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This Is The End

The basic plot of the movies is all your favorite Judd Apatow actors getting together to party...and then the world starts to end. While the plot is pretty simple, this has to be one of the funniest movie's I've seen all year. When I saw the trailer I thought, wow this looks funny, but the movie is most likely gonna suck, and I have never been more wrong. If your not into these actors and their type of comedy then you might want to skip this. There are so much funenist (is that a…


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Dodgin' lions and wasting time

A little while ago I decided to try and pursue something to do with my writing. I have thought about it on and off over the last three years, and finally I did it. I took the plunge, made a website, posted stories, kept maintaining it.


It is a very strange thing to do though, without knowing really where it goes or why I am doing it. I have a sneaking suspicious that it is merely important that I do it, but a lot of the time I feel it is not enough. Why do I write? Why do I…


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Excessive internal monologues make for very good blog posts.

So, I was filling out a university application mock the other day and I was suddenly hit with how little I had to write on it. I mean am I really that disinteresting?

So unless you count being able to watch two straight series of Doctor Who in a single day as an achievement; really I have none. Hobbies and Interests, does fangirling count as a hobby? Well apparently not, and two hours and a whole lot of coffee later I still hadn’t come up with anything. Then I realised, I do have an…


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Just bought a new book.

I got a used copy of the Inferno by Dante for $1.25 at my local used book store.

Good day, or great day? 

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First Blog Post

Oh hey there Nerd fighters. Didn't see you there. Haha, just kidding of course I did. Your awesome is so visible it's ultravisible and may even give me a tan.

I have no idea what to do for this first blog post on the ning since my blog posts on Tumblr are actually mostly about stuff my followers already sort of are aware about. And are not actually that awesome. 

But I'm sure I'll figure out something!

Like how my Quidditch team is going or…


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LiveJournal post of Awesome


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Not very good at this

So this is the first blog I've ever tried to make and hopefully this will not go too horribly over the course of my writings. As the title implies I am not very good at this sort of thing and am as of this moment not entirely sure what to write about. So for now I guess I'll treat this like a sort of daily journal or whatever.

My name... will remain a secret, however know that there is meaning behind the one i have posted. That being said, my "first name" is a character I have created…


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No, that is not a spelling error. That is the title of a fantastic film showcasing the way women are portrayed in the media. Sadly, females are little more than sexual objects. Even women in power (eg. Hillary Clinton) have been objectified by their outward appearance and not the way they have changed society. This film certainly changed my perspective on media outlets, such as tabloids and television. It has been known for a while that women have been treated as less than humans in the…


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Lack of Creativity Leads Me to Make This Completely Unrelated Post Title

I guess the post title could be "Honesty" since that title was unnervingly honest ("Honesty? What is this 'honesty' you speak of?" quote the raven of American society...or most society, really).

Original ideas for the title include "YOLO" and "You Only Live Once?"

But before you scramble in the other direction, hear me out. I am typing what I'd like to call an enjoyable (if not completely time-wasting) blog.

If you haven't heard of the acronym YOLO, it stands for "You…


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The Fault in Our Stars and How I almost had it...

Only you, nerdfighteria can possibly understand how I feel right now. I went to indigo to do a quick return and while I was waiting for the clerk to run it through I glanced over to a box next to the computer. A box full of see-through plastic bags containing BLUE HARDCOVER BOOKS!!!! Naturally I said "The fault in our stars is here????" (although in my head it was more like "THE FAULT IN OUR STARS IS HERE!!!>!?>!?!?!!???") then she said "This book?" to which I replied "Yes, I preordered… Continue

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Defenition of Nerdfighter(:

Nerdfighteria:-noun-1.Community of nerdfighters (no distinct place or area) - (see Nerdfighter defenition)

Nerdfighter:- - noun - 1. A person or other wordly creature or character who is by definition a nerd who works to decrease "worldsuck" by creature large amounts of awesome. 2. Hank Green and John Green.

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Help me and and finish this sentence please!

What if...



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European Voluntary Service- One year in Liverpool

Hi guys,


so... how do you start this things? Well... first of all, my name is Svenna. I'm 18 years old and I'm a nerdfighter from Germany.

I graduated this year, which means that I have to reorganize my life now, because school is gone and, well, that is what life was mainly about for the last 12 years.

So what am I doing now? 

I could have decided to work for one year, or to start studying, but instead I choose to apply for European Voluntary Service in…


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A Quick Update

Hello everyone.

I'm just going to make a bullet-point list of everything I've been up to lately.

  • Played Pokemon
  • Read a couple of books
  • Wrote a story
  • Got my exam results
  • Worried myself sick about everyone not being an ass in the riots in England
  • Being pretty thankful that I don't live there (not a dig, I swear)
  • Played more Pokemon
  • Played some GTA San Andreas
  • Organised plans to actually leave the house…

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Hello Nerdfighteria!


I'm Alex.


I like Rubik's cubes and partical physics and lights and Doctor Who and Harry potter and John Green books and summer dresses (not on me - I just think they're pretty) and Taylor Swift and trackerball mice and cooking and being messy and pretending I have terrible grammar by using 'and' an insane amount of times!


I don't like giant squids of anger; people who think it's OK to hit someone wearing glasses; people who think it's OK to hit…


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blog 7? (I've lost count.) July 10, 2011

Hey Simone


I'm sorry you have no internet so you probably won't see this for a while but i'm still posting! I'm not mad (if you thought i was i'm ending that thought now) i totally understand what happened.


I was watching a lot of is it a good idea to microwave this today i'm still loveing the old episodes. I also have been writing a lot,because i have to turn somehing in to the writing work shop tomorrow. The…


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This Machine Pwns n00bs Video LP

Hank just wanted you to be able to listen to his whole album whenever you want...and be able to share songs as YouTube embeds whenever you wanted to share them.

The album is available for purchase at and on iTunes

Video LP created by Alan Lastufka -… Continue

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Charles W Video Blog Episode #070

Charles W Video Blog Episode #070

Bowling Fantasy

Recorded on 02/17/11

In this episode, I talk about bowling, movies, career choices, punishment, and my campaign to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Visit my website at

My Blogger:

My… Continue

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And yet another update

Just so all of you know, I didn't post last week because I had nothing new to report. I do today, however.


I got some more recording done. Not all of it, as my means of recording decided to be stupid. I'm trying to record on the weekends, as that is when the least amount of people will be at the place where I am recording. Therefore, when I record is a bit lessened. This also means that I may not be done by the end of February, as my Saturdays from here until the end of the…


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Charles W Video Blog Episode #069

Charles W Video Blog Episode #069

RIP Guitar Hero

Recorded on 02/09/11

In this episode, I talk about Guitar Hero, Valentines Day, and my campaign to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Visit my website at <a href=""></a>;

My Blogger:  <a… Continue

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