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Blog 6 July 9 2011 A very potter day!

Hey Simone,

So I was reading about Casey Athony again and come to the conclution that sh is Harry potter. They've given two dates the 13 and the17 for her release but both are believed to be false. And she going out the back door not the front one. What next seven of her? Being chased by Papazzi?

And if we treat people like Harry potter is out government becoming the ministry of magic? Are we going to get a department of myteries too? That would be awesome if we did and… Continue

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New and Shiney

Ok, so I haven't been here before, and though I haven't been a Nerd fighter in the absolute sense of 'a follower of the vlogbrothers and is also a nerd,' I feel like I've been one all my life anyway. 

I have a blog already that I don't really post in that often. So what to talk about here? Something nerdy obviously and so I shall. 

The last Harry Potter film made its debut and everyone is going crazy. Everyone seems to be saying this is the end. Even fans who I know adore the…


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Harry Potter Sadness...

    Hi Nerdfighters :] I've never really written a blog bear with me, please! So I'm new to the Nerdfighters website but I've been watching the Vlogbrothers for like a year. But that's not what this blog is going to be about. This is going to be about Harry Potter! -applause/cheers-

    So I grew up with Harry Potter. I read the first book when I was in Kindergarten. My mom started reading it to me, but then I fell in love with it so much that I started reading it myself.…


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Harry Potter and My Childhood.

Harry Potter. Obviously in need of no introduction, Harry Potter has been a part of many teenagers’ lives for as long as they can…


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Can I be Blair Waldorf with natural hair???

I think I want to go natural. I have a relaxer now and my hair is dyed and its just a hot mess. Its breaking and damaged and ... well just a hot mess. So I did what I always do when I have an issue: consult Julian. His response : sure. I wasn't offended because that is his response to everything I tell him. Anyways I'm need a change. There are a few things that keep me from going for it all the way. I don't know how it would look on me for one. I know that it is what grows out of my head so its… Continue

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HARRY POTTER GATHERING OMG!!!/event.php?eid=151287771602951


Right, so the release date for the second harry potter film is fast approaching and as discussed at the last very successful Nerdfighter gathering, we are hoping to have another one… Continue

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Potter and Peeps

So as we all know, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part ! was released in america this morning. I picked it up at midnight and decided it would somehow be a good idea to see how many peeps i could eat to celebrate. So far throughout the day I have eaten 32. I never knew awesome could turn into suck so quickly... ugh, but hey, at least i have the movie!

Best wishes!

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Wow! I'm now officially a nerd fighter!      * excitement*  So, I've only just got onto the site and  i'm not exactly sure how this all works but hey, I gotta start somewhere and i figure that this is it ! So here are a few things about me ;


Name : Jharna (oviously)

Loves: reading and re-reading and watching and re-watching Harry Potter, Watchthing Doctor Who,reading Skulduggery Pleaseant (seriously I swear It should be like the next Harry Potter!)  Watching any film…


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Why BAD trailers can RUIN films

Trailers. Trailers can be exiting, I find they are part of the whole cinema experience and I often look forward to the trailers more than the film itself. However... they can also utterly and entirely ruin an otherwise good film.

This can happen in FOUR ways. The first tends only to happen with franchises or big star movies. A prime example of this for me would be The Half Blood Prince. If you have too many trailers, and release too much information/images/general information about… Continue

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And it is me. HI (:

Yeah i am pretty sure i am the only one from here... but i am reallyyy glad for being part of this awsome website (Y)


So... what can i talk about? I know bloggers always have something to tell and quite interesting as well so i will do my best (;

Let me talk to you about... umm... OH, me? thats what you want to read about? ME? ok, thats easy thanks

Wellintong as i…


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Finished! But Not For Long...

I finished The Fellowship of The Ring! Hooray! But I got a bit huffy with the ending. OK, I was huffy for a long time...

So, I walked into school, and happily join in a conversation about Harry Potter, which ended with The Great Books vs Movies Debate, so I chipped in with my piece, and...

Lord Of The Rings is a book, too?

YES. Yes, oh poor, deprived, uncaring child, Lord of The Rings is very definitely a book too. I kinda felt a little bad, so…


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  So I took the Sorting Hat test again for the first time in three years (Beth hadn't taken the test and i felt the need to make her do it and i wanted see if I still remained in Slytherin cuz im badass!!) and got quite a shock at the result.…


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lamenting over video games

     I've waited patiently this last week for the long awaited Assassins Creed for PC to arrive. It then came  and i jumped around alot, but that faithful evening when I uploaded it onto my laptop something went wrongAfter 2 hours of waiting for the program to successfully install, I tried to open and play but then....



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Harry potter collab

id you like harry pottter check this out

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Hiya Guys- Oh No!

Oh No! What do I do? I can't get Granger Danger out of my head. I'm screwed!!!

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Lets try this again.

Two years ago in November life was beautiful and i found everything inspiring. I found YouTube/blogging. I found Doctor Who. I found a whole community where its sole purpose was to decrease world suck and just by watching the vlogbrothers my whole world was awesome. Things stayed awesome for about four months. I got it in my head that if I was ever too happy something incredibly bad would happen. And because I'm extremely dramatic every time something bad would happen it was the end of my… Continue

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Clive Sounds Like A N00b

He has been making them weekly for nearly a year, not including previous projects, yet he still manages to fail.

Project for awesome youtube channel:

Featured images:…


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Prank: Equal Wizard-Lineage-Housing Opportunity

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degrassi missing people and random ramblings


Let's do Degrassi first today. (Not that anyone really cares or reads this at all. This degrassi thing is mostly for my entertainment)

Okay so this is a recent disappearance. Are you ready? Blue! Blue dated Holly J (one of my favorite characters in Degrassi history.) Blue had the opportunity to do 'the do' with Holly J but rejected her. They were together for the longest half-a-second in the world. After there break up he he moved on. Or did he? I say he went poof… Continue

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Share your Harry Potter memories!

Before we get to the main part of this week's blog post, as usual, here are some bookish links that I have stumbled across lately. Not as varied as they have been in the past, but I've been studying for an exam (due today, I hope it goes well!) Off we go.

Have some old children's books lying around that are too dog-eared or too battered to give to charity? Why not make a birdhouse out of it instead? A… Continue

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