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you could say this is a beginning.


One long fist to the middle of a nowhere she said sitting in her newly made bed

 the screen of her computer flashing back multi colored signals from places unknown that’s an interesting sentence;   her mind echoed whilst her hand scribbled ferociously forsaking even a semblance of

         propriety and casting spelling to the wind      This be a pounding headache and a undue frustration    

 laria dearest chained to her small…


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Hella Cool Literary Magazine Needs You! Hella Cool. Hella.

Are you a writer, artist, photographer, or macaroni sculptor? Do you want the chance to be published in a hella cool, independent literary magazine? Then send your work to The Fox Hat Review! Our deadline for the spring issue is February 22nd!

Dear Nerdfighters,

In 2014, we launched our first issue, which you can read by…


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Random thoughts made to look like a poem.

Can this really be it?

Has the light really left me?

I don't understand this sudden absence.

I used to be able to make sense of this.

Have I gone too far

Down the winding path?

Have I become so lost

The thought of a beginning is utterly impossible?

Will I ever return

To any form of normality?

Or will I wither away

Into a dismal abyss?

An all-consuming reality approaches.



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Why is it so hard to have confidence in your writing? Is it because society tells us that if we love ourselves that we are cocky jerks? Why can't loving yourself and your writing be ok?

Writing is so emotional. Well, for me anyway. It's like taking a singular blood vessel from my body by myself and giving it to someone saying "Please take care of this. I need it back." It's so nerve-wracking because a literal part of you is in someone else's hands! YOUR DNA AND CELLS ARE IN SOMEONE'S…


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I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,

And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking,

And a grey mist on the sea's face, and a grey dawn breaking.

I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide

Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;

And all I ask is a windy day…


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Nerdfighter Poetry

A Nerdfighteria Acrostic Poem:

No one







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Thoughts from places- Carlsbad Nation Caverns, New Mexico

I recently started as a park ranger at Carlsbad National Caverns National Park in New Mexico.  When I say recently I have been in the green and grey for little over a month.  The job requires are large amount of public interaction, interpretation of the resources, and ranger guided programs.   I spend my 9 hr days roving from place to place in the cave and on the surface answering questions mostly about geology, directions, and sometimes about myself.  Such as how does an ecologist with a…


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A Partial List of My Unpopular Opinions

A partial list of my unpopular opinions:


Turkey bacon is real bacon.


George Watsky and Jasmine Mans are worth fan-girling over.


I don’t see the big deal about Twitter.

Wow! I can summarize a moment in time



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"Despite" {The True Hope Poem}

And he told me,

that he was surprised that this world

hasn’t beat out any sense of hope that I may have for it.

As if my frame was a pinata and this world is the child

that could never burst it

to let its insides fall out,

for a lack of better metaphor.

Despite the poems I’ve written about life…


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My first real poem...

Desperation, and silent pain,

but only silent, because of shame,

feeling scared, so full of fear,

for your reaction, i refuse to hear,

The tears i hold, and times i fight,

to tell you somethings not quiet right.

Feeling pathetic, and nothing more,

for this life is something i should adore.

smiling faces, hopeless dreams,

Pretendings harder than it seems,

Fighting thoughts that take control,

just like Alice, falling down the hole,

into a world,…


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Possible Project: Random Happenings (...In Your Pants)

Yesterday I posted a blog post (which you can read here) explaining an idea I've had for a while. Whilst typing out my idea I realized how amazing this idea would be as a collaborative effort.

Basically I have a lot of poems, short stories, unfinished works, random ramblings and odd doodles and collages lying around. So I…


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The time of insects to the time of stars

Wislawa Szymborska, a polish poet and Nobel Prize winner, died yesterday at eighty-eight years old. She was one of the greatest poets I've read, and everyone should benefit from her work. If you read nothing else this week, Jena, read the poem below, and Szymborska's…


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The Hope of Winter

I want to write of something positive but there is no inspiration,

   The ground is covered in cold dead snow,

   The trees retreated into themselves.

   There are no flowers that bloom now,

   No birds to sing of spring,

   The sun seems distant, cold, and shrouded.

Winter is a silent sound,

   One that hurts your ears,

   Its sharp and shrill,

   Yet muffled and…


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150,000 Autographs

Preorder The Fault in Our Stars from B&N or Indiebound or Amazon:

Vidcon 2012:

In which John announces that thanks to the awesomeness of nerdfighteria, his book The Fault in Our Stars will be published sooner than previously… Continue

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So I randomly decided to write a poem and decided to share it with you!

Yes, you! My non existent readers!

Here it is:

I will not conform to what Society wants me to be
To be perfect
would be imperfect to me
I like the way I Say
and Do
and Choose
The words of hate
Never will make
Me different
Who are you to ask me to be Prettier
When it is you who is ugly
Underneath the shallow surface
Of your wants which are…

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Then I Took Off My Bra

Esther bracelets:

In which John discusses Amsterdam, replaces curse words with the names of British romantic poets, talks about the This Star Won't Go Out foundation, asks your help in designing a great tour, and wonders if he should read the audiobook for his still untitled… Continue

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Finding Me - Introduction

I'm Diamond Nicole. I was planning on writing a fictional blog, but I figured, why not let at least one place be somewhere I can be me, unconditionally?

I'm sixteen. I love to do a lot of different things. Photography. Writing. Poetry. Singing. Yardwork. Garden and Interior Design. Advice. Acting. Theater design.…


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Life Cycles, I: Dawn



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When Crying don't Help and You can't Compose Yourself. It is Best to Compose a Poem

Why is it that even with all our technology and all our things to do out there that most of the time when we can't make left or right out of a situation, most people turn to literature. I mean every one at one point in their lives need it be for school or just to pass the…


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A poem about suicide.

Eyes turned upward, I watch the sky fall away./ There are no clouds on this dark day./ The tower tops run away from me as wind blows through my hair./ My concrete bed waits for me, unaware./ I smile as a river of glass flows past my feet./ To bad so few people have done this feat./ The course fiber feels good…


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