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New Workout Clothing and Some Thoughts

Who doesn't like new things?

Of all the things, new things are the best of things. The smell of a new car, the incremental change into a new season, the caress of new fabric against your old lady skin. Or at least my old lady skin.

This new workout gear I just ordered was a long time in coming; I have a hard time justifying spending money on things that seem superfluous until you have them. Like workout clothing designed for working out rather than, let's say,…


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PLease help me decrease world suck with water purification education. Thanks!

HEY NERDFIGHTERIA. I HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST OF YOU ALL. In my quest to seek a great perhaps and decrease world suck, I have found myself tackling major world problems for the betterment of humanity. One of these problems is water purification, which I have been studying for some time now - all my research eventually producing a plausible idea. I truly believe in my idea and I think that if impoverished third-world communities were educated on it, we'd see the world water crisis end. Recently…


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Advice for all of the people!!

My dear nerdfighters,

A couple of nerdfighters and I have started an online advice column to try and help people with issues that they need advice about. The facebook page is Anonymous Advice or you can email us at

Since we have three people who are managing the column, we have split the subjects into 3 different areas. We have…


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Sooo my house is being foreclosed on… halp? .-. I write nerdy mooosik!

Dear Nerdfighters,

Since you are all so awesome and world suck has become quite prevalent in my life, I was wondering if you could help me out?  

Me and my mom live in a quaint little house in the mountains of Colorado and I am in college studying Japanese and Geology at CU-Boulder.  My mom is disabled and no longer has a job… there is only so much one 19 year old college student can do to help keep my house but it means the world to me...…


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A life saving project that needs funding. A balancing shoe for elderly people.

As much as I don't like advertising, this is worth it. Nerdfighteria is all for decreasing world suck, right?

This is a project by my dad - a shoe with motorized wheels in its heels designed to prevent elderly people from falling, which leads to bad injuries.…


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2¢ Adice Booth

I really enjoy listening to people and helping them with whatever little life questions they may have. I'm most certainly not a professional when it comes to therapy stuff. I feel as though I see things/situations differently than the "common other" person. From my personal experience, It's very hard to find unique advise.

I'm going to set up a little booth this weekend, Fri-Sun, and see who stops by.

Besides giving out advise, I'll walk around town and drop 75% of whatever…


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A Little More Love

I have a secret. No it's not a dirty little secret but a secret nevertheless. Now some of y'all might be thinking then why are you even talking about it Joie? Because I've decided there is no reason for it to be kept secret. So here goes. I write "love letters" to complete strangers and then leave these letters in random places. 

Some of y'all may or may not know about a little project known as More Love Letters. Quite…


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Decreasing World Suck

To be very honest, I had no idea how a 15 year old girl living in Houston, TX can reduce world suck. (Is world suck one word or two words? Worldsuck or world suck?) Back to my issue. What exactly could I do to make the world a better place? I took this pressing question with me to my summer camp volunteering job out in Center Point, TX. It wasn't long till I had completely forgotten about it as the majority of my energy was being used to give someone else a wonderful week at CAMP.



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Delayed TFIOS reading. No spoilers just observing my habits while reading

So I started reading TFIOS. I'm delayed I know. I finally started to appreciate the concept of Johns books therefore must read them all. I have TFIOS and An Abundance of Katherines left. Anyways. 

I realized I am about half way through and keep putting the book on pause. I get to a happy moment and stop. I find reasons to postpone the next segment. It had occurred to me that this was happening and I started questioning it. I realized that I pause in happy moments, either…


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my first post

Well this is my first blog post on Nerdfighters. I am excited to be a part of this community. My daughter and I have an Etsy site, She and I have decided that for P4A this year we will have an item (or collection) that we sell and donate the money from said item(s) to a charity. What say you Nerdfighters?? We have wanted to do a project like this for a while and well after talking about it,…


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Cancer Sucks

Nearing the end of my first semester in school I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Cancer is difficult in the first place, but when it cuts through the your first year of high school you start to hate it even more. I didn't understand it. Not really, not in its entirety. I understood the sharpness of its edges. The way it could make a whole into halves. The way it swooped in on black sticky wings and turned bright days into dark ones. That i could understand, but the simplicity…


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I Got Nothin... Well Here Is Something!

United States of America is place where dreams can come true. Lives can change for the better.  Freedom to choose what you want to become and who you want to be. I joined Nerd Fighters after watching the VlogBrothers on Youtube. I love what they and the Nerd Fighters are doing to make the world less suck. This country allows for us to Stand for Gay Marriage or Against it; To stand for Universal Healthcare or Against it. We are allowed to make our voices…


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Better World Books

Anyone who loves physical books really needs to take a look at Better World Books!

As a general rule, any book you purchase though BWB, one book gets donated to children who cannot otherwise obtain books. A portion of each book you purchase goes toward funding literacy programs around the world(you can even see the specific organizations which will receive your money next to each book in your cart)! But what is so great about right now?

Every book you buy,…


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Project Idea

so this is going to be short I think it would be quite productive of us as a community to gather educational videos and what not and collect them all into a virtual library that is sorted by subject and in order you should watch them, this would include channels like Crash course, some Vsauce, minutephysics, and more ! I think this would be a great idea because if something like this was available to everyone we could do things like help home schooled kids and their parents or help the…


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Things that suck

Research Papers

People who don't understand fandom jokes

Cartoon Network now

Current Disney shows

Twilight (in every way movie/book)


NOT these men:



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The Joys of Reading

Hey guys, we've posted another vid about the joys of reading and how it can change your life. Give it a look if you've been changed by this amazing thing. [x]

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Yiss! You guessed right. That thing you do when you have stuff in your to do list, but don't do your important stuff because laziness, or some other damn thing posesses your body: you play videogames, watch youtube videos, you tweet, you facebook, you tumble, you clean your room, you go for a snack, you watch the telly, you, you, you, you do, do, do, do. Everything. BUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!

And yes, you guessed right. I AM procrastinating. I really hate it, I really do. And really, I…


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The Atlas Project

So after many years of thinking about the idea of creating a large-scale project about changing environmental development in the world, I finally did it!

The Atlas Project is all about decreasing world suck on a massive scale, by doing things that no one else seems to want to do.

We are currently in a development phase where we try to…


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Now Over Me, The Second Installation.

Now Over Me.

Written By Ben Paulukiewicz [Jin-Ja]


So I stood there, my ipod in my ears, my feet following the person in front, inside the corridors of the school, like one big game of follow the leader.

At my school, there were no uniforms, so I wore jeans, canvas shoes, a tee shirt and my favourite cotton dark cream jacket.

My friends thought I was Nathan Drake from the Uncharted Series.

I didn’t see it.  The jeans I wore were…


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Esther Day 2012!

Esther Day is tomorrow (3rd August - the actual day may vary for you depending upon your timezones), and in memory of Esther Grace Earl, the beautiful and tragically deceased nerdfighter, and every other young victim of cancer, that s the day to tell someone, friend or family, that you love them.

I've made a facebook group for this, but as I'm not 18 Facebook won't allow me to make it public :/ so, here's the link:…


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