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A Production Day

There was a time when I didn't think it would ever happen. Today, I finally got back into directing a short film.

I know I talked about this yesterday, but I was fully prepared to write a fail blog today with the excuse that nothing went right and we didn't actually shoot anything.

Not to say that everything did go well, but we still got something shot.

The real issue today was the lack of an actress. I know this was totally my fault due to my poor planning… Continue

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Return To The Director's Chair

As most of you know, I've directed a few short films in my time. For example, "Taboo" (which has just recently inspired a short film currently being shot in L.A. More on that some other time) was what I consider my best directorial work thus far.

But that, believe it or not, was way back in 2007. Certainly not the last film I have worked on, but I have been working as camera, writer, editor, etc. on all these other projects. And it's not for… Continue

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From Hell to Breakfast - A 5RG Tale

At last, an entry into The Tenth Daughter of Memory! No punishment for me!!



From Hell to Breakfast A tale from the 5 Regular Guys Universe

      I swear all I wanted was a couple of eggs... maybe a piece of bacon... or two. I know I shouldn't eat it, and she'd kill me if she ever found out, but when death is around the…

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I Smell Dead Guy

The Tenth Daughter of Memory is having their second annual "River of Mnemosyne" Challenge. Click the link for an explanation of what that is. This is Part 1 of my Chapter 0 entry.

Chapter 0: I Smell Dead Guy or This Old House

      Oh God,…

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Another Fine Mess - Work in Progress

Finally, another entry for The Tenth Daughter of Memory. This time I went with a Jersey Jones story from the perspective of sidekick extraordinaire Dilworth K. Smith.


Another Fine Mess
      "Just tell me what the map says, Dil."

      "The map doesn't say anything, it isn't real!"

      "I get that,…

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Well, That Didn't Go As Planned

Yeah, no blog yesterday.

Sorry about that.

I was fully planning on writing up a Scott Pilgrim review, but things got away from me. My friend Jason is here visiting, so I'm gonna keep this short.

I promise a full blog with Scott Pilgrim review later today. It will happen.

William the Bloody Trustworthy Redd

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The Catch

The following is a very rough short story that I am submitting to the Tenth Daughter of Memory. Enjoy.

The Catch

"There's no way. It can't be that simple!"

Rob just smirked at his roommate's consternation. He shrugged.

"Dude, I can't help it if the ladies find me irresistible."

Joe started laughing from his usual spot on the couch, the spot with…

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Cape Fear Independent Film Festival

The first weekend in May was quite a busy affair for me. It's fortunate that BEDA ended the day before, because I would not have been able to blog from the 1st through the 3rd. I was Downtown at the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival!

There are two major film festivals in Wilmington (I'm not including… Continue

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Final Cut Film Festival

Went to the screening tonight. As always, there were some really good submissions, and some just alright ones.

Apparently, only twelve teams entered this year, and one never turned in a short. This means that, with a Top Ten screening, only 1 short didn't make the cut. That kinda sucks. I would be very unhappy if I was a part of that team.

Something seemed to be missing from this year's festival. Several people mentioned it, but none of us could put our fingers on what it… Continue

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It's An Honor Just To Be Nominated

Found out today that the short film I submitted, "Five Minutes Til...", has been accepted into the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival.

This short was also available on YouTube for a while, but it was disabled (or the audio was, can't remember which) due to a dispute between YT and Warner Music Group (for more on my feelings about that, check out my earlier post… Continue

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Let's Talk About Film!

So, anyone who knows me knows that I am a filmmaker. After running my friends to the airport for their weekend away, I've spent the rest of the day with film festival preparations.

My associate and I are entering five films into the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival this year. Today was the absolute final deadline and, as with so many other things, I waited to the last possible minute. I burned my DVD last night and was… Continue

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I have been neglecting my blogging!

As the title suggests, I have seriously neglected my blogging lately. In fact, other than my weekly post to the Five Awesome Bloggers (I'm Wednesday), I haven't written much of anything.


So, here is my first step to writing on a regular basis. As I write this, I make a pledge to myself, and to all of you, that I will write every day. Whether it be here, my… Continue

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Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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