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THE END OF NUMBERS: A Study of Shadows

‘I can’t do this,’ I hated those words. I could feel them bouncing around in my skull, cracking and breaking things in their path. They were red hot irons, burning the base of my neck like a migraine. Even as the words rang through my head I fought against them. I had to do this. I had no choice.

My fingers reached for the next knick knack, ignoring the pain. I’d gotten rather good at ignoring pain over the last few years. This piece of…


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Freaking out

I think I'm having a quarter life crisis, (you can do that right?) I have a great job, a loving boyfriend and a nice house, and at 22 that's not bad. But I feel like my life is settling onto a path too soon. Like, soon I'll be marrying and having kids and it all feels wrong and too soon! I'm starting to feel like my life isn't going to take any twists and turns like I had hoped. I want to travel, and I want to write, and I want to experience everything I possibly can. I want to have the…


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Can anyone see the bald girl? Please comment /:

The candied coated over sugared phrases melted and seeped through the phone line congratulating me on my lymph nodes being 85% smaller, I couldn't help but want to be the cynical, humorous, bitch that I've know become. They were happy that I'm not going to die, at least they thought so. Most people who know me barely graze the surface of my utterly complex personality and way of being. They pick and choose the qualities of my top layer they find most appealing and then decide if I'm worthy to… Continue

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Hair loss, Cancer, and Sadness. Please read and comment. Need encouragements

I'm honestly so sick and tired of not having cancer anymore, but also not having hair. I feel that now that the cancer is gone things should be normal again, but they're not. Things are far from normal. I feel ugly and weird and un-ladylike. I constantly get sympathetic stares from strangers and foreign glances from other teenage girls. I don't want to be a cancer teen anymore, because I'm not a cancer teen. I'm just not. I'm done its finished, when can I have my beautiful hair back?! When… Continue

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Cancer sucks in so many ways

Though these past few days have been shared in blissful agony with my wondrous and ill-defined 'boyfriend', I suppose you could say, the dark cancer has been creeping back and seeping into our spells of happiness. On Tuesday another CAT scan is required from me. Though the actual process of the CAT scan is neither painful nor extraordinarily inconvenient, it's tedious and bothersome. Necessary? Yes? Annoying? Also an easy yes.

Now I'm not quite sure if all teenagers are like this but I'm… Continue

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Why must the good die young....?

Basically I have to pull a cliche teenager and say that yesterday was in fact the worst day of my life or at least pretty darn close to it. Now I mean not to exaggerate but it was all pretty dramatic and confusing not to mention emotional. Let me start at the beginning... My day started out just like any other, a bright sun shining through my window and i hated it because that meant i must get up, but what I did not know was that it would not be just any ordinary day. Once I made it to…


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Introducing Friends to Friends, and the Dangers Thereof

I don't know about you guys, but when I have friends who don't know each other, I like to introduce them to each other.  What can I say? I like it when my friends like each other. 

What I don't like, is when my friends become better friends with each other than they do with me. I don't know if this makes me selfish, or what, but I hate being left out by people I brought together.

For example, I have a friend from back home, Trevor, who came up to visit for a weekend. (The…


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The Moon made the girl's tears shimmer once again, which now resembled stars in a smaller cosmos. 


The Moon was an eyewitness. It was an eyewitness of the girl's cries since she was a child. And an eyewitness of how she drowned her sufferings.

Ten summers later, The Moon beheld the glows of a completely full Stade de France. From the place, the purest and sweetest sound of her voice accompanied by the piano her fingers caressed, along with the bass and the…


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The Day I've Been Dreading

I have now officially watched every video on the vlogbrothers channel. I feel quite empty and am not sure what to do with my time. 

