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Well, summer is almost over. I begin sophomore year of high school in just a couple of days. But I wanted to take this moment to tell the story of my summer.

For the past five years I've been going to a music camp. I play oboe and I sing. This year, I stayed for two months. This camp has been a second home to me. I love the people, the music I get to play and the atmosphere of it all. I've never had as many opportunities to show my talent anywhere else.

The camp is in two sessions.… Continue

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School Schedules

School Schedules are really weird. I mean, they are so confusing at times, and it’s amazing how they can fit so many kids around with so little conflict.


I have no idea how other schools other places do it, but what my school does is they have four 75 minute classes, with an hour long lunch a semester, with those four exams in late January, and then the second semester starts early February, and then having those four exams late…


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Who says resolutions can only be made in January? I make mine in June!

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Summer Reading: Inferno

Finished Dan Brown's latest book, Inferno.  I absolutely love Angels and Demons, as well as The Da Vinci Code, but reaaaaally hated The Lost Symbol.  But this one really takes the cake.  I read Dante's Inferno for my Honors class my freshman year, and I thoroughly loved it, which is really morbid, since I would technically be burning in the circle of Heretics, and Dan Brown did a very good job of weaving a plot of intrigue around Dante's work.  He also raised the very potent problem of…


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50 Books, Summer 2013.

My goal is to read 50 books in the summer before college. Recently, I worked at a library for some volunteer work, in which there was a used book sale. I acquired approximately 25 books. I am hoping to read at least half by mid July. My question for all of you is do re-reading count?

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Still on my "Summer" Break

So I leave San Diego in 2 weeks. I've yet to pack remaining clothes and supplies in 20+ lb boxes, and meanwhile friends who are already in college are writing out essays and working their brains to death like it's the junior year of high school again. Friends who are high school seniors are frantically getting to their college applications, and friends who are high school juniors are finally getting a taste of academic hell.

Meanwhile, I have little…


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1. Spend the night outside

2. Sleep for more than 12 hours

3. Attempt to stay awake as long as possible

4. Dance in the middle of the street

5. Swim in ocean

6. Go skinny dipping

7. Get lost

8. Bake cookies

9. Finish 5 books

10. Go to a convention

11. Catch a frog

12. Make a new friend

13. LOTR drinking game

14. Find a …


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Is anybody going backpacking in Europe this summer?

I finally bought an interrail card for this summer. This summer me and two of my friends are going to travel all around Europe with just a backpack and a tiny budget. We're going to leave Sweden for three weeks and I think it's going to be awesome! So if any of you see three girls with t-shirts that says "Entertrainment - painting it red" (you're allowed to be a bit cheesy sometimes) it's probably me and my friends. We're leaving Sweden on the 7th of June so if you by chance happen to see us…


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Updates on my last few months

So I'm just going to go month-by-month and update you :D

June: Ended school. Went over my cousins house with Liz, Megan, and Madison and got Liz to become a hardcore Nerdfighter and Whovian. Megan and Madison have also become a Whovians.

July: Went to Warped Tour. Saw the last Harry Potter.

August: Met my online nerdfighter friend in real life. Memorized the chorus and some of the lyrics to I'm Awesome (Nerdy Version) and Nrrrd Grrrl. Both good songs that i reccomend. Went to NH… Continue

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Memory Lane: Summer Flings and Nasty Bee Stings

*Again I wrote this on my way to Missoula this summer….. I had lots of time… this was closer to home..

          The closer I’m getting to my home, the more excited I become. Even the fact that I’ve lost my favorite chap stick cant dampen my excitement, the misty rain won’t even get to me. My euphoria is too much, but to let it out could be dangerous. Ah to see real mountains again, to see clear cold, flowing water. To be with the only one who knows me truly. Maybe even to…


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Contemplating School Holidays and Self Motivation

I love reading. It's something I really enjoy doing, and the book I have to read over the summer, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini , is a really good book (Highly recommended, though mildly depressing in the best way. I have enjoyed reading the first sixteen chapters while staying at a friend's house by being a complete hermit in the evenings. Now I'm back. . .I haven't touched the book since. That's a lie, actually, the book moved from my bedside table to the edge of the bath, without…


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Ice Cream....yum....


