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THE END OF NUMBERS: A Study of Shadows

‘I can’t do this,’ I hated those words. I could feel them bouncing around in my skull, cracking and breaking things in their path. They were red hot irons, burning the base of my neck like a migraine. Even as the words rang through my head I fought against them. I had to do this. I had no choice.

My fingers reached for the next knick knack, ignoring the pain. I’d gotten rather good at ignoring pain over the last few years. This piece of…


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The story I'm writing :3

The time of our lives is coming where will never be exactly the same. The time of our lives is coming where will we be graduating high school. Time is unstoppable; we cannot control it. Some of us will be in college, some on the street, and some looking for someone to care for and love them. We are all seniors in this story of anxiety, passion, and acknowledging strengths.

We sighed buying our…


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Hella Cool Literary Magazine Needs You! Hella Cool. Hella.

Are you a writer, artist, photographer, or macaroni sculptor? Do you want the chance to be published in a hella cool, independent literary magazine? Then send your work to The Fox Hat Review! Our deadline for the spring issue is February 22nd!

Dear Nerdfighters,

In 2014, we launched our first issue, which you can read by…


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WOW its been so long sence I've had the time to come to Mypants.. I really miss it but college has been a nightmare.. a good nightmare.. but a nightmare.

That being said I should probably reintroduce myself. I am Hannah melto, And I am a student at Kansas City Art Institute, studing Animation. I am on my senior year and am one semester into my SGA ( senior graduatoin animation) and that is why I have returned here to my nerdfighter friends. It sucks that I desided to run my…


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Snow Hare, an animated short about grief, is currently the #1 Feature on New Grounds!

If you have a few minutes, I would be honored if you would consider watching Snow Hare, directed by Shawn Branden. It is a touching film that addresses grief and acceptance, and I had the pleasure of scoring it a couple years ago while I…


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I wrote a short story, didnt make it in time for the contest. here it is.



I appreciate comments,

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Written in the style of Girl by Jamaica Kincaid


            Welcome everyone to your first English Class and let me be the first to say welcome to college; now I know that you are probably a little nervous about being here but trust me it’s nothing like being in high school, we’re very considerate about your other obligations and we know that you have other classes and you probably all have jobs that you have to deal with and I want you to know…


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Please Vote for Me (and the Doctor! And Amy Pond!)

I'm a finalist in a short story contest and I could use all the support that Nerdifighteria can muster! 

UPDATE: Contest ended early and I WON! Thank you, Nerdfighters!!!


Link to the voting page…


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Keeping Videos Short

Wow, its been a while since my last blog post on the Ning. Probably because I stopped vlogging for about 3 weeks and, well, this is my vlogging blog. Anyway, on to today's topic.

Today I post a vlog video that was 1 minute and 25 seconds. This is my shortest video (excluding my first video introducing the vlog) and significantly less than my average (probably around 3:30 or so). I have mentioned cutting down my production/post production time and also cutting my final video length,…


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YouTube Channels!

Hello Nerdfighteria! Long time, no see!


In the time that I've been absent, school has ended, I've gone to Italy and Paris, and I've started a YouTube channel with four of my friends!


Our username is "OhHeyItsThatGroup" (excuse the lack of apostrophe, YouTube usernames don't allow them) and we (try) to upload videos every day.

It's in the style of 5AG, where one person uploads a video on the same day of the week- for example, my videos are uploaded on…


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Here, have a terrible short story I wrote a year ago



“Haven’t you ever just wished for that one place where you could be you?”


“I have. I’ve spent so much time dreaming of it; daydreaming even. Just the thought of that perfect place makes me feel relaxed:A lonely place, one with grass and trees everywhere. I would find the tallest tree and sit against it, drowning myself in the shade. There would be nothing but…


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I heard this word and decided i needed to write a story about it. Petrichor is the smell of dry earth after rain and literally translates from the Greek as blood of the earth. It was also featured in Dr. Who 

Petrichor by D. Brennan

The clouds mingled in the air with dying light of…


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The Egg

Just a short preamble this was inspired by a line from Bill Hicks that went we are one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. So here you go enjoy.

The Egg

By Daniel Brennan


Adam was cruising along in his average family saloon when through an all too prevalent defect with the braking system he slammed into a typical oak and as is commonplace with this type of collision his brain ricocheted around his skull and disintegrated like it had been in…


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My short story!

Hi fellow nerdfighters! 

I don't really blog, but i thought this might be a great place to get some intellegent criticism on my short story by some people whos opinion I value. So here it is. PLEASE read and comment to tell me what you think; all input is welcome. It really would mean the world to me.…


Added by Mae R Marilynne on June 17, 2012 at 1:22pm — 5 Comments

Possible Project: Random Happenings (...In Your Pants)

Yesterday I posted a blog post (which you can read here) explaining an idea I've had for a while. Whilst typing out my idea I realized how amazing this idea would be as a collaborative effort.

Basically I have a lot of poems, short stories, unfinished works, random ramblings and odd doodles and collages lying around. So I…


Added by Zoe-Marie Warner on April 15, 2012 at 1:45pm — 2 Comments

The 2am Project | Graveyards and Their Visitors

This is the beginning of a story story I wrote a few nights ago. I don't know how it ends. Or if it ends. The characters don't have names. It's not edited. It's just a story. I think it's kind of morbid. Enjoy.


You never really know what to expect in a graveyard. Sure, there’s always the usual crumbling headstone, the moldering ornamental flowers left by a guilt-ridden loved one, or some anonymous do-gooder. There’s…


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Things In My Head

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The Burning Man Effect- The Fires Of Color

Panic. Yellow splotched summer sky, mid afternoon, Sun scorched and burning contently. Zoom in, a large shadow streaked across the docile grass, wet from early rain, cold, inviting, resting. A figure jaunts across the shadow, his frame splotched red green yellow and blue. His eyes, tired, hating, throbbing. His shirts been torn, wrenched around his neck, the collar like a frayed guitar string, limp, wiry, twisted. Pale legs strut till his bones are seen writhing out from underneath their…


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Dead Love Story

Hi again Guys

Now I want to tell you about a project that me and my friend is working on to go on youtube, we are also looking for people to help so if you like the idea I will leave the contact detiles belo and we will see what we can do.


Well I cam up with this idea and showed it to my friend who said he likeed it and would help the idea is a 4 part video of 2 people who make youtube videos.


One person is a well know youtuber who has done video on…


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"Text Speak"

Why? This is the only question I can ask myself when someone sends me an email containing " hi how r u? im gr8! wats new w/ u? lol " I find this a horrible and confusing mess of letters and numbers that should never have crossed paths.

All the letters are in lower case. Some words contain numbers and some are shortened so badly it makes me weep for the next generation. Also what is the point of that unneeded "lol"? This is not English.

Sometimes I'm unsure whether if I'm…


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