman!

Ahhh. I'm so excited. Today was a good day.

Not only did I finish Paper Towns (ZOMGGG) but I completed the colab. I wanted to share a bit about it since I don't have any real live nerdfighters around to discuss with.

I ended up leaving notes at 3 different stores (sorry, multiple Targets and Barnes and Noble for infiltrating your books). I felt so...rebellious. Trying to be sneaky while sticking post-it notes on the first page of the prologue. It was fantastic. B & N… Continue

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So. English Class notes? I should proably take them more often.

In order to make myself pay attention in my British Lit class I thought I would take notes on here. That way, one: I would actually take the notes, and two: you could be objected to the pain. Okay, not really pain... I actually love this class. I am an English major and all. But, I never take notes in this class, and I have a huge test on Tuesday, so I am going to take notes. On my Ning.


Here we go.

John Donne: Elegy 19:

"FULL NAKEDNESS! <--… Continue

Added by tree.hugger.sarah. on April 24, 2008 at 11:08am — No Comments

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