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Hitler and Sex!

In which John discusses the sex life of Adolf Hitler in response to a conversation he had with a cable television producer.

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Romance and Sex Questions in an Airport

In which John answers your questions about love, romance, sex, and romantic relationships while in the Indianapolis Airport. Included are hints on how to tell if your boyfriend or girlfriend is an asshat, how to find out if people like you, and my (refusal to) stand on birth control pills.

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Goat Mating Is Weird

In which John witnesses his parents' goats mating, including all of the weird foreplay that precedes goat sex, like the part where the male goat urinates on his own beard and then rubs it all over the female goat, and then the part where the goat humps in all the wrong places. A thoughts from places only with more goat intercourse than usual.

Our mom will be making…


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Giraffe Love: A Terrifying Introduction to Nature at Work (and Play)

Giraffe love shirt: PREORDERS will be open for two more weeks; shirts will ship first week of November.

In which John discusses the sexuality and mating habits of the giraffe, giraffe bisexuality, the importance of people who love giraffes who love giraffes to the vlogbrothers youtube channel, and his brother's cute but totally misleading t-shirted illustration of giraffes in… Continue

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"Ur ghey!" "Well you're ignorant, unoriginal, and need a copy of Hooked on Phonics."

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Today, someone called me a "gay homo". First of all, that's a little redundant. Second, I'm not all that insulted, I have gay friends and

family, and they are all fucking awesome.

Whether their sexual preference has anything to do with it, I don't

know, but I approve of gay relationships 100%. I don't… Continue

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Friends and Sexuality

Today for my collab channel I did a video about children and gender dichotomy, and then another member of our channel posted a video about gender identity on her personal channel. After discussing what I did, and watching her video, I got to thinking about my friends, and our respective sexualities.

As for myself, I'm pansexual. My best female friend is straight.Of my other close female friends, one is a lesbian, two our bisexual, and 3 are undecided. Four of them of them are… Continue

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On Dolphins

So, since there's no way I'll be able to sleep for a while, why not babble a bit? I'm good at babbling, have you noticed? Hope you don't mind... Warning, this is going to get kind of deep.

So someone shouted "dolphin" when we were trying to figure out my animal once when I was in college, and I rolled with it at first, but since I like to overthink things, I realized it's positively perfect.…


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Do You Like Boys or Girls?

I'm wondering what all the fuss is… Continue

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Sexual Ambiguity

All this talk of homosexuality with regards to Day of Silence has gotten me thinking about my own sexuality. In short, I don't know what I am. Maybe I'm gay, maybe I'm straight. In all probability, I could be bi. At the moment, I'm A-sexual. I really don't feel attracted to anyone physically. Oh sure, I appreciate when someone is attractive, but regardless of the gender, it's never more than appreciating beauty, like looking at a piece of art.

I started questioning my sexuality in… Continue

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