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Soooo Bored

Ok so I ACTUALLY don't have anything to do after school today which means i am extremely bored!!!!!!!!!! VERY VERY VERY Bored......

So i get to stay theater. no production....well we could go over what all ive had this week as a good topic! So...

Sunday: People over

Monday: People over

Tuesday: Cabaret

Wednesday: Production

Thursday: Today...nothing...

Friday: B-day party

Saturday: Play Production (( I'm sub. props… Continue

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Show Night: 2

Ok so tonight we had the show....again! And i found the little fortune slip that i found durring the first play like....a week ago? It was still in the sceneshop floor!!! YEY!!! And i was extremely hyper cuz i chugged a soda and ate breakfast in 3 yesh....twas a fun night. I brought my homework but i forgot half of it therefore i couldnt even do all of it....which meant i had to stay up past 11pm to work on it. Will be tired in the morning i'm sure. So i got my english homework done… Continue

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Blinded by the snow...

Ok so today was interesting despite the i mean, yes we had a blizzard!!!!!And i was stupid enough to help my sister shovel the driveway for free! I cant begin to descrobe this day sine it has sooo many good and bad things :P ok, so....


1. New inside joke in my family even though it is kind of mean in a religious sense. Well, my sister went downstairs to try and find some frozen juice. She came up the stairs and announced "I cant find the… Continue

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Skipping School.....shh

Haha, We got out of school early because of the bad snowing!!! AWESOME!!!! But at the same time it's not really.....that means that we don't have the play tonight. BUT she might schedule one for next Thursday and tomorrow its still on unless i hear from Rach... So in that case i hope i dont hear from her. I love doing props!! Its fun. I may do props again if i can get someone to do it with me and its another small cast. Not sure though.

Ok, so other than that, right now i'm on the… Continue

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Now I'm sure many of us, even if we are Nerds, have felt extreely angry at a teacher or just school all together. But think about it: Where we be without our teachers? How would we be able to read, write, or complete simple arithmitic problems like 2+2?

Still, some teachers act as if they would rather being doing something else. Sadly, this breed of teacher seems to be enveloping the good teachers: The teachers who actually care about students; the teachers who don't give a… Continue

Added by Madeline on March 4, 2008 at 7:00pm — 2 Comments

Calling all High School Filmmaker Nerdfighters!

So, I'm the filmmaker outreach director for the Westport Youth Film Festival and it's a film festival in Connecticut for High School filmmakers. It's a festival run for students, by students and it's the largest festival of it's kind, and since I know there are a lot of film loving high school nerdfighters I thought I should tell everyone in nerdfighteria about it! Submissions are due on friday, and you should send them to Sandy Lefkowitz 51 Riverside Avenue Westport, CT 06880. The film must be… Continue

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Some Op-Eds

I have been going through a lot of stuff because of my low socio-economic status lately. I'm not going home for my spring break because my family can't afford it. I can't go to an event my fellow senior senators are planning because I can't afford it (or if I did go, I'd just sit there as they all bought stuff). I can't afford to go to Amanda's wedding because I would have to fly to it in the middle of my finals PLUS get a dress and all that stuff. And a lot of small things on campus that keep… Continue

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AND More Flowers!!

Ok, so basically, me and Nina had to go find more "dieing" flowers that didn't even fill two boxes worth. That was basically all I did today =P Not much to say here...So i shall give my interesting day :P

Choir: Voice lessons: Apparently i need to work on many things :P but I'm good for the most part! AND I get to do a solo during the Dinner/Dena Caberet thing...

Science: since i got my packet done last night, and the thing is due on Monday, i got to study for my history… Continue

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Ok so theater today ^_^ We mainly worked on the lights and nothing else. AND AND AND i got to go up on the ladder =] Switched some lights around, hooked up some of the cables and got to half-way climb up to the lighting booth. YEY! So happy. TALL LADDER!! Hehe. I love heights. It gives me a thrill that I don't get from anything else but speed. The reason I love roller coasters =D It was also odd since it was all girls. Also got spotlighted from a mis-aimed fernell (sp.?) light. Oh… Continue

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P-R-O-M Spells "Prom"

Morgan, this is dedicated to you. I have a lot to say about "prom," and I thought it would be rude to plaster it all over the good Tim's blog. And besides, I've been thesing ALL FRICKIN DAY and it's time for a break.


I was always against the institution of "prom." In the US it isn't what it pretends to be. On the surface, it is portrayed as a "celebration" of the end of high school, the beginning of the end of youth and the beginning of the beginning of adulthood, of… Continue

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Taggy bloggy taggy tag tag

I've been tagged! Oh, the story of my life, right? So here we go:

1. I'm non-committal. Really bad. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to be a Spanish teacher or a nurse.. so I'm a double-major Nursing (BSN) and Spanish. I start several books at once before I decide which one I really want to read. Non-committal. Like woah.

2. Anime is my stress-relief. I'm currently in InuYasha episode 100, and I hope to make it to the end of the series (anime-wise) before… Continue

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A lol Ram and some Activism of the Past

I wonder if it will actually work...

Humorous Pictures

moar humorous pics

Ok, so it does. Yay "preview" right?

This made me seriously burst into laughter. It's the really stupid, obvious ones that kill me. I heart icanhascheezburger.

The thesis is coming. I'm breaking right now from it, but I'll start doing my other papers… Continue

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I've been tagged

by Meghan.

Therefore, I feel obligated to write my first blog entry on nerdfighters...

here it goes.

5 things about me.

#1: I have odd responses to awkward moments.It's strange. I dont know why I do it, but It's become a pretty bad habit. I'll find a quote on the internet, and when there's an awkward silence, I'll crack under pressure, and randomly splat out the first quote that comes to mind...or sing the first song that's come to mind. thankfully, when I'm… Continue

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School's out for the summer?

Well, not quite. It's just now starting. First days of school are always stressful in my opinion. You're never sure if you're walking into the right classroom (or building, even). Then you have to go through the trauma of meeting new people in your classes and sizing up whether it's going to be a good semester or bad semester (especially if you get to sit next to Joe Schmo who thinks it's cool to wear camo pants and go "huntin" in the mornings before school..... not that there's anything…


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The Adventures (and lack thereof) of Traveling

Mom offered to buy me lunch before taking me to the airport, so we left the house before eleven. En route to Island Burger (awesome place with a Hawaiian theme, unlimited chips and salsa, and some of the hottest waiters in town, when you get the right time...), there was a VW station wagon thing in front of us that kept braking at random times. Mom needed to stay in the lane behind this person, though, because of turning and such, so there were a number of jerky moments. Both vehicles turned… Continue

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