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Shout out to Canadian Nerdfighters

Hi Nerdfighters!


My name is Mélissa Girard (as my account name suggests XD), I’m new here because I just learned about the Nerdfighters community a few weeks ago. I’m currently studying at Université Laval in Quebec as a grad student in the bachelor in public communication.


My boyfriend first introduced me to your community and I really like it.


However, the reason I’m breaking my silence on here right now and becoming a more active member is…


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The position of Fem-nerd, or Femineity in nerd culture

Since i was a little girl i have watched and grown up with star trek, my little brother and i learnt all the words to the beginning sequence, my best friend was even named after one of the characters, in other words i was a massive nerd. In my high school years I was defiantly an outcast, but at the age of 14 i discovered Harajuku fashion and anime, these were my new loves, i spent hours looking at fashion shows and reading blogs about Harajuku. My Friends were not as enthusiastic about…


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You ARE The Product

In which John discusses why facebook and other free products are free--and why they are so valuable.

My tumblr:

My twitter:

Shirts and posters and beautiful things:…


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Growing up and Adulthood Questions Answered

In which Hank doesn't go to an airport to answer your questions about growing up and adulthood. Everything from how to make friends to what taxes are like.

Mongols shirt:

No Edge Poster:…


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On the subject of Profile Pictures

I don't have a profile picture of me. It is because I don't want people to know what I look like, but not because of privacy. 

If people see a picture of you, they automatically make hundreds of wild assumptions, whether true or untrue. I don't want people to make these assumptions, I want people to know me for who I am, not what I look like. 

For a similar reason, I do not show my age. Again, people judge you for things which simply do not define you. 

I understand why…


Added by Oliver Ray on April 11, 2012 at 4:09pm — 2 Comments

Everything is a remix - the myth of creativity

Kirby (kirby1 on the tubes) has created an amazing video series called "Everything is a remix". I had to create a profile here to tell other nerdfighters about this epic awesomeness.

He explains cultural evolution, the acts of copying, combining and transforming, the original ideas behind the copyright act etc. It is nedfighter gold, and so intelligently presented.

Remember when Maureen…


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10 Misconceptions Debunked!

Inspired by CGP Grey's Misconception Debunking:

In which John debunks various misconceptions involving martyrdom, presidents, near-presidents, keeping track of your age, flightless birds, math, physicists, and the universe.

No Edge:…


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I made a parody video about Facebook TImeline i would love you to watch it!

Hello fellow Nerdfighters!!!

I have just made what i think is the video i am most proud of!  I would love you to see it and if you like it and laugh to send it to your friends too!  thank you for your support and above all ENJOY!  DFTBA

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A Nerdtastic New Year

I get a whole blog, all to my very own self? How awesome! (I hereby vow, pursuant to the Nerdfighter Code Subsection B12, to fill this blog with rampant and unmitigated awesomeness.)

So I want to talk about something awesome that's happened to me this year, my senior year of college: I've stopped being afraid of my peers.

I wasn't ever really afraid of my peers, not in any way that would qualify as legitimate social anxiety or anything. I just tend to be sensitive to…


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We're All Winners

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Nearly Witches.

Hey nerdfighters.

I have this thing where I never have any idea about what to call a blog so I resort to using the title of whatever song is stuck in my head at that moment in time. Meaning that at the moment Nearly Witches by Panic! At The Disco is stuck in my head.

I've not blogged in a couple of days, which is mostly because I've done nothing and anything that's been on my mind goes straight to my personal blog on tumblr (not the one linked, but my secret…


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I miss getting mad over stupid things

Okay, so the title may make you think I'm crazy because who really wants to get mad over silly things? Well, apparently I do. 


So I started this semester of college like virtually every other typical college student. I went to sports games, enthused over how good or bad our teams were playing, got upset when my hair wasn't just right, was a little concerned over the fact that I didn't pick a major yet, but mostly just upset to be back in class but delighted to see my friends…


Added by Skye 'Aulani (Rogirl) on February 21, 2011 at 6:57pm — 1 Comment

Thoughts on the Project for Awesome

In which Hank talks about the project for awesome and how amazing it is that the online video community can come together and do so much good in so little time. Thank you…


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Civil Unions vs. Gay Marriage: Which is the Better Option?

Earlier this quarter (school quarter, not fiscal), our assignment in English was to write a speech on a controversial topic. I assume you know what I chose, since you probably clicked on this post because of the title. I'm posting this here on the Ning for a number of reasons:

1. I think it's something Nerdfighters would be interested in reading

2. Two of John's videos are listed as sources

3. Something I haven't thought of yet.

So, without further (well, a… Continue

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Resolution 2010: Get a Life!

It's always the question we ask when a year comes to a close: what will I do for next year? It's often difficult to choose one thing to focus on, let alone dedicate yourself to accomplishing that one thing. I figured I would start here with a list of things I could work on for 2010, with a general idea in mind that I want to improve my social life.

-Weight: For some reason I thought the freshman 15 only happened during your freshman year. Apparently it can happen during your… Continue

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The Human Condition (TtEoaA) - A Look at People and Personas

Being on the interwebz, we have all manner of relationships that vary in degrees of being electronic or physical (or, as I prefer to call them, digital-world people and meat-world people). From reading a blog/watching a video to meeting in the meat, and an array of communications in between (IMs, voice-over-IP, texting…), we connect on different level of intimacy. To make matters even more interesting, we are typically different people digitally than we are meat, which begs the question: would… Continue

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Invite to Madison Nonprofit Day (Cause Nerdfighters Rock!)


Discover. Connect. Celebrate! Madison Nonprofit Day raises awareness and celebrates the wonders of Madison nonprofits. Relax with a guided stroll through beautiful gardens. Become a better caregiver for your elderly or disabled parents, partners, or friends. Discover the nonprofits of Atwood Neighborhood and Allied Drive on walking and bike tours. Discuss the changing economy's effect on food and personal essentials. Build… Continue

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My Tube, YouTube, OurTube

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