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Advice for all of the people!!

My dear nerdfighters,

A couple of nerdfighters and I have started an online advice column to try and help people with issues that they need advice about. The facebook page is Anonymous Advice or you can email us at

Since we have three people who are managing the column, we have split the subjects into 3 different areas. We have…


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The end of my relationship was the best thing to ever happen to me.

On March 14th of this year, my ex and I ended our four year relationship. Originally, it was mutual and we would remain friends. However, after some drama that I'll spare the details of, it turned vicious and nasty.

To be honest... I am so much happier now. That relationship was truly awful and SO emotionally damaging. I am much better off without his constant negativity and hate.

I'm taking the next year or so to focus on myself, my interests, and my life.

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Hitler and Sex!

In which John discusses the sex life of Adolf Hitler in response to a conversation he had with a cable television producer.

Nerdfighter stuff at DFTBA:

My twitter:

My tumblr:…


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How to sum up my love life..

So lets start from the beginning. 

Hello, I am Kiera, currently I am 13 days away from turning 17. I am 5'6 and weigh 145, I have strawberry blonde hair and my eyes are a bit strange. I have a large array of blues, greens and orange rings in my eyes. I am also super pale, so pale that I have never met anyone paler, I am proud of it. So lets get into my love life.

My first love was well mostly imaginary. Yes he was a real person and we were friends but we were friends…


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The Perfect Friend?

I had a friend ask me "If you could describe the perfect friend in 100 words or less how would you describe them?"
 It's easy to start listing off character traits I'm sure all of us would like to have in a friend, though as I thought my answer through I discovered that answering with only that list would be inaccurate. It's not what I found my thoughts to be centering around.

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Romance and Sex Questions in an Airport

In which John answers your questions about love, romance, sex, and romantic relationships while in the Indianapolis Airport. Included are hints on how to tell if your boyfriend or girlfriend is an asshat, how to find out if people like you, and my (refusal to) stand on birth control pills.

Venn diagram by Karen Kavett:…


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Exiting the FRIENDZONE

Have you been in the friendzone? Sucks, right? Well I've been around long enough to know what it's really about. And there's only one real solution...give up, either leave the relationship, or start acting like a real friend.

Join Kiva Now!…


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my lobster

Did you know that once lobsters find their mates, they stay with them forever?

Even crustaceans find true love.

I want to…


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Skype Relationships Deserve Video

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Houston... We have arrived

Yes! Nerdettesdftba is finally under way!


Go check it out! (See previous blog for link)

Here's mine:


In other news, reality kinda sucks. I got my GCSE results yesterday, and I hadn't really seen any of my friends for quite a long time. Seeing them again, just unsettled my nerves. Alot. 


And to make things worse, I then find…


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limits and growth...or why i'm actually glad i'm not telepathic

so i'm new to Nerdfighteria...or at least newly aware of it.  i've been thinking on the subject of superpowers/magic/miracles/what-have-you lately.  specifically though, something John had mentioned, either in his Catcher in the Rye vids or talking about Paper Towns made me want to share my thoughts on the issue of telepathy.  now, i used to really wish i had superpowers and telepathy was high…


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Between the confused and the forgotten

We were best friends. I know. I've said it before. I miss you. But if you think you can just waltz back into my life, you're sorely mistaken. You made your choices. I've made mine. And I've chosen to stop this. To stop this madness. Yes, I'll be civil. I'll be kind. But this is over. No more. I can't go on acting like nothing ever happened. If you can't deal with it, well then I'm not. I can't always be the one to try and fix things. Especially if you're not gonna try with me. I can't live like… Continue

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Tales of Nerd Love!

Will Grayson now in paperback!

TJ's blog:


In which john discusses some of the best stories of nerdfighterlike and gets champagne in his pants. May nerd love continue to spread through the… Continue

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An Advice kinda blog (How to tell a girl you like her?)

This Tuesday, I'm going to give a girl some chocolates, and a card, and say "better late than never? Happy Valentines!"


Partly because she had a nasty breakup like, two days before valentine's day, and that sucks, and she deserved to have a happy vday.


Also, because I've had a massive crush on her since like... well v-day. And I think this might be awesome, then again, I don't really know anything about girls.


What do you think??

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The Relationships in CATS - Our Opinions

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Thinking Too Much Into Things While Searching For Wisdom

I’ve never done this before, so here goes:

I broke up with my boyfriend of six months last night. Naturally, I felt that I should make a blog post.

I think that’s natural, at least. I’m…


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Love. The basis of most relationships, manic impulses, art and ideas yet it is truly nothing more than the effects created in our brains by chemical reactions. Actually it is uncannily similar to the…

Love. The basis of most relationships, manic impulses, art and ideas yet it is truly nothing more than the effects created in our brains by chemical reactions. Actually it is uncannily similar to the effects produced by cocaine. Yet is is the single domineering factor in most of our lives. Why?

It is shown in the media and the popular culture as the most pure emotion of the highest merit; one that brings greater contentment and fulfilment to even the most deprived. Students of… Continue

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Advice on Dumb Boyfriends, Going to College, and More

The Mountain Goats Will Cure Your Bieber Fever:

Michael Buckley's Dear Buck:

In which John answers gives advice to real nerdfighters on the topic of dumb boyfriends who say they don't like smart girls, leaving home to go to…


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Could an older nerdfighter help me? I'm having love issues

I"m a freshmen in highschool and I' the top of my class, I'm a great snger, I love to write and I've won alot of contests for how well I dance. I'm not the everyday teenager. BUt For some reason I have the same issue that it seems that everyone has. But I'm different from them.

I'm not a very popular kid and I don't tend to trust very many people. But I've have known this one guy since sixth grade. But ever since the first time I saw him I have loved him. No matter how many times he…


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Beautiful Lie

I feel so alone. I know that I am lucky and I should be happy to have such a great supportive, caring group of friends.. But I don’t.. I just want to be loved. And not just as a girl. As a.. Not a woman. I am no woman. But as a.. God! I wish there was a word that described the time when you are not a girl but not a woman. I am no teenager. That implies immaturity, and being a child. I don’t feel like a child. I want to be loved like a lady. I want someone to touch me and hug me and tell me that… Continue

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