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Who says resolutions can only be made in January? I make mine in June!

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hi! i finally made time to sign up as a nerdfighter in nerdfighteria, i'm new as you can see, i just started watching the vlogbrothers not long ago, what encouraged me to do so is my favorite book i have ever read, which is "the fault in out stars" by John Green, i started researching about the author and i found out that he had a vlog account and i started watching them, i just started to join this community and i'm currently still in the progress of figuring things out, so if this isn't a…


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My new years resolutions

Okay... I've been putting this off for long enough. Here is a full and complete list of my new years resolutions, and I solemnly swear to try really hard to do all of them.

  1. Watch ALL of the videos! Including, if not especially, crash course because it's very awesome
  2. Eat less bad food and do more kickboxing and cycling and stuff…

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The lacking-originality New Year's Post

Oh my kingdom for an original idea!

Yikes, butchered Shakespeare aside (as far aside as humanly possible) New Year's is one of those fabulous times of year when we are suddenly forced to reflect on ourselves, our past, our current relationships and achievements and our goals for the coming year. 

But it is important. Honestly our society probably lacks a little more reflection. I mean more than just, "wow I should really get my ass to the gym this year" (though…


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Things that I would only do as a Nerdfighter!

Things I've done or am currently doing this summer:

  • Write a character analysis on the two most misunderstood characters in a book FOR FUN!
  • Learn Arabic via YouTube versus any other format.
  • Watch every single vlogbrothers video in…

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A New Year!!!

So in addition to my other New Year resolution i decided i would also write a blog once a week for at least 3 months and then see if i continue after that. I havent decided what the blogs will be about probably random nonsense and just general randomness. But i will also be doing like Kayley from fiveawesomegirls on youtube started and list why my days are awesome for that week. So i'll start with that.


Jan. 1. Got to spend time with my cousins from indiana.

Jan. 2.…


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Day 340: New Year's Resolutions

So, I realized after my blog on Sunday/Saturday that I never posted my New Year's Resolutions. The reason for this is simple. I didn't have any. But no I do!


Well, I have one, anyway. I have decided to make my way for the top 100 book list on the BBC (here's a link, if you're curious: Now, it is true that this is list is from 2003, but I'm still following it. So, I am…


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Working on the Whole Vlogging Thing

I've been challenged by a friend, whom I met through the liveshow this week, to make a vlog for every day this month.

I made the first yesterday, published it about 20 minutes late, but it's probably the best vlog I've ever made to…


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So yeah.


It's 2011. Happy New Year, nerdfighters!


I don't feel older or newer or anything. I just feel like I have to go back to school on Monday and that's not alright with me. I don't wanna go to school! Plus I have this big chemistry assignment to finish tomorrow because I neglected to do so over break.


But, anyways, here are some of my new year's resolutions:


Get at least a 4 on my AP chem test (and, you know, understand…


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2010: Whitney's Year in Review

Books Read:


1. Buffy Omnibus Vol. 5

2. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

3. Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume

4. Blackout by Connie Willis

5. Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic by Terry Jones (re-read)

6. Blankets by Craig Thompson (re-read)

7. The Astounding Wolf-Man by Robert Kirkman

8. Will Grayson, Will…


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Here's To 2011

I haven't written a blog post in a while, so I thought I might as well help close out the year here in Nerdfighteria!  

We've been through a lot this year, and even though I only joined Nerdfighters at the beginning of 2010, I was still here to experience a lot of stuff.  We had a lot of successful projects, and I'd say my favorite moment of the whole year was the John Green Blogtv for the HPA where we totally owned the Chase Community Giving competition, and the resulting…


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Excitement and Boredom...

I am VERY excited for the new year coming! Two friends I made through YouTube and I are going to make a collab channel about our goal to read 50 books in 2011! (…


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Okay, Resolutions.

I've decided to start blogging again on here. I fear I've neglected this page too much, and really did forget about how extraordinary it can be. Therefore, it's time to think of some STUFF i'd like to do!

- Meet more of these spectacular individuals.
- Go to at least one NF Gathering (It's been a long time coming.)
- Blog post regularly and with purpose.

So there we go!
Join the mass skype conversation by adding…

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Life is to much

I know its been a long time since I wrote here, but I have good reasons! I went on a short 'vacation', I just got my permanent housing assignment YESTERDAY (I move on the 20th), and things have been a mess. I did read three more books,putting me at 50, but I'll talk about those at the end. I've been uber stressed about college; because I thought I was going to have temporary housing in a hotel but, yesterday I got a call saying I will have housing! It's… Continue

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Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld; Midnighters: The Secret Hour, by Scott Westerfeld; Unwind, by Neil Shusterman; Stay True: Short Stories for Strong Girls, by Multiple Authors; Boy Meets Boy, by David Levithan; Libyrinth, by Pearl North; Going Bovine,by Libba Bray.

I have a bunch of new library books to read, almost enough to put me over the edge of fifty. What should I do if it go over fifty? Keep counting, set a new goal?

New Total:…


Added by Amber Vargo on June 27, 2010 at 6:30am — 3 Comments

State Nullification as a Protector of Citizen's Rights

One of the issues I am concerned with in our government discussions is how to enforce the constitution, either of the micro-states or of the central government. Originally, I didn't have much of an answer and assumed it would have to be enforced by the governments themselves. This series of videos presents an alternative method, at least for stopping governments from acting outside of their constitution. The idea is that local governments have the right to declare government actions… Continue

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I didn't forget!

I have still been reading new books and here are the new ones:

Bliss, by Lauren Myracle; Goth Girl Rising, by Barry Lyga; Gunnerkrigg Court Volume One: Orientation, by Thomas Siddell; How they met and other stories, by David Levithan; Shelf Life: Stories by the book, by Multiple Authors; The Poison Eaters and Other Stories, by Holly Black; Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend, by Carrie Jones; Love (and other uses for duct tape), by Carrie Jones.

New Total:23

They all were great… Continue

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New Books!

I have read 10 new books since I last talked about them. They are: Teen, Inc. by Stefan Petrucha, Fairy Rebels: Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson, Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd by Multiple Authors, Nine Days a Queen: The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey by Ann Rinaldi, Peeps by Scott Westerfeld, Freaky Green Eyes by Joyce Carol Oates, Wide Awake by David Levithan, Peace, Love & Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle, Up All Night by Mulitple Authors, Prom Nights from Hell by Mulitple… Continue

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My life...My first blog post

This is my first ever blog. Yay! I don't feel like sharing my life story with you now, maybe later, so I'll just dive right in.

I writing this to avoid my Lit. homework, which I will have to do sometime before tomorrow. At my School Library we have a shelf called the "Lend and Leave" You put book you don't want anymore one it and pick up books you do, all for free. Most of the books left there are pretty bad serial fiction, but I plan on leaving some of my old books. some kids books… Continue

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on being a major fail whale

So my resolutions seemed really freaking amazing when i started out, but so far only one has really come to fruition. I have successfully held true to my resolution to stick to a pescatarian diet 6 out of 7 days of the week. Actually i've gone so far as to buy more fruits and vegetables than i think i ever have in one trip to wegman's. It's seeming like it's a little more than my bank account can bare, but i'm working on making some minor changes to rectify that.

[PS when I say… Continue

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