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A few thoughts on dreams

A week ago, I had the kind of morning where you wake up disoriented dealing with the last few strands of a bewildering dream and asking yourself “What the eff was that? Such dream events have annoyingly abstract resemblance to some previous cognitive rumination and that got me wondering why the hell did humans not…


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Conversation (Anaïs Nin fanfic)

HIM: You are an ugly little girl, Anaïs.
A: What?
HIM: You heard what I said. Your nose is bent; your eyes too far apart; your teeth too big; your wrists and hips too thin. Your upper lip overhangs your mouth and gives you a mongoloid profile. You are, without a doubt, the perfect, putrid, barbaric essence of an ugly girl. No man could love you.
A: But -- you do. Don't you,…

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My Friendship with Anais Nin

The following entry contains material that may not be suitable for some parents to find on young hard drives.

It's not that I'm a trememndous Nin scholar, or for that matter a tremendous scholar of any variety.  I know so little of Anais's life, and yet when I read her work I feel as though I'm so deeply connected to her.  I feel past-life-memory connected to her.  "And [I'm the reincarnation of] Anais Nin" goes a line in a song that makes fun of people who claim to…


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National Pride

Just something I've been thinking about recently with the Olympics going on. 

When I watch these sporting events that prior to this week I couldn't have cared less about I find myself cheering for my home team (not literally cheering, I don't get that enthusiastic, but I certainly want them to win).

Why do I feel this way? Is it rational? What do I share with Team GB other than the fact that we live in the same (somewhat large) geographical region? When one of them wins…


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The Burning Man Effect- The Fires Of Color

Panic. Yellow splotched summer sky, mid afternoon, Sun scorched and burning contently. Zoom in, a large shadow streaked across the docile grass, wet from early rain, cold, inviting, resting. A figure jaunts across the shadow, his frame splotched red green yellow and blue. His eyes, tired, hating, throbbing. His shirts been torn, wrenched around his neck, the collar like a frayed guitar string, limp, wiry, twisted. Pale legs strut till his bones are seen writhing out from underneath their…


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John Green is an IDIOT! And so are you.

In which Hank talks about how freaking stupid we are, and why. Though I would like to have gone into more's a complicated topic. Just check out this absolutely epic list of cognitive biases on wikipedia:

John is biased to like people who have pre-ordered The Fault in Our Stars:…


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Phineas Gage: A Song

In which Hank sings a song about a guy who had an iron rod shoot through his brain and survived for 12 years before eventually dying of severe seizures. His name was Phineas Gage, and his tale is fascinating, so I wanted two write a song about… Continue

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Stanford Prison Experiment

First of all, I'm new to Nerdfighteria, but I like it so far. It's made of awesome, that's for sure. So, I want to tell you about a psychology experiment that has always both interested me and infuriated me. It's called the Standford Prison Experiment. So, in 1971, psychologist Philip Zimbrado was researching at Standford University, studying the effects of situations on human behavior. He thought of an experiment that, today, would never be allowed to take place. He wanted to test the… Continue

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Poopy Nintendo Mystery SOLVED WITH SCIENCE

In which John discusses Neisser & Harsch's study of flashbulb memories and the memory-storage capacity of human brains in the context of a miniature dachshund pooping in a Nintendo.

For more info on the study and on flashbulb memories in general, check out the book "Affect and Accuracy in Recall: Studies of "Flashbulb" Memories," parts of which can be found online here:…


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Statistician's Homesick Blues

Some of you might be familiar with the STATZ RAP video from the group at Univ. Oregon. A group of us first-year grad students at Univ. of Illinois at Chicago got together and made a quick video about our grad-level statistics & research methods course:

Some lines are inside jokes, some are stats jokes, but most of it… Continue

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Chinese Philosophy according to Winnie the Pooh vs Twilight

Yes that's right.

No, you didn't misread that. Chinese philosophy according to that A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh. And of course Twilight's in there too. Though that actually has very little to do with Winnie the Pooh, this is actually a two parter post.

To begin, let me say that, yes, it is an original idea. And yes, you will find a book called The Tao of Pooh. Though that book was just recently released, while I have been touting the psychology and thought provoking ideas… Continue

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Tagged? Huh? :D Yay.

Okay. So I was tagged for the first time..and I'd just like to say THANK YOU!

Five random facts about me:

1. I suffer chronic headaches, that the doctors have not figured out what it is yet.

2. I just got my drivers license

3. I'm suppose to be in 10th grade but I'm in 11th.

4. I want to be a children psychiatrist when I grow up.

5. I do some kind of art every day.

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Relationship Survey - Please Participate!

Hey fellow nerdfighters--

My last project at school is about relationships and why some work, while others...well they just don't. If you can, please take some time to fill out a quick survey for will help me out tremendously!! Sorry, but you have to be at least 18 to participate.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. And though some of the questions might be a little personal (questions will be about your background, your personality, and current and past… Continue

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