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The Doctor’s Reboot

I saw Doctor Who’s Christmas Special this week.

It was full of excitement, comedy, magic and everything else that the British TV show never fails to deliver. The Doctor was funny and unpredictable as he was coming close to the end of his 11th life (it’s easier just to say that it’s his 11th). Clara was, as always, an awesome companion and there were plenty of baddies to keep me going for an entire hour.



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"Succinct" isn't something I've mastered to a T yet. I've got cynicism, drawing, fantabulous hair and bountiful levels of aspirations and optimism (highly aware of the juxtaposition to the cynicism) all mastered and under my Batman belt, stored in my repertoire of things I have mastered to a T, but succinctness, dancing and larger wrists are all things that I have not got mastered to a T. 

I've attempted to create blogs in the past, and have either gone off on tangents, been…


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Have a look at Boxee Television if one would like to ditch cable

Who out there is fed up with satellite, what with the ever-changing rates, dropping channels simple cable has and those god-awful commercials? One might consider having a look at Boxee TV, a web-based television platform that can save money and get a ton of the same programming. Resource for this article:

Have a look at Boxee TV if one wants to ditch cable…


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Day 1: Just Getting Started

Hello fellow bloggers, friends, followers, and random readers. This is my first-ever attempt at blogging, so please go easy on me.


Hello, fellow bloggers, friends, follower, and random readers!

My name is Kyra Renee Rush, but most people call me Kyra or K.R. or even KRR (curr). I go to Bowling Green State University to study my #1 love, Theatre and Creative Writing. So far, this campus is the perfect fit for me; although it's in a city and I've lived most of my life in…


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A Surreal Descent into Madness: Reviewing Children's TV


In which John explores the best and most popular television shows designed for toddlers, and in doing so uncovers a strange and disturbing world through exploring shows including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Octonauts, Team Umizoomi, and Dora the Explorer, Diego, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Oswald, Phineas and Ferb, and the Backyardigans, among others.

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Day 25(A Person)

I have looked at another hundred pages in the photo section of the ning so I am currently on page 1900.


Lets see there are so many people I could write this blog about. Ranging from former world leaders, actors, authors, dictators, and singers. There are plenty of people that I find fascinating, but I am going to do my blog today on J.K. Rowling.


It is no secret that I am a huge Harry Potter. So it is only natural that J.K. Rowling fascinates me. The fact that…


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Hello there, Brianna!

I just saw a video that inspired me to send a message to myself. Basically, this is my future self talking to my younger self . Here are ten pieces of advice the younger me should definitely follow. Feel free to leave ten pieces of advice to yourself in the comments :)


1. Just because that chihuahua is 50 times smaller than you does not mean its not dangerous and secretly plotting to bite your ankles.…


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In which John takes you on an amazing tour through contemporary psychosis by sharing quotes from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen. It's up to you to decide who said what; it's harder than you'd… Continue

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The Search for Truth in Movie Titles

Forgive me for any spoilers, guys.

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Watching Doctor Who

I have only started watching Doctor Who (2005) four days ago, yet I am already in the 3rd series episode 4 ( I am waiting for it to load right now). Watching Doctor Who is what I do for most of my day (from 1pm to 3am), aside from writing my novel and watching the television, that is why it only takes me 2 days to finish one series. (I am not used to calling it "series", I am used to calling it "season"; but that's one thing that makes UK different from USA. Just saying. Lol.)… Continue

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The Alternative...

So here's a project I've recently started working on. I was trying to do something 'different' on youtube because I got bored of watching myself ramble into nothingness. In the end I decided I'm going to try and bring you the alternative choice to regular films and tv (possibly music as well, but we shall see in the future).

My first video is up now and looks into the alternative ending to everyone's favourite teen wizard, Harry Potter. As a mahusive Potter fan myself, this is not…

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john was mentioned

I was watching the bbc program russel howads good new's and russel ask the audience '' who they wanted to be prime minister'' and somebody shouted out john green -go nerdfighters-

P.S. If you live in america or anywhere outside of england I don't think you can watch it sorry.

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Rapping Battle Blog (Battle Raps)


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the best thing about 80's kids show, Chester & push up's are hard.

Good afternoon Blog readers!

There is a chance that this blog post will contain a few links but trust me it's all for the better enjoyment of what I'm putting.

The other day over a late night facebook chat Al and myself started looking back at some rather fantastic kids TV shows from our childhood. Now I was only born in 1986 so I can understand that looking back to a "better" age might be a bit strange (I mean I'm not looking…

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[Secondary Audio Program]

The one where I change the settings on my camera and talk to you in the Secondary Audio Program (SAP). Yep, basically a callback on that one episode of… Continue

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Some Lost fans need to get smarter (but I guess I could, too)



So I tried that 20 Questions thing as Sayid from Lost and "won," but I dunno if it should count. It showed me a bunch of "contradictions," and I don't think I agree with what other people have said… Continue

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Blast from the past!

So I just moved into a new apartment and we have a sweet cable hook up so we get all the good channels... you know.. vh1, MTV2, G4, like 4 HBO's anyways... I'm literally watching "Ren and Stimpy" right now on MTV2 and I can not believe that back in the day it was a kids show!! I mean I remember it being gross when I was younger.. I also remember my friends not being allowed to watch it.. but c'mon it was on Nickelodeon!! In the day time!! lol It's funny what they could get away with back in the… Continue

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An Epitome of the Bittersweet

So I, the stunningly cool person I am, was watching ABC Family and saw that there is a new series in the making based off of and named for one of my favorite movies, 10 Things I Hate About You. Intially I was estatic (it was quite a sight, Asian spazzing out over her AP homework going "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I ♥ THAT MOVIE!!!"), but then I remembered I was watching the ABC Family channel and that the show would be ABC Family series, and having already experienced… Continue

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BEDA:Twenty Nine Rocking out to iCarly

Sweet baby niblets I'm blogging about a day on the day well not really. I'm talking about last night. I got to babysit last night and as usual it was a blast! I babysit for 9 year old boy with fragile x he's beyond awesome and I love playing games and having fun.

Now comes the time where i gush about my love of Nick shows. I love Drake & Josh and iCarly. I don't care what people think I love. They make me laugh like the 8 year old I am on the inside. I'm not even kidding when I… Continue

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