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Self-Realization About Youtube

So, I've been making videos for a while now, trying to unlock that partnership "magic" just so I can get to a point where I'm actually making something for the things I produce, and I've come to a realization:

It is entirely unlikely that my main channel will ever achieve partner.

Unless I change things drastically. I can't keep making these sporadic videos and expect to reach the same status as Wheezy Waiter and the… Continue

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Doctor Who Has Lost His Best Companion

Elisabeth Sladen, best known for playing Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and later in her own spin-off series The Sarah Jane… Continue

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Moe and the Lawns

When John Green was younger he came up with a list of band names for various styles of music. One of those band names was "Moe and the Lawns."

I think about that name every time I have to mow the lawn, which I did today. As I mowed, I thought about how society forms some rather strange customs. When did people first begin the process of maintaining lawns? What was the purpose? Aside from keeping the yard from getting extraordinarily muddy, of course. But why do we spend so much time… Continue

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Better Living Through Humiliation

First, I must apologize to my fellow Tenth Daughter of Memory participants for so spectacularly bungling the "River of Mnemosyne" Challenge and for a general lack of effort in general. I have no excuse other than my extreme lack of time management skills and slack attitude.

It won't happen again.

And, to ensure that it won't happen again, JeffScape and I have come up with… Continue

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Too Late for Resolutions?

I guess it's never really too late, is it?

To add to my ever-growing list of things to do, or better, accomplish this year, I have decided that I am going to attempt to read at least 50 books by the end of 2011.

I feel this is important because, while I do read, I have not felt like I have read enough of late. I feel that I have been remiss. My goal is to get to a point where I can finally keep up with my book purchasing habits. I have close to a thousand unread books… Continue

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In Which William Talks About Wizard Rock

I think the title sums it up nicely, so let's get right to it.

This summer, I found myself attending and filming two wizard rock concerts. One in Raleigh at the Cameron Village Regional Library and the RoflcopTOUR stop in Chapel Hill.

I have finally started editing and posting these shows on the 5 Regular Guys Youtube channel.

Here is the first video. It is the Blibbering… Continue

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Entertaining Guests or, The Visitors

Today, I want to talk about some recent guests to the house (I need a name for the new house, and I'm having trouble thinking of something. Might turn it into a contest for the vlog) and show a little video.

First, the video:

I believe I mentioned the collab channel, In the Great Perhaps, that I make videos for every Thursday. This week, I also had a few guests on Thursday, so I got them to… Continue

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The Obligatory Shameless Plug

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to take a moment to talk about my ongoing projects with Youtube.

Now, people who know me are up to date on my video projects, but anyone who just reads the blog has no idea what I've been up to for the past few months (the sounds of silence often speaks volumes). Well, first I'd like to talk about VidCon.

VidCon was an… Continue

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Return to the Blog

Let's not get in to where I've been and what I've been doing and why there hasn't been a post here since March. Instead, let's just say I've been extraordinarily busy and leave it at that for now. The full story will be revealed over the course of the next month as I once again attempt BEDA (Blog Every Day August).

Now, the previous BEDA was held in April, but the lovely and amazing Maureen Johnson decided to move it so she might be… Continue

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Things Left Unfinished

Alright, it's been November since my last blog post, so I'm saying this right now...
Goal for 2010: Write at least one blog a week for the rest of the year.
Barring any moments without internet connectivity, this isn't exactly a lofty goal. I'm working on getting into a regular writing routine, so hopefully this will help me do just that. Something else that would probably help, actually writing every day. Since I've helped form a writer's group, that'll probably help…

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Google Wave and the Great American Novel

Hey, look! A blog!

So, the past few days have been fun. Research: Paranormal is currently on a week-long investigation of the Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY. We made our way up on Tuesday, stopping for the night in Gettysburg and meeting one of our fans (that's weird to say, we have fans). The next morning, we toured the Jenny Wade house and stopped by the North Carolina monument on the Gettysburg battlefields.

We even broke out some equipment and had an impromptu… Continue

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Where the Wild Things Have Issues

First, for all those interested, I've said the things that needed to be said and I think things are better.

At least, it seems that way to me.

Tonight, I finally went to see Where the Wild Things Are. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!! I mean, I had faith, of course I did, but I was still a little blown away by it.

The look of the Wild Things was PERFECT! I remember reading the book way back when and later comparing…

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Sister City Film Festival

May is just the month for festivals, or festivals that I attend. As stated in my last blog, the beginning of May heralded the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival. Well, on May 23rd there was yet another of my favorite festivals, the Sister City Film Festival in New Bern, North Carolina.

One reason this is one of my… Continue

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Cape Fear Independent Film Festival

The first weekend in May was quite a busy affair for me. It's fortunate that BEDA ended the day before, because I would not have been able to blog from the 1st through the 3rd. I was Downtown at the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival!

There are two major film festivals in Wilmington (I'm not including… Continue

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Another Short In the Can

The commercial shoot went off without a hitch. We'll be editing at some point in the next week or two. I'll let everyone know when the finished product is up. In the meantime, for those interested to know more, there's a website to explain what the commercial is for. Check it out:

After that, I gathered a few DVDs I'd decided to sell and traded them in at MovieStop. I really like MovieStop. It's the only… Continue

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Looking At My Options

So, the spring cleaning is moving along, slowly, but forward.

I've started to post things for sale on craigslist, but there are no interested parties at the moment. If no one buys, I need to figure out some other options. E-bay doesn't seem to be working, and I don't really want to keep wasting money on something that won't return anything.

Don't know if anyone here would be interested, but right now there are two listings. One is a box of Hero Clix that's never been… Continue

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I Just Had A Thought

So, I've been working on an idea for a series for a while now. I always say that it's "like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the whole team is like Xander".

Well, every time I try to write the characters, they just end up becoming the basic "save the world at all costs" types. But, that's not the show I'm trying to make. I want this thing to be something unique. While I love shows like Buffy, Angel, and Doctor Who, the characters I'm creating aren't those people.

They're just… Continue

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I Have Just Been Lazy Today

First, I was up late last night watching television and synching up my blogs. I decided around 11 to add all my BEDA blogs to my Nerdfighter ning page as well. Fortunately, it's a simple copy and paste, still time consuming though.

Today, I have been doing a little editing. You would think it would be easy just to add a little piece of footage into the editing timeline, but it has proven to be a complete pain in the rear. I'm thinking of just killing my original idea and just go for… Continue

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It's An Honor Just To Be Nominated

Found out today that the short film I submitted, "Five Minutes Til...", has been accepted into the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival.

This short was also available on YouTube for a while, but it was disabled (or the audio was, can't remember which) due to a dispute between YT and Warner Music Group (for more on my feelings about that, check out my earlier post… Continue

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Videos Galore!


How's everybody doing?

So, I've been a little absent lately. The reason for that is just a series of events that have seen fit to completely eat up all my time.

There was the huge editing project I was busy with (now complete):

I've been working with Movie Stop here in Wilmington in an unofficial capacity as their event videographer:…


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