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In which Hank discusses the extreme dangers of puppies, kittens, puppies cuddling with kittens and our continuing path toward hypercuteness and what it means for our lives and the lives of our children.

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Puppy sized elephant.

Worlds smallest elephant!! ♥ but he is fighting for his life.


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Holy Puppy Sized Elephants!

HPSE! (Holy Puppy Sized Elephants)

It's time for my awkward first blog post! I'm starting out like everyone else. With words from my brain, youtube, and my hate for world suck.


Let's see here. On the first day of school (which was two weeks ago) my teacher asked us if we could have any animal what would it be. Of course I said a puppy sized elephant. Then the entire time during class, all of the kids around me were arguing if it was real or not.




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I think the title's spelling is good onomotapeia for the sound coming from the nusery. Rhys getting his diaper changed.

So, I was working in the garden, and started thinking of future investment. That's what a garden is, right? Like, when a person goes searching for a house, among other things like space and location, planning for a garden is an investment kind of reserved for the future. Unlike when you buy a candy bar and the idea is to just immediately eat it, you have a garden for…


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Finally going to make a blog post

I would have done this earlier already, but I didn't know what to write about ...

I'll just make an introduction first :P


so, Hi! My name's Monika, I'm 14 years old almost 15, I live in Vienna (Austria), I have a sister, parents, pets ... I like music and nerdfighting and the internet and playing the guitar ... and I'll just start blogging here, maybe on a regular basis maybe not, I don't really…


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A minimalist title there... Unfortunately, I have failed to come up with a good theme for this week, and instead, I have some suggestions as to other places to get your image 'fix'. Tumblr, as I am sure many of us know, is chock full of gifs and captioned images, and my favourite nerdfighter tumblrs are of course EffYeahNerdfighters and NerdfighterSecrets. Then of course there is dailybooth, and after… Continue

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Polar Pig

For my Photography class we use Photoshop, and for an extra credit project we had to combine two animals. I choose a pig and a baby polar bear. So I put the pig head on the polar bear and gave it a bit more polar bear fur, and it rivals puppy-sized elephants in cuteness. I would show the picture, except that it has copyrighted images. It was so much fun.

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BEDA: Eleven Volg

Six mins to spare EST!

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The Benefits of Puppy Raising

'Kay. This isn't going to be all afterschool special, but in the spirit of nerdfighting (i.e. decreasing world suck), if you are in the position to be able to raise a guide dog puppy, I encourage you to do so. I'm currently raising a pup named Wren for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. It's totally voluntary, but definitely made of awesome!

Here are some ups to the job--

--free dog

--free SUPERSMART dog!!! (seriously, she scares me sometimes with the things she figures… Continue

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Who the eff is Hank?

He's my new puppy. My parent's named him without me (not that I object!)

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Willy the Nerdfighting Puppy

When I saw that part of the video, this was my first thought.
Yeah, ok, so I'm not going to make a living making lolcats pics, but it's still cute!

John, I've got to know: did Willy come from a shelter or a breeder?

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from Rosie the Dog!

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Looking for puppy ears! Can you help?

A good friend of mine (and one of the most awesome nerdfighters I've ever known) has stage IV osteosarcoma (bone cancer). If you know anything about cancer, you know that stage IV = bad. Really bad. Wondering what this has to do with puppy ears? Read on.

He has been seeking medical care since last July and despite clear symptoms of bone cancer, his doctors failed to diagnose it until his lungs were filled with tumors and his leg had a tumor so large he can't walk. Still don't get the… Continue

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It comes naturally

So I was talking to my mom tonight and the conversation came around to Jerry Lewis. She knows I'm a huge Jerry Lewis fan and as such have dug up all the info on him i can, not that it amounts to much but we got around to how the Martin and Lewis team broke up in 1954, the year my mom was born. She told me that she had a crush on Jerry Lewis when she was younger and so of course it was then that I realized that my love off all things nerds came from her. Yes I love the geeks, the nerds, the… Continue

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