Today, I let you guys decide what I should blog about and popular opinion (meaning 2 people) chose ice cream. Well, technically, one said ice cream and the other one said popsicles. I really didn't know what to say about ice cream except that I love it and I miss eating it all the time. I love Rocky Road and I love hot fudge sundaes and I love Cherry popsicles and I love Fudgesicles not sure how to spell this lol). So what I did was look up some interesting facts about ice cream and…


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The Second Post

So here's where it starts to get a bit interesting!


Today, as it is the Summer Holidays for me, I have not a lot to do. But the two things I am going to do are rather major.


I'm currently in the process of writing a book which I've been meaning to get going with for about six months. I've only just got started, but the plot is coming together quite nicely (although slowly and awkwardly like a turtle on its back) and I'm already starting to write it out…


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Day 3 - For the Fathers and the Sons

Happy Father’s Day you dads! You rock! Especially mine and my step-dad, cause he has a blood kid now! (Kind of vampire sounding, but whatever.) Little Rhyseland, you’re in for a life-full. Hehe.


It kind of scares how much I’ve been on this highway. Same Texas Welcome Center, same rollercoaster turn things, weigh stations, creepy Eisenhower statue (that’s new, though, but creepy, yes. Er.) Well, maybe it doesn’t scare me that I’ve been on it so much, but have just noticed the…


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Day 2 - Car Jackers and Boarding School

It's not very natural for me to wake up at 6:20 a.m. during summer vacation, and when that fluke happens, hopefully the reason is good. Today, the reason ended up being surprisingly serendipitous (redundancy for the win), and who would think it could be at (epic bell music)... driver's ed.


Take a few paths of country road and a stretch of highway under the baking blue sky of June, and at some point, you probably won't notice a little building on the side road more than likely…


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Day 1 - In Hopes of Non-Procrastination



Secondly - Summer sucks, for several reasons.

For one thing, I live 20 minutes from any of my school friends, sans one, so the boredom level increases to catastrophic rapidly and my brain tends to burst. That moment is approaching soon.

Also, it is very easy to get lazy over the summer. I get much too lazy, and I neglect practicing, which, like brain implosions, is catastrophic for the continual improvement that I…


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Question Tuesday! (...on Wednesday)

The new book in the Nerdfighter Blurbing Book Club:

In which John discusses books, inspiration, reading, Europe, the Let It Snow movie deal, and being ridden by celebrity chef Paula Deen.

Pizza John shirts:… Continue

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My fallout thing

I'm currently at school. Does anyone know what Fallout is??? Well, a friend and I are a fallout movie, for this summer. The main story isn't soild but, weirdly enough, almost everything else besides that. I will keep post on that when more develops!!!! Anyways, the two main ppl ( who are play by her and I) are already conpanions. SOOO we're doing a scene for drama(I made a forum ask what scene I should do. If you see it ingore that) AND we decided that we would make it and it would about we( in… Continue

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Hair again

I am going to cut all of my hair off; I am going to buzz it all off in May. I have never been more excited for a hair cut and I feel like it will make me look more like a girl. I like the idea and look of androgyny, I feel it is a beautiful and subtle way of show that men and women are equal and beautiful. I will post pics as I get it cut, My best friend is getting his cut with me and we are both uber excited for the clippers! I can't get it done till May because my mom doesn't want…


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November 8th

goodevening nerdfighters

today, school was in my day for the first time in this daily blog.

report card ^_^






Social Studies(history)-83%


that's the highest that I've gotten since grade school n_n

Anyway, back to more important matters, I FINISHED MY NEW NF PROJECT!…


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