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Hello, I'm Jess

I haven't blogged using this account before but thank you to anyone who is actually reading. My name is Jess (you may have guessed from the title) and I make YouTube videos. I recently created a new channel so I could 'start again' as I wasn't well all that happy with my previous uploads. Making videos used to be a way of procrastinating from my exams and school work but after a while turned into being a bit more work and a little less fun. So far I'm loving what I'm doing and have made a…


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This weeks Song Club Challenge, Write a song about summer.

Every week for the past four years I have posted a weekly songwriting challenge to my blog

The Song Club . This weeks Song Club Challenge is to write a song about summer.

All you have to do

  1. write an awesome song loosely based on the weeks Song Club…

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Chemical Switch - Blue

Fantastic song by an awesome band. 

"Blue" by Chemical Switch


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Nerdfighter Eclectanerd Song

In which my sister and I sing a song explaining what kind of Nerdfighters we are.

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"Fading Away" by Cesar Pawlik

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The Universe is Weird: A Song

Download the Song



Get Looking for Alaska

Nerdfighteria Sopio Booster!…


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Sign the internet

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Forgotten Essence

An original…


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Upon Departure

An original…


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This is How You Load a Dishwasher - A Song

How to get likes on facebook:

Music and Shirts Here:

New Truth or Fail Here:…


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Music for assorted events in life that will probably never happen. Or it will happen, just not now. In chronological order




Never going to happen, but...



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The Fault In Our Stars (Original Song - No Plot Spoilers!)

Last week, I wrote a song inspired by the best-selling author, John Green.…


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Okay, so I have a friend (I know, cool right) called Lewis, he's nice, nerdy and all that stuff, and I enjoy his company. But recently he began poking me over and over again on facebook. This is not casual, it's a proper every 5 seconds type thing. Therefore he has declared "poke war", so I fought back the way most would do, with equal amounts of poking. But it didn't stop, so I started to think a little out of the box. Therefore I wrote a song, well a parody of a Noah and The Whale song.…


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Little Drummer Boy

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Moneytaji Always Ballin, Neva Fallin

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T-Shirt and Jeans - A Song

Ellen Hardcastle:

In which Hank sings a song about his favorite outfit. I wrote this after a debate with Tom Milsom. A debate which, to be clear, I was not the winner of. I actually think that fashion is a perfectly viable form of communication and that is absolutely an art.



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A sad song about Doctor Who

There once was a Doctor

In his little blue box

He took me for a spin

In one dark nox.

We traveled through space

And through time too

Until we met the Angels, The Silence

And the question who.


He said to me

not to close my eyes

Because that will be

my final demise


As the words

"I've blinked"

Left my mouth

Things had already

Went south




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VidCon 2012!!!

Sorry folks who can't come, but I had to make a video announcing VidCon 2012, I just HAD TO!

We'll be uploading VidCon 2011 footage to very soon.

Check out Tom Milsom:… Continue

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Steve Jobs and a Song

In which Hank sings a song that was written to a track that's a loop that was made with the sounds that he made with his mouth. And then he talks for a bit about the glory of not being special, and the death of Steve Jobs.

You can still make a beat here:

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John Lennon's 'Imagine' is a well loved song. Which is strange when you really think about it. In this song, Lennon paints a very clear picture of a communist world. 'Imagine there's no heaven... Imagine there's no countries... And no religion too...Imagine no possessions...Imagine all the people/ Sharing all the world' (1)

It's a wonder that this song is so well loved, as it was released right in the midst of the Cold War(2). Perhaps it's…


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