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The position of Fem-nerd, or Femineity in nerd culture

Since i was a little girl i have watched and grown up with star trek, my little brother and i learnt all the words to the beginning sequence, my best friend was even named after one of the characters, in other words i was a massive nerd. In my high school years I was defiantly an outcast, but at the age of 14 i discovered Harajuku fashion and anime, these were my new loves, i spent hours looking at fashion shows and reading blogs about Harajuku. My Friends were not as enthusiastic about…


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TARDIS vs. Enterprise

Would you rather live on the TARDIS or the Enterprise?


I confess I am a Neophyte Trekkie, so some commenters have pointed out a couple points I didn't address in my video. But my opinion still stands. Leave your opinions in a comment or make a video response!

Embed is glitching out so watch video here:

Trying to get back in the swing of making these…


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New Baby

Tonight, at 9:16 pm, my brother's wife gave birth to a perfect baby boy.

When we brought my brother's 3-year-old daughter he said to me, "Look at this, we have a Princess and a Geek." While I have no doubt that my niece will be a geek too (she already reads like a monster), this seemed to be all that was on the mind of my brother and I. WE couldn't wait to get him into the Star Trek science officer onesie that I had bought for my niece after she was born. The first thing I said when I…


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How would you actually like to visit Mars in the Enterprise?

Submerged in a link about Skylons vs SLS that Vertigo_One put in a discussion the other day was this:

It's a website by an engineer named Dan who seems to have figured out how to build The Enterprise spaceship using existing technology.  He thinks it can be done in 20 years with a mere $1 trillion,  and of course, it would take…


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LEGO Millenium Falcon Fun

Michael Aranda ( recently moved to Missoula to help with the production of SciShow and Crashcourse.

I was at Target and I saw this Millenium Falcon and I needed it, so we spent like four hours last night constructing it. And then I spent another four hours this morning making this…


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The name of the star by Maureen Johnson

from my blog :

Hi there

I am writing this at a quarter past midnight. So if this review seems a bit bad or/ and contains terrible grammar mistakes or weirdly structured sentences, I'm sorry.

The reason why I'm up so late is because was reading. I was reading the name of…


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So I got hit...

Yesterday I went to see “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” with 4 of my friends. I went to an afternoon showing in Cardiff, and we all enjoyed the movie. After the show we decided to walk around Cardiff for a bit. Later on, after 2 of my friends had gone home, the other two and I were walking back to the train station when some young teen (chavs) passed us on bikes shouting: “Wanka’s”. Of course we walked on, and continued talking.…


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Upside to being an Adult

(Origionaly posted on my DA here- )

Mood: Gleeeeeeeeeeee

Listening to: Last dance - The Raveonettes

Reading: Lyrics

Watching: Rock Band 3

Playing: Rock Band 3

Eating: Last nights Korma

Drinking: Fruit squash

1. You no longer have to be mature (except when at work)

2. You decide when you go to bed ("")

3. You can set your own schedule ("")

4. All packages that com…


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Inspiration , TFiOS, and Art

I'd like to say first of all, if this blog doesn't make any sense, I am sorry. I have been up all night because I work thirds and sometimes my southern accent can seep through my writing skills.

A few months ago I watched a Vlogbrother video, of course, and I saw where John had given us the amazing option of pre-ordering The Fault in Our Stars and, in doing so, we will get a signed copy of said book. I have read most of his work and thought this was an amazing thing, so I…


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It's been two weeks since you looked at me.

Not a whole lot went right this weekend.  I missed out on Anime Club, I totally spaced out on the local Japan Festival, I still  haven't gone to the Renaissance Festival, and I neglected my organization plans for my room.  Seriously, my room is starting to  cause me to sink deeper, and deeper, into dispair.  I can't deal with unkeptness as such.

Today at work, I had been caught in a bind, because I couldn't remember whether I had brushed my teeth that day.  Like any other  day, I…


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Your video game books, might give me funny looks!

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A Haiku For You...

I think I'm a nerd.

Love for Star Wars fills my heart.

This is my first post.

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Sci fi love...

Author site Gary StartaMy First Sci-fi Love: Gary Starta’s Gods of the Machines

December 17th, 2010 by Monique Muro

Based in a century when space travel and artificial intelligence are as common as catching a continental flight to Europe, science…


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Preorder The Fault in Our Stars:

In which John does his happy dance because his new book, The Fault in Our Stars, is #1 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble's bestseller lists thanks to the indefatigable awesome of nerdfighteria. To thank you, I'll be signing every copy of the first printing of TFiOS. Also, I give you some homework in re. The Great Gatsby.

The Sharpie Color Poll in Your Pants:… Continue

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Question Tuesday! (...on Wednesday)

The new book in the Nerdfighter Blurbing Book Club:

In which John discusses books, inspiration, reading, Europe, the Let It Snow movie deal, and being ridden by celebrity chef Paula Deen.

Pizza John shirts:… Continue

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Handmade stuff is Awesome

Today, while surfing on I came across this -

I think I am making too many Star Wars posts, but how…


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Scruffy Nerf Herder...

As I expect you guys to figure it out by now - I am quite the Star Wars fan. I am also a big fan of the site Honestly, if I had the money, I would buy almost every product on there.

I am a big Wars fan - and while I watch the occasional TNG episode, my heart will always belong to Solo. Anyway, today I bring you a new item featured on - and considering it's one of my favorite scenes from Episode IV - well lets just say this makes me extremely happy:… Continue

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In A Galaxy Far Far Away...It was Geek Pride Day

Today I bring you multiple things. One is a link to a article on Geeks making it popular and okay to say that you are one [i would have if it was popular or not]. The article is here


Next: Happy Star Wars Day!

to which I give you a link from Youtube that I find appropriate for the day:…


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Star Wars Fans - I bring you something epic today

For my post today I bring you one of my favorite places to buy shirts as well as an epic shirt itself. Star Wars fans - this is one of the best shirts I've seen in a while.,guys/style,shirt?utm_medium=social_profile& 

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Bad Spelres Untie!

In my oppinion, there are 3 types of spellrs in the world: those who carn't spell, those who can spell, and those who think they can spell (the worst in my oppinoin). In case you haven't noticed, I am a terible speller, and I openly admit it. This is what you get when I dont use spell check. Anyway, Im just goning to talk a little about each type of speller.


The I'm-not-even-gonna-try-and-deny-it bad speller: as an offisal…


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