I am dismayed in the same way I am after reading a really good book series. See, in a novel, you get to see the characters progress and explore one plot for a generally shorter amount of time than you would if you were reading a series. But, when I read a series, I get way more emotionally invested in the chatacters and when the last book comes out I…


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I weep for my genaration

I am young and something i dislike about all my peers around me is there taste in everything from music to books like that fact most of my peers listen to one derection and justin bieber now i am not hating on these artist i am sure they are lovely people (i hope) but sorry your music is just bad and yet people still come to like it this baffels me in more ways than one. Now books most of my peers read well nothing they simple dont read and…


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Can I Have a Hug?

anyone want to be my friend because the ones i have at school are mean.

im not a normal nerdfighter the only thing that makes me nerdy is all the things i want to do and that i am compleatly obsessed with Dr. Who. the thing i want to do are things like make a lego model, become a gamerer, be able to understand physics and chemistry, enjoy reading the clasic books and stuff like that but i dont know if i ever will do any of those. legos might be the one i accualy do . but in fact im a…


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Happiness is a Choice? your thoughts?

Hey my nerdy friends! today I was feeling pretty low, i sat in class after class trying to figure out why I was so sad and angry! at lunch I didn't eat anything because I just felt crappy. After school a friend came up to me and asked me why i felt sad to which i replied "I have no idea" I don't know why I was sad, i just told myself I was when I really had nothing to be sad about. It made me think of the SHAYTARDS who if you do not know are a vlogging family on youtube who are amazing and…


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Real Life is Real Suck

Real Life. A List.

Bills, Payments, Loans, Fees, Charges, Interest rates, remembering family birthdays, chores, work, gas money, driving, cleaning, drama, fighting, issues, problems, finances, struggle, debt, credit cards, bank accounts, plastic, fake, suicide, explosions, darkness, black, bleak, dim, dull, bored.

Real Life. A Math…


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Book Review: The Hunger Games, by Susanne Collins (***some spoilers because I just can't handle it***)

Now I understand.

I understand why everyone loves this book so much.

This time this review actually is going to be really short, because I just don't have words to describe... this feeling.  The feeling I got while reading The Hunger Games.  It is unlike how I've felt reading any other book.

I cried once.  And this is why there is a spoiler alert because I must tell you when I cried, and it was when Rue died.

Because I really liked Rue.  But somehow I had…


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The Cupboard of Words

So, for a while we have been planning to downsize from our wonderful memory-filled house in Walters Falls.  My mom sold the house, and soon after I came home for Christmas holidays, found a lovely apartment in Owen Sound to rent.  It has three bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and living room, and a bathroom.  MY ROOM HAS A RANDOM CUPBOARD IN ONE WALL.  A HUGE CUPBOARD WHICH I CAN EASILY SIT IN, AND WHICH IS CARPETED AND HAS THIS SLANTED PART I CAN LEAN ON VERY COMFORTABLY.

This is one of…


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Our Grandfather

So, bad news...

Cello Wars:

English Teacher Analyzes Alex Day:



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Sad Math Failure

I was perusing my facebook page when I chanced upon this survey: 

Now this is really sad guys :(

It wouldn't be that sad except for the fact that the number of people who voted was amazing. the vote for "0" was in the 10,000s somewhere and you can estimate the others by it. 

Since this problem…


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we had a japanese exchange student at our school for this year. in that short time she bacame one of our best friends. we all thought we had 2 months left in her visit, we had even planned her going away weekend but it turns out that, with 2 months left, she has to find somewhere else to live. we all tried to take her in but for various reasons, none of us could. now she leaves today, most of us (including me) are unable to say goodbye and we will probebly never see her again.

we were…


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Okay so it's been a while. Joined nerdfighters, started a collab. video, started college. Got all excited, but it's been nearly a month now and the magic's gone.

I do not want to be some deadbeat nerdfighter. I want to do something, anything. Jump of a cliff for charity, organize a gathering to meet new people. Heck, i'd even shave my head to stir some reaction (.... Okay not that last part).


Basically, I want being a nerdfighter to mean something, not just an empty…


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Back to school on Monday. I'm excited for and dreading this year, it's supposed to be one of the hardest years of secondary school, but I'm so looking forward to seeing my friends again. Anyhoo...






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