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During the past year I've been toying with some great fantasy ideas. They're nothing unique, but they're just great to play around with in your mind. 

  • I wondered what it would be like if I could have an exact duplicate of my former best friend so I could spend time with her. This led me to sympathize with this hypothetical duplicate and how horrible it could be to know you were created solely for the pleasure of another person and that you're not even the original you. I also…

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Book Review: Hyperion, by Dan Simmons (slight spoilers, nothing major)

I read this book because it was mentioned by Hank Green in one of his VEDA videos and I happened to find it in the library the same day.

There's not much I can say about it other than that it's brilliant. As you probably know, I don't read a lot of science fiction (hardly any), but that didn't stop me from appreciating everything about this book. 

The main focus of the first of the Hyperion Cantos is mostly flashbacks, as the…


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Book Review: Mostly Harmless, by Douglas Adams (spoiler alert! I talk about the whole thing)

Even though I finished the book approximately seven hours ago, halfway through a long day of work, I am writing this review still in a state of confusion.  But more on that later.

Guess what?  I love these books.  It's kind of a Doctor Who-esque love on a smaller scale.  I guess I'm only saying that because it's sci-fi and makes you say "WHAT?!" a lot.

So Mostly Harmless starts off in a parallel universe with a different Trillian--or Tricia…


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Book Review: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, by Douglas Adams (spoiler alert!)

I'm sorry, this review is also going to have to be kind of short, mainly because I finished the book last night and I'm already half way through the 5th one, and all of the events are kind of getting jumbled up in my brain now.  This series gets more and more confusing as you go through it.  Things introduced to us throughout the books that make the plot confusing:

Book 1: lightspeed (not interesting, but that's where the typical sci-fi ends) and a ship being powered by…


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Book Review: The Maze Runner by James Dashner (slight spoilers!!***)

Do you like dystopian fiction?  Do you like The Hunger Games?  Do you like books full of intense action and realistic relationships and gross monsters and plot twists and terrifying and incredibly sad moments?  Do you like being glued to the page?  Do you want to read a book about a bunch of teenage boys flung into the middle of an unsolvable maze with no memories and no instruction, a maze full of horrific creatures which are part slug, part machine; boys who then proceed to spend…


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Book Review: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

As you may have guessed if you have read the book that my last review was about, one of the reasons I chose to read Hitchhiker's was because it is mentioned as an entertaining read in Among Others.  I also figured since it is one of the most well-known science fiction novels of all time, it would be a good thing to read, even though I don't usually read science fiction.

I am so glad I finally decided to read it.  The entertainment value... wow.  There are a LOT…


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earth abides

so im reading this book its called earth abides and im having a problem...

the end of chapter seven (part one) following Emma's reminder to look at literature regarding midwifery. "well you had better get busy at that book work now. I guess it happened."and onward from there. i dont understand the conversation being held between them! alot of whats being said, seems to all be subtext! from what i can gather she is not announcing that she is pregnant but instead that she is of…


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truth in dreams?

i keep gettin this reoccuring dream that doesnt make any sense. im walking down the main street of the CBD and all of a sudden there is this old magic shop blended in with everything else. it looks like its been there for centuries and its everything a magic shop should be. its amazing.


the dream got me wondering if the shop really is there. i know it porbs isnt but i still feel the urge to go and make sure :/ i then started wondering if there is any truth in our dreams. so…


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Hello, there's a boggart living downstairs. Do you have book suggestions?

Hello NF,

I am new to this community of nerdlicious people. I hope you are well today.

Today marks the third day of the downstairs corner neighbor thumping something heavy in their apartment. It is my belief that this woman is a witch and has a boggart sealed away in her wardrobe. At first I thought perhaps she was an inventor, constructing a behemoth machine to do her evil bidding…and make her breakfast, tidy up, you know general evil housekeeping. But if this was the case I…


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Specialist Bookshop, ProsAndCons

There's one in my town. Is there one in yours? WHAT? You have more than one?

OK, OK, be grateful, Claire, it's not going to 1) kill you, or 2) make you change bookshops. Seriously. My one's better than yours. It's SO COOL. And there's a Lord of the Rings 50th anniversary edition, which makes me go cross eyed, because it's a beautiful hard-backed all-in-one edition, but it costs 42 euros, so it's out of the question, worst luck, but I like to look at it. It's in an ACTUAL glass case,…


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I haven't posted anything on Nerdfighters in months. I'm sorry. I've been distracted, busy, and just generally a bad person. But the other day, I saw something so awesome, so utterly mind-flooring that I knew I had to tell someone everyone about it. I'm talking, of course, about James Cameron's sci-fi magnum opus, "Avatar".

First things first: this movie's plot is not original. If you're the kind of person who hated Star Wars for ripping of Joseph Campbell, or couldn't… Continue

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Me on 20Q...and other stuff

A recent blogpost prompted me to start playing 20Q again. I'm slowly trying to get myself recognized on it. It will probably take several more years (given my rate) to get there. BUT: it keeps guessing that I'm Maureen Johnson, which is cool. It also thought I was Christopher Paolini, which is also cool.

I'm writing a speech for English about gay marriage vs. civil unions, and the first words of it so far are "Good morning, Hank, it's Saturday, June 28, 2009 and I'm angry!"… Continue

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trying to figure these two out...

Abelard and Eloise

There was so much she remembered about the quiet boy she’d known on Akada, and so little of it reflected back at her from the face of Abelard. He stood with the wing of his ship blocking some of the light which was currently streaming down onto his face, making stripes of flesh and blue glow. He grimaced, and she couldn’t help but feel her heart drop into the nothingness below her.

“I didn’t expect you to be so displeased to see me.”

He… Continue

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I need book titles! Please!

Nerdfighters I am in desperate need of help!! (Sorry for the melodramtics but literature is not a laughing matter!)

I have finished my book list for the summer, which means I need new ones for the school year. My real life friends have run out of book titles to give me, so I turn to you guys. If you can just list off your favorite books or authors I will be forever greatful. Any genre or authors would be amazing! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

Well, today is the last day… Continue

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Now it isn't just shows jumping the shark...

You've heard that phrase before, right? "Jumping the shark"? The origins of the phrase aren't so important here, but its use is: "Jumping the shark" describes when a show or film (sometimes franchise) does something kind of stupid and/or pointless and/or non-canonical in order to try and draw a crowd, pull in a new demographic, get a publicity buzz, etc. Think of stuff like terrible and/or unnecessary… Continue

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Epic trailer to nothing in particular

I just got some video editing software and have been messing around with it.

Nerdy things should always be encouraged, really. ;)

Well, that rubbish video was about this web comic series;

It WILL make you… Continue

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Why Bruce Campbell is My Idol

So, I'm sitting here getting ready to watch "My Name is Bruce" and I wanted to talk a little about Bruce Campbell.

This guy is a cult icon. From the Evil Dead series, to Brisco County Jr or Xena, you've probably seen him around.

Lately, he's been talking up the idea that Hollywood has completely embraced the B movie (not always in a good way). His main point is that people keep confusing the term "B movie" with "independent". A B movie is the second part of a double… Continue

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Mmm. Nerdy life changes!

I've recently discovered that TWO sites accept my strange credit card. One is new to me, so it was just a randomly awesome surprise. The other site is the well known site Amazon. Unless my memory's gone all wonky, they didn't use to accept it. But they do now!

So I'm absolutely glowing! I'm that happy!

Mmm. I'm going to buy so many Sci-Fi DVD boxes now!

I just need to save up for them.

I'm also thinking about… Continue

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