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Rant: Grammatical errors are a slow drive into insanity

Okay, so this has recently come to my attention and it has been racking my brain and people keep pushing it and I will explode if I do not at least write it down or speak of it. I cannot speak of it because my friends aren't near nerdy enough to comprehend my completely weird and unnatural obsession with this matter.

Okay, so here it goes!

A couple of days ago, a person asked me a question as I was reading like I always am (FYI, do NOT interrupt me whilst reading because I…


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The Universe is Weird: A Song

Download the Song



Get Looking for Alaska

Nerdfighteria Sopio Booster!…


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It's Hanko de Mayo! We all know Hank loves the James Webb Space Telescope, so hopefully he'll like our gift. In addition to his gift, nerdfighteria is celebrating Hank's birthday by letting our elected officials know that Increasing Awesome through scientific exploration is important to us. You'll find the email I wrote my congressperson and senators below. You can copy it,…


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no edge

how could be no edge in the universe that is not really possible because in the big bang there was an expansion point so an ''edge'' or the nothing to something part that had to have an edge but it still confuses me that it keeps going and going that you never find it so theoricaly there is an edge...                                      or maybe.

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The Universe Has NO EDGE!

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Tour de Nerdfighting CD available now:

In which Hank explains how and why phycisists think that the univers has no…


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NASA: Increasing Awesome



In which Hank talks about the 0.45% of the federal budget devoted to space education, and what NASA is doing with that money. 

Just an aside, my friends often say that we shouldn't be spending money on space when we have so many problems here on Earth. And I understand that argument. But I think that mentality is flawed. We can't wait until…


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From Hell to Breakfast - A 5RG Tale

At last, an entry into The Tenth Daughter of Memory! No punishment for me!!



From Hell to Breakfast A tale from the 5 Regular Guys Universe

      I swear all I wanted was a couple of eggs... maybe a piece of bacon... or two. I know I shouldn't eat it, and she'd kill me if she ever found out, but when death is around the…

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Top 5 Kick-Ass Things About the Webb Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope is the successor to the Hubble's throne. In order to pick up extremely faint infra-red signals from extremely distant stars and galaxies, the JWST has to be extremely cold. Any noise from the IR radiation of the Sun or Earth would make it impossible to see as far into the past as scientists want to.

Thus, the JWST has to be a million miles from the earth, protected by a six-layer heat shield as big as a tennis court. This will… Continue

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Charles W Video Blog Episode #065 - Vogon Poetry

Charles W Video Blog Episode #065

Vogon Poetry

Recorded on 10/10/10

In this episode, I talk about 42 day, my new glasses and the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. And to confirm in writing, yes I am a nerd. Proud of it too.

Clive’s Angels (Clive designed my new logo…show him some love!!!)

My Blogger:… Continue

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Thanksgiving 2010

Well it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. Most people spend this with friends and…

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Day 17: Alone in the Universe

Just so you know, Alone in the Universe is a song from Seussical the Musical, I don't really feel alone in the universe.

I don't really have anything today, so I'm going to write the lyrics of one of my favorite songs from Seussical (that includes dialogue):


HORTON: I've been guarding this clover for over a week

Getting laughed at for thinking a dust speck can speak.

Well, let them all laugh. I'll try not mind

For I have found something that… Continue

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Looking At My Options

So, the spring cleaning is moving along, slowly, but forward.

I've started to post things for sale on craigslist, but there are no interested parties at the moment. If no one buys, I need to figure out some other options. E-bay doesn't seem to be working, and I don't really want to keep wasting money on something that won't return anything.

Don't know if anyone here would be interested, but right now there are two listings. One is a box of Hero Clix that's never been… Continue

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Top 10 Lessons for Surviving a Zombie Attack

1. Organize before they rise!

2. They feel no fear, why should you?

3. Use your head: cut off theirs.

4. Blades don't need reloading.

5. Ideal protection = tight clothes, short hair.

6. Get up the staircase, then destroy it.

7. Get out of the car, get onto the bike.

8. Keep moving, keep low, keep quiet, keep alert!

9. No place is safe. Only safer.

10. The zombie may be gone, but… Continue

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