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Bachelor thesis on Nerdfighteria (Questionnaire)


I'm a student at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Right now I'm in the process of writing my Bachelor thesis in Global Studies, and have chosen the subject of Nerdfighteria. More specifically the purpose of my study is to examine ideas among Nerdfighters about things like society, morals and action for positive change. 

The material for the essay will be a selection of the answers to a questionnaire and six depth interviews with different Nerdfighters…


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I'm Back!

I thought I'd make another blog post just to be like... YO! I'M ALIVE! :D It's been about 3 years since I made my last blog post, and obviously a lot can happen in 3 years. For starters, I've actually READ some BOOKS - the thing that 18-year-old me had a total aversion to. I've even developed an affection/obsession with Harry Potter - the thing that 18-year-old me had a slight aversion to. All my life I've been conflicted over matters of literature... but now I'm pretty sure I adore books,…


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Crushing and Sexual Assault

None of you know me, and I imagine none of you will read this, but I am going to approach a topic that is very serious and very important to me in this blog post. 

That issue is sexual assault. 

I have a lot of personal experience with sexual assault, but I have never been as close to it as I got on Saturday night.

As a man, I am more often than not in the position of the aggressor in a sexual assault situation. I know statistics, but they are only…


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Perfectionism and Its Discontents

Perfectionism is an insidious part of the academic culture. I've written a post on how we might start to change that. You can find the post here at my blog:

The post will be of interest to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty alike. 

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The End of an Era

So last week I graduated high school. It's funny, because at the ceremony, so many people were so upset and emotional- let's just say I got more than my fair share of tears all over my blazer. But I didn't cry at all. I know I should be sad about leaving, but really- I'm just excited.

Not it's not just your typical teenager 'I hate everyone; I'm so glad I never have to see anyone ever again; you all ruined my life' sentiments, although I'd be lying if I said that I'd never thought…


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Ranting About University - Part One.

I hate University. Plain and simple, right? Wrong! Being the eldest child, makes my parents think that I have to set a good example for my little brother and sisters. I don't want to. I want to be me and run off to America or London and get a part acting, because it's practically and impossibility here (here being Australia, if anyone wishes to dispute that, I welcome thee). Alas, I'm stuck in University, studying to teach people my passion because…


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Life is Weird. Also beautiful.

If you'd like to keep a couple old friends atop the bestseller list, you can pick up The Fault in Our Stars and/or Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children at your local bookstore or from amazon. TFiOS: Miss Peregrine:

Ransom's brilliant YouTube…


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Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Hello Nerdfighteria. 

How are you today? Good? Tired? Suffering from a kind of anxiety that resonates from the BIG DECISIONS you are making about your future? Really? That was kind of a rhetorical question. Sorry. Anyways. Yes. To get to the point of this blogpost.

Dear Nerdfighteria, are there any Nerdfighters who are moving to/live in Melbourne, Australia, who are starting university in the first semester of 2013. I know it's a long way off, with it only being January…


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Nothing like a games developer to make your degree feel worthless.

So two of my friends, both in the year below me at University, are developing a retro stylee console.

They've had interest from proper buisness investor type people.

They're getting proper business type offices.

Only one of them is 21.

And then there's me... A pending dissertation.  No films in the pipeline.  No work at all on the horizon. 

Yeah, I don't feel inadequate at all..



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Nerdfighter Project

Hello Nerdfighteria!


My name is Paul! I have recently started a video series called PROFESSOR NotONE! on YouTube. In this series I vlog about some lessons I've learned in both life and my classes at University. I have six videos uploaded, with videos to come once a week unless otherwise notified! The videos are entertaining, and funny at some points!

One of my videos is actually about Nerdfighteria! I'd love if the nerdfighteria community starting supporting me! I know…


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University of Florida Nerdfighters?

Hey, so I'm a freshman at the University of Florida and was hoping to be able to meet some Nerdfighters here seeing that that was a near impossibility in my hometown. 


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Elina - Brand New - Promo

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Humping the Town

The Fault in our Stars:

In which Hank congratulates John and then...yeah, wow.

You can read the Wall Street Journal article here:

But only if you follow that by reading John's excellent analysis of it here:… Continue

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A series of writing

On my blog, which is based on Tumblr, there is a series of writings that I have created, surrounding a protagonist "she" (AKA myself). More recently I have been updating these a lot more than I usually have. I'm feeling a little creative. Soon I should be getting a new computer - so I think I'm going to start using my YouTube channel. (Both my Tumblr & YouTube channel are of the same name as my ning profile: onethousandacres). I have…


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First of all, I would like to say, hello Nerdfighteria, and happy First of April! (And no, this isn't a joke.)

For my intro to public speaking class, we have to write an epideictic speech. (for those of you who don't know what epideictic means, its pretty much just a ceremonial speech) So, I have decided that in lieu of writing a graduation or commencement speech, since I already wrote one for my high school graduation, I am going to compose a eulogy for a dead person. But whom should…


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You Know You're In University Rez When...

     First of all, the guy next to me is creepin' over my shoulder.  I'm in anatomy and physiology II with a sub prof who kinda looks like an overweight Kevin Spacey with glasses and a slight lisp.  I'm in the same gross room as the one i mentioned in my biology post yesterday, except there is no Snorlax.  Now I think the one next to me is talking to me but I can't hear him over the radio...oh well...just smile and nod. :P

     Now to actually get to the point of this.  Since moving…


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2011 - A brand new shiney year.

First blog of the year! Would have done one on the 1st but I had only slept for around less than 8 hours in the last 48hrs of then. I have had 12hrs now so I can type properly!..... anyway..... 2011.

This year I'm going to make the most of it. I'm taking time out from university as I withdrew early December following increasing panic attacks. There was nothing wrong with the people or the course or anything for that matter, but the panic attacks and everything that comes with them…


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Steve's Inbox - Vlog Project: Update

It's had a bit of a slow start :/ We were aiming for at least 2 videos a week, but people either got lazy or were busy. Hopefully my most recent post should give 'em a kick and get the ball rolling, cause when it does, it's gonna be awesome :D

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Steve's Inbox - Vlog Project

My friends and I have started a Vlog project called Steve's Inbox inspired (of course) by Vlog Brothers :D

I don't really expect it to be noticed since it is really just communication been us because most of us have gone to uni, with one staying at home. We ask each other a question and set ourselves a challenge to make the vlog interesting :)

It'd be nice is this… Continue

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Of Paramecium, Pirates and Joshua Radin

so it's 7.48 on a friday....and im up...i dont even have uni today....well i do im just not going because i cant understand a word the lecturer says so i dont pay attention....

there is a very good reason for this though...

my lab report on development of Dictyostellium is due in by 4pm. I've not got much to do for it...just the graphs of photospectrometry results and analysis of them. only thing is at 4pm i will be on a bus to Glasgow.Thus i need to be up early…


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