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Story Time!

So yesterday I was in the shower and so my mom had  to pee, and I don't know why she couldn't just use the upstairs bathroom, but anyway she came in so my three year old brother came in so my dog came in, so I kind of had a Wizard of Oz moment like," please ignore the (wo)man behind the curtain." So yea, it wasn't fun.

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Fairy Tales

Hello everybody.

So the other day, I was watching a movie and the mom came in to read stories to her kids before they went to bed, and I was thinking about how common and picturesque that image is to us. I don’t know how common this activity is, but it never really happened for me. The closest thing I can remember is one of my parents reading Bible stories to the family in the evening, and that certainly didn’t happen every night.

But there were stories I do remember, stories…


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Hey nerdfighters! I'm trapped in my 3rd hour class because a thunder storm of awesomeness hit our school. So WARNING: this will be completely random. It's journalism, and I'm done with all I can write (mostly because all of the extra time). You see, at our school we have 2 buildings (North and South), so we usually have to walk through the rain, snow, and other crazy michigan weather.

I'm one of the weird ones who actually enjoy this. The first time it snows I flip the freak out. XD… Continue

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I sometimes wonder about the reactions I get when I let somebody read something I've written. I want to be a writer, so I'm always writing things and if I think they're particularly good, or if I'm especially proud of them I'll show them to a few trusted people. I always get praise, it seems. I can't recall a single time anyone told me that something I'd written was bad or that they didn't like it. this makes me wonder if these people are telling me the truth. Writers can be pretty sensitive…


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I found this website, I don't remember how I found it; I think it was through here actually. Anyway, it's a website for writers to post their writing or whatever their working on and have other writers read it and comment or review it. There are also writing contests and other things to enter. It's pretty cool. As an aspiring/wanna-be author I am hoping to get a lot out of it. Everyone seems to be pretty willing to have their…


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Please Vote for Me (and the Doctor! And Amy Pond!)

I'm a finalist in a short story contest and I could use all the support that Nerdifighteria can muster! 

UPDATE: Contest ended early and I WON! Thank you, Nerdfighters!!!


Link to the voting page…


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Fanfiction is Awesome

Hey guys! So this is our first real vlog post so if you guys want to hear about the amazingness of fanfiction, give us a look!


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Possible Project: Random Happenings (...In Your Pants)

Yesterday I posted a blog post (which you can read here) explaining an idea I've had for a while. Whilst typing out my idea I realized how amazing this idea would be as a collaborative effort.

Basically I have a lot of poems, short stories, unfinished works, random ramblings and odd doodles and collages lying around. So I…


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The World Outside The Window

I sit in class mind glazed over, not really paying attention, and my eyes unfocused in the general direction of the window. The drone of class is going on unattended to all around me and the chill of the air conditioner fills the room along with the sound of coughing and shifting desks. A click of a pen near my ear snaps me out of the fog. Everyone begins gathering materials and exiting the building, I follow, my curiosity aroused. Today we are writing outside! It is an unusual deviance from… Continue

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The Monster I've Created

*I warn you now this is not a pretty tale, it has no happy ending, not yet at least. Read it if you can, for I doubt you will get very far. Stories of darkness never are very fun to read, and aren’t very popular either, but nonetheless they happen.

         It’s going to be another sleepless night I…


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150,000 Autographs

Preorder The Fault in Our Stars from B&N or Indiebound or Amazon:

Vidcon 2012:

In which John announces that thanks to the awesomeness of nerdfighteria, his book The Fault in Our Stars will be published sooner than previously… Continue

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This blog post is in the form of loads of random little thoughts I've had that I haven't yet managed to put into logical sentences:


I want to be a writer. Ok, so that's simple- I've wanted to be a writer for a long time, but it was this that got me thinking more about books today, and spurred these thoughts:


Is reading selfish? I mean, is it a bit, for lack of a better word, weird to read stories about other people's lives, when we couldbe out living our own…


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Tales of Nerd Love!

Will Grayson now in paperback!

TJ's blog:


In which john discusses some of the best stories of nerdfighterlike and gets champagne in his pants. May nerd love continue to spread through the… Continue

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Stories From MV #3 - French Class Over The Years

     Being from Canada, I had to take grade 9 French.  I was scared for this since my elementary school experience had consisted of 10 different teachers trying to educate us and most of them leaving in tears, vowing never to return.  If you want those stories, feel free to request a blog post on them.  I was pleasantly surprised with the level of ease I found in grade 9 French, but the teacher was....let's say...quirky.  Dear, sweet Madame.  I love her to pieces but sometimes she is the…


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Superhero Creation Myths

Red Cross Disaster Relief:

John's (free, bad) zombie apocalypse novel:

In which Hank discusses Superhero creation myths, and how the stories we tell about superheroes reflect contemporary fears and fascinations--from Wolverine to Captain America to Spiderman to Batman to Dr.… Continue

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I am terrible at keeping commitments! And enjoy talking about Charity Book.

I suck at doing what I said I would do! For everything I say I will do, I always fail at least part of it. For instance, at the beginning of the school year I decided I would write one short story every week, and post it on Friday. Well I tried to do it, and I got most of the stories written. Unfortunately, I missed November for NaNoWriMo, but that's not what I failed at the most. Two weeks into December, I stopped typing out stories. If I do this again, there will be much advanced planning.…


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Charity Book.

All right, before we get started this is a follow up post from my last blog, which you can see here:


 So if you followed that link you might have an idea where this is going. If not, it isn't really important. In short, after reading Zombicorns I had this idea that we should try to get it published for charity (meaning…


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What happens when people stop cheaters of cheatery

This I have to share with nerdfighteria because it is about an amazing group of people called "Neveneffecten" who are decreasing worldsuck on a large scale (read: half of the country of Belgium or for about 5.000.000 people) by stopping cheaters of cheatery!

What happened: There's 4 friends who met up and discussed everything that goes wrong in our society. Instead of just moping about, they are making a TV-show in which they adress these problems and actually try to change them! Plus…


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Furniture Day!!

Today was awesome for two very important reasons.


#1- My mom came up to visit and brought me my dresser. I haven't put my clothes away in it yet, but I am very excited to finally have a dresser in my room. =)


It was also pretty cool to see my mom. She brought my youngest brother up with her and they moved my dresser in for me and then I took them out and did a really poor driving tour of St. Paul for them. I showed them some of the things that are close to my…


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Hey, you're cute. Can I have your email?

I posted a new video today in which I talk about how much of an old lady I am.


Watch it here:




Also, I have an adorable story to tell you all.


This past week we've had this group of 3 British men who have been staying in the hotel. They were here for a conference thing, and didn't have cars, so I drove them around in the shuttle all week. They were all really nice guys and we talked about life and travel and…


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