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I'm on the Ning!

     I don't know exactly what it means to be "on the Ning." I don't know what I should do now that I am on the Ning. What I do know is that I am a pretty cool guy (who doesn't afraid of anything.) I am not a particularly extraordinary person, but I am fairly funny in person.

If anyone know what I should be doing while on the ning, please let me know.

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On Cuties and Cooties

In which John discusses cooties, cuties, whales, Moby Dick, and fish while visiting an aquarium. He also talks about things that are both fun and hard without making a single that's what she said joke.

Hey, ARE YOU A SPORTSRACER? Ze Frank inspired us to start videoblogging, and in the best news ever, he is bringing his show back:…


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Life is Weird. Also beautiful.

If you'd like to keep a couple old friends atop the bestseller list, you can pick up The Fault in Our Stars and/or Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children at your local bookstore or from amazon. TFiOS: Miss Peregrine:

Ransom's brilliant YouTube…


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The fault in our stars: book review

Hi there

Yesterday I started reading the fault in our stars, so naturally I finished it today.

I never really wrote like a book review, except for Dutch class (a bit like English in the US, only in Dutch, if that makes sense :S}, so I am so sorry if it isn't like good or anything. Tips and advice are always welcome ;D.


I think this book is my favourite John Green book. I loved all he's other books, but this book was just SO AWESOME, when I…


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10 Misconceptions Debunked!

Inspired by CGP Grey's Misconception Debunking:

In which John debunks various misconceptions involving martyrdom, presidents, near-presidents, keeping track of your age, flightless birds, math, physicists, and the universe.

No Edge:…


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Wednesday, February 1, 2012: Nerdfighters in 2012, Vlogbrothers, Acquaintanceship, Mothership

Hey, I've had a blog for a while, but I decided to post it here as well- hope you enjoy it!!!…

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The Fault In Our Stars (Original Song - No Plot Spoilers!)

Last week, I wrote a song inspired by the best-selling author, John Green.…


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Changes to Vlogbrothers

YourPants is BACK:

Check out SciShow and CrashCourse

In which John discusses some changes to 2012 (that is, twenty twelve) vlogbrothers,…


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Our Grandfather

So, bad news...

Cello Wars:

English Teacher Analyzes Alex Day:



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Puppy, Pumas, and The Tour de Nerdfighting 2012

Info and tickets for the 2012 Great American (and Canadian) Tour de Nerdfighting:

In which John reveals that he, Hank, the Katherine, and occasionally the Yeti will again be piling into a vehicle and making nerdfighteria IRL in January of 2012 to celebrate the release of The…


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Still pluggin' away!

Hey there nerdfighteria! I'm Professor NotOne, I make video blogs kind of similar to the vlogbrothers! I love watching their videos. 

My videos are very similar to the concept of Crash Course - I often teach about my classes at college! I have a feeling their videos will be a lot more professional than mine and better liked, but I'd love if some nerdfighters started watching and commenting and sharing! 

The videos can all be found by searching "professor notone"…


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Stuffed with STUFF!

In which Hank gives an update on all of the things going on:

DFTBA $3 Shipping Sale

URLatron - Now $15!


VidCon Suggestions and Questions…


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John Green.

John Green is not only my favorite youtube star and Author, he is also my hero.

Now he isn't the stereotypical hero where people imagine him flying through the air, shooting out signed copies of his new book through his hands, but he is much more, I suppose you can just call him my idol.

Why is he an idol? Because he is everything I want to be. He is fun, witty, intelligent, kind, generous, satisfied, loved, successful, and not to mention Happy. All that he is, is what people should…


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Subscribe to SciShow:

and Crash Course:

In which John happy dances through town before landing in...heaven? And then announced two new exciting vlogbrothers projects, Crash Course and SciShow. At long last, nerdfighteria, we have the time and resources to make our eductational ambitions a reality.… Continue

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Paper Towns by John Green

So I read this book a while back without even realising who the author was (I was not yet a nerd-fighter).  I made the connection recently while re-watching the entire 1st year of the vlogbrothers....I WENT BALISTIC : D. It was such an eye-opening and easy read (in the sense that it was so magnificently natural). I don't really have anything poetic to say at this point (because I am just not a poetic person) but I would love to hear what you guys think about it......

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Signing Psychosis Takes Over

In which John goes well and truly mad from signing and then discusses the ruins of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis: I'll be reading from The Fault in Our Stars on November 1st at 7:30 PM at Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University. The event is free and open to the public. On 11/11/11, at 11:11 AM, I'll be at the Bean in Chicago along with other people celebrating… Continue

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Signing Psychosis, BlizzCon, TFiOS, Awesome Adventures, and URLatron

In which Hank covers a surprising amount of topics while (for the most part) standing outside of the Anaheim Convention Center surrounded by WoW players.

The Abundance of Covers Contest…


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VlogBrothers MAZE!!!

A little something I made for the two most AWESOME brothers on the Internet! DFTBA!


If you want some more of my videos, you can find them on my channel: LaneVid.

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A song about the awesomeness of the internet

I made a song about how awesome i think the internet is and OF COURSE Hank and john and Nerdfighters where mentioned!  So was Charlie and alex day.  :)  i hope you enjoy it! i enjoyed making it.  Let me know what you think xxx XD  DFTBA


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Ideas from my head

Okay, so I've been watching the brothers for pretty much this entire current year, so yes I am a bit new to Nerdfightaria. I've found it a very comfortable home, and I think I would like to stay :)

Well, I decided that knowing there is all this history was not enough, I had to see some old Brotherhood episodes, and oh my...I am now officially addicted. I mean before, I watched every one, but sometimes would miss a couple and catch up in one day.…


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