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Book Review: Fallen

Hello Everyone,

HAPPY TUESDAY! We survived Monday ladies and Gentlemen, and I hope you all have a good rest of your week.…


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What I learned from Paper Towns by John Green: A Contemplation in Six Parts

[Caution: contains spoilers]




Right off the bat, I will tell you this:  I loved Paper Towns.  Between this and The Fault in Our Stars (a.k.a. TFIOS), John Green manages to create a book that is quite actually depressing but somehow funny and entertaining.  TFIOS is, of course,…


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Book Review - Paper Towns

Hello to all fellow Nerdfighters :-)

So, I recently finished reading Paper Towns written by the wonderful John Green. The story of Margo Roth Spiegelman and her many adventures and thoughts on paper towns was truly one that I will never forget. I especially liked the character of Quentin because I found him easy to relate to. Like him, I am a very anxious person and to witness his development of courage throughout the novel was very…


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This is my 1st Blog post I just wanted to share a story

So i went into a book shop... a bit high street bookshop we have in england.... I was looking for paper town but couldnt find it anywhere

So i go up to the till and ask the woman at the desk... Could you tell me where Paper towns by John green is. 

So she takes me to the other side of the shop. 

On the way there she starts asking if i've read any other of his books and I told her that i have read all of them…


Added by Sarah Campbell on September 15, 2012 at 5:33pm — 1 Comment

Book Review: "Paper Towns" by John Green

Out of all of John Green’s books, for some unknown reason Paper Towns was the one I wanted to read the most. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it at any library near by. Then my made-of-awesome brother (TheGinge) gave it to me for Christmas! It surpassed whatever expectations I had for it (not sure what those were) and it is definitely my favourite John Green book so far. I was walking around the house singing “This is such a good book, oh my lordy this is such a good boooooooook”. I…


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Book Number 2: Paper Towns Added Books 6 & 7

I would like to start off by saying that this book was no where near as enthralling as Looking for Alaska. The book started off rather quickly and then started to pander off. I would have to say that the best part isn't even the ending. The best part of the book, in my own opinion, was the first half of Part Three. That's a moment where you get to see a lot of personality in the characters. Up until that point every character in the book just seemed flat and unrealistic. They seemed as if…


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Favorite Video Game Console....??


Favorite Video Game Console



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I just found the first proper book that I ever read.


It has an unused sticker inside it. Seriously.

Kid me, thank you for that present.

I'm planning on reading it now.


P.S. I read the rest of Paper Towns today and it is in the running for one of my all-time favourite books. Holy crap though. Why haven't I read this before?

Added by Jenna Black on July 29, 2011 at 6:58pm — 1 Comment

Blog 2, July 6,2011 who knew I could write poems?

Hey Simone,

I'm still missing you, but I have the writing worship to help me get through it. Speaking of wich we wrote poems today and I was really fun. Wanna hear mine? Well it my blog so no matter what you answers I'm telling you. :)

Here they are: non of them ryme)


Black clothes covered in skulls

A strange silver-gold streak that shines like precious metals

"Late doesn't mean not coming." she tells me

Each time I've given up

Her… Continue

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Do you want to see a movie for "Paper Towns"?

Help me get John to see this post so i can get the movie rights by reading the post script :) 


I have been a long time Nerdfighter, but a first time "poster". I own a small film company in Ocala, FL, just about an hour outside of Orlando, FL. I have been making films for about 4 years but have never posted on Youtube because I have only worked on other peoples movies, shorts, music videos etc. I was thinking about making a movie for about the past 2…


Added by Cameron Rivas on June 7, 2011 at 12:42pm — 1 Comment

I'm starting a read-along book club.

Tonight I am going to start John Green's "Paper Towns." I want you to read along. Or should I say, I want you to read along, and then I want you to share your thoughts. I plan on adding some thoughts on the book by Wednesday, January 19.

After "Paper Towns," I am open to suggestions for the next book. Maybe we can read a classic or a work of horror or science fiction--who knows? (I have been dying to read and discuss Melville's "Moby Dick.")


But since I've been on a…


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Yet Another Wonderful Image Vlog?

Evidently not.



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A minimalist title there... Unfortunately, I have failed to come up with a good theme for this week, and instead, I have some suggestions as to other places to get your image 'fix'. Tumblr, as I am sure many of us know, is chock full of gifs and captioned images, and my favourite nerdfighter tumblrs are of course EffYeahNerdfighters and NerdfighterSecrets. Then of course there is dailybooth, and after… Continue

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Looking for an Abundance of Paper Towns (in my pants)

So. I guess this is gonna be about reading John's books.
I am way too amused by the title of this blog post.
Ahem. Anyway.

I read "Looking for Alaska" when I found it in my school's library, shortly after finding out about the vlogbrothers. I hadn't sat down and read a book for a while, because I was so busy with schoolwork, but I thought "if I can take time out to catch up on all the vlogbrothers' videos, then I can read Looking for Alaska."
It was a great…

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Psh, the Image Blog doesn't need a title.

We have had nought but theme weeks since the beginning of my ningmastery, and so, I think it is time for a bit of a change. That, or the calendar doesn't have any good ideas for holiday themes... Anyway, here is a selection of the gold from the iron mine that is the Ning's photos:

A great work, it reminds me of… Continue

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I've never written a blog before, but here goes nothing :)

So yesterday, I finished reading Paper Towns, by of course John Green. I thought I better read it, as it is like Nerdfighter duty, and i love reading, so I gave it a go...and i LOVED it!! Wow, it was such a good book, really funny, and i love margo and quentin's characters, they were just fantastic. I also loved Ben, he was a such a character, and his very, um.. 'wise' words on life were really funny, awkward, weird inspiring! The ending just topped it all off too, after…


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(Multi)National Coming Out Day

The Monday of October Eleventh is known as National Coming Out Day,

despite its being celebrated multi-nationally. It is a day of living

openly without fear for people of all sexual preferences. I have

unanimously decided that this shall be the theme for the images that I

feature this week.…


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A John Green inspired song!

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More Nerdfighter art

as i said before, i am a meber of, where i started a group for nerdfighters to post nerdfighter art :D

anyways, here is some of MY nerd art :D i hope you enjoy it! and to see LOOTTSS more, go to…


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