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Still on my "Summer" Break

So I leave San Diego in 2 weeks. I've yet to pack remaining clothes and supplies in 20+ lb boxes, and meanwhile friends who are already in college are writing out essays and working their brains to death like it's the junior year of high school again. Friends who are high school seniors are frantically getting to their college applications, and friends who are high school juniors are finally getting a taste of academic hell.

Meanwhile, I have little…


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The Physics of Book Clubs and Vidcon

In which John discusses his Vidcon experience, thanks his brother, and announces that you (yes, you!) need to read Part I of Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451 by next Tuesday to prepare for our discussion in the Nerdfighter Book Club. (if you've read the book before, I encourage you to try reading it again with us!)

Vidcon was amazing. Thanks to everyone who was there,…


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Flinching in the Shower

***Fahrenheit 451: - read along or else quite a few of our videos won't make any sense this summer!***

In which Hank talks about Flinch ( and Foo Camp and takes a very VERY cold shower.

This video, I admit, isn't terribly well held together, I go…


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Chris Colfer, John Green, Mob Wives, and Jeffrey Eugenides: Thoughts from Places Book Expo

A Thoughts from Places video in which John Green attends Book Expo America in New York City, also known as BEA, where he thinks about celebrity and secular worship after meeting the super-cool Chris Colfer from Glee, as well as some of his favorite writers, including Darin Strauss and Jeffrey Eugenides. Also discussed are writers M. T. Anderson, Shannon Hale, Cassandra…


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Nerds at the Beach: A REUNION VIDEO!

In which John and Hank return to the seashore, scene of their first reunion video, to prove that they are still massive nerds. Also, Hank is briefly shirtless....ladies.

I have a tumblr:

And a facebook:…


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Wrong but Right and Pantsless in Amsterdam: Thoughts from Places

(It occurred to me while editing that you are not actually able to confirm that I ever put on pants.) In which John travels to Amsterdam--where he lived for two months while finishing The Fault in Our Stars--to promote the Dutch edition of the book. Along the way he visits places that were important to him and to the made-up people in his novel, including the Spui Square,…


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Thoughts from Places: The Tour

In which John talks about the tour de nerdfighting 2012 and how much awesome can be packed into a single auditorium. The awesome song everyone's dancing to is "Shake-a-Booty," off of Hank's great album Ellen Hardcastle:

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Preorder The Fault in Our Stars: Hank and John play FIFA:

In which John and Hank reunite in beautiful Missoula, Montana in order to discuss punishments, gallbladder removal, video games, and Hanklerfish.

You can also preorder TFIOS at Barnes and Noble: and at your local independent… Continue

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Men Running on Tanks and the Truth about Book Editors

In which John discusses the editorial process involved in the creation of his new book (still no official title!) and also his previous books Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns. He also discusses Gloria, the project currently on display at the Venice Biennale's US Pavilion featuring work by artists Allora & Calzadilla in collaboration with members of the US gymanstics and track and field teams, organized by the Indianapolis Museum of… Continue

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The Evil Baby Orphanage Returns...for George Washington?

In which John discusses slavery, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, George Washington, and the evil baby orphanage from… Continue

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Eating the Unicorn


John's tumblr:

Hank's tumblr:

In which John Green discusses eating the unicorn, the tactility of Gus Is a Bug, his new novel and the need to resist spoiling it,… Continue

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Winkels to the Left, Winkels to the Right: Thoughts from Places, Antwerp

In which John takes the slow train to Antwerp, Belgium in order to spend a day with no Internet working on the revision of his new novel (which comes out in March). During his brief time in Antwerp, he visits the…

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Trading Underwear for Rice Crispy Treats: Queens Day in Amsterdam (Thoughts from Places)

In which John takes the thoughts from places video series back to Amsterdam for the massive party / garage sale / birthday celebration known here in the Netherlands as koninginnedag.

Later, there will be information here about forthcoming appearances and nerdfighter gatherings in Belgium and the Netherlands. But now, I have to go to… Continue

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Thoughts from Places: Los Angeles after the Earthquake

Ransom's video: Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund:

In which John Green walks and drives around Los Angeles in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Japan. He visits the beach, the Venice canals, some pet… Continue

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Day 182: Summer Vacation 2010

It all started on Thursday (remember? I was talking about packing in that blog?). We were planning to leave by 3, so we left by 3:30 (though, really, we just had to get to BG by suppertime, so we didn't actually have a specific time. Mom did say 3 when I asked her, though). We arrived in BG at about 5-ish and didn't have supper until closer to 7. So, I spent time with Ben. Ben and I were the only members of JEB that were in the house that day. The next day, not much happened for most of the… Continue

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Day 181: Not Summer Vacation 2010

So, remember when I said I would be writing about my summer vacation today? Well, considering that fact that it's almost 11 at night and I'm just now writing this blog means that it's not going to happen.

Why did I not write about my summer vacation today? Well, I will admit that some of it's my fault. Probably most of it. I had plenty of time in the afternoon, but I kept thinking I had plenty of time and then I didn't have plenty of time anymore. However, that's not the…

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Day 180: I'm back

No Things That Annoy Me today.

I'm just writing a quick blog to let all of you know that I am back home and there were no dilemmas in my getting home. I had a fun week and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Right now, I'm exhausted and am probably going to go upload pictures from vacation and put them on Facebook. Hope you all had a fun week.

What fun things have you done this week (or just what have you done this…

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The Greenest Vacation

I was recently asked by a friend which would be a more green way to vacation, go to Orlando Fl. by car, travel by plane, or go on a cruise. I didn't know the answer off the top of my head, so I decided to do a little research. At first glance, it seemed that by far the most fuel efficient way to travel was by car. She owns a Ford Escape Hybrid that gets about 31 mpg on the highway. A Boeing 747 gets approximately (taking different cruising altitudes into consideration) .1545 mpg. A cruise ship… Continue

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Summer! What now?

Yay! Summer vacation is here! And unless you have amazing plans (whether family oriented or not) or have a legion of friends who DON'T have plans, then odds are you are going to spend most of it sitting in your house surfing the Internet or playing video games. OR reading books, whichever. Depends on what sort of bored you are.

Don't say this isn't true. You know I'm right.

I've noticed this pattern in the past - you get really hyped up for school to end. I declare myself to… Continue

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The week of awesome.

My week of awesome began in the middle of the week. Like many other Nerdfighters I stood in line in the wee hours of the night last Tuesday waiting for the sixth Harry Potter movie. It was the exact mixture of amazing and infuriating that I knew it would be, beautiful and enthralling but still understandingly disappointing because "it just wasn't like that in my head." I did my very best to ignore the fangirl in my head, look past Tonk's mullet, and it worked I really truly enjoyed the movie.… Continue

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