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Doctor Who and Growing Up

Growing up is a strange experience. Currently, I'm in the "you're still a kid,  but you are now acquiring adult responsibilities" phase. Also known as; a teenager. In these crucial years of development we are almost forced to make life altering decisions within a short amount of time. It can all be very…


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The Doctor’s Reboot

I saw Doctor Who’s Christmas Special this week.

It was full of excitement, comedy, magic and everything else that the British TV show never fails to deliver. The Doctor was funny and unpredictable as he was coming close to the end of his 11th life (it’s easier just to say that it’s his 11th). Clara was, as always, an awesome companion and there were plenty of baddies to keep me going for an entire hour.



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100 Subscribers!

In which we celebrate have 104 Youtube subscribers!


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Outtakes and Tangents

Here are my bloopers from the last video...



As well as some footage in which I tangent on Doctor Who Convention 2012 and my tour of the actual TARDIS set...


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TARDIS vs. Enterprise

Would you rather live on the TARDIS or the Enterprise?


I confess I am a Neophyte Trekkie, so some commenters have pointed out a couple points I didn't address in my video. But my opinion still stands. Leave your opinions in a comment or make a video response!

Embed is glitching out so watch video here:

Trying to get back in the swing of making these…


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Things that suck

Research Papers

People who don't understand fandom jokes

Cartoon Network now

Current Disney shows

Twilight (in every way movie/book)


NOT these men:



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DW to Reality: Goodbye

Yup. I’m being completely serious right now. There are most definitely bits of Doctor Who that we can all bring to our reality.This is the first piece of many. Sometimes to move on in life we need to start with goodbye.

The understanding of “goodbye” didn’t really come from the journeys The Doctor has had with his companions but rather watching him live on. Now I am relatively new to Who and when I first started watching it (from the 2005 reboot) I fell head over heels for The…


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Nerdfighter Eclectanerd Song

In which my sister and I sing a song explaining what kind of Nerdfighters we are.

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I has a now badass blog! Please go comment etc :D

surprisingly that's also my youtube and twitter (rachelfreckles) 

Hello, sweetie :)

Rachel, london, UK.

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New Baby

Tonight, at 9:16 pm, my brother's wife gave birth to a perfect baby boy.

When we brought my brother's 3-year-old daughter he said to me, "Look at this, we have a Princess and a Geek." While I have no doubt that my niece will be a geek too (she already reads like a monster), this seemed to be all that was on the mind of my brother and I. WE couldn't wait to get him into the Star Trek science officer onesie that I had bought for my niece after she was born. The first thing I said when I…


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I heard this word and decided i needed to write a story about it. Petrichor is the smell of dry earth after rain and literally translates from the Greek as blood of the earth. It was also featured in Dr. Who 

Petrichor by D. Brennan

The clouds mingled in the air with dying light of…


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What do I watch on TV?

It seems that everything has either ended or not started yet. Glee finished last week. Yes I like Glee and when I told one of my friends this she actually' aww'ed me like there was something seriously wrong with me. But don't worry I don't go around calling myself a 'Gleek'.

Doctor Who isn't starting until autumn, I read somewhere. I think I'm actually going crazy with withdrawal and have to watch old episodes to keep what's left of my sanity. Seeing as it's only just summmer I'm…


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Poem for a Fangirl

I know I posted this in the video section, but I really enjoyed making this video.  It came out of desperation...ok, not desperation, but i was having a hard time figuring out what i should do for my VEDA vlog, and i just sat down with a pen and paper and this came out.  I'm not one to write poetry, and if i do it is usually in strict forms and set structures, but this felt right.  I'll post the actual poem below, if anyone wants to check it out.  thanks.  DFTBA.…


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Doctor Who

All my friends were telling me about the show Doctor Who, so I decided to watch it. It became one of my obsessive things. I've cried so much, it's insane. My family probably thinks I am insane, I just sit in my room with headphones in, yelling at my computer and crying my eyes out.  My favorite Doctor is the 10th, and my favorite companion is Rose.  I have seen all the episodes, but not the old stuff, just starting with the 9th Doctor.  I am currently re-watching it all, so you can…


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I'm the doctor... RUN!

Ladies and gentlemen, your mind is now victim to my words. You will absorb them slowly, and as the letters seep down into your soul and steal your heart, you will smile because you know deep down inside,  that I'm no where near as brilliant as I think I am :)

Hello there. If you're reading this, you've stumbled upon my nerdfighters account and I applaud your stumbles because it gives us a chance to meet. :)


Let's see... I'm Donna, nineteen, awesome.

My life…


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New Here

Hello fellow Nerdfighters!

My name is Liz. I'm 23 and I currently work as a waitress at an Indian restaurant, but I really want to be a lighting designer for a theatre or a bassist in a band. So I'm working towards that.

I have seen John and Hank Green's videos throughout my college life, but it wasn't until recently that I've been watching the videos repeatedly. I currently love watching HankGames, and…


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An Awful Lot of Touring

In which Hank sings a bit and then (in a Nyquil-fueled stupor) rambles about...something...I've forgotten already.

An Awful Lot of Running is on Chameleon Circuit's first album, they are both extremely worth owning.

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How to Tip Properly



In which Hank shares his personal rules for tipping, discusses why we do it, and how it kills time lords...and then he says the word Poohster.

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Firsts, Christmas, and Blogging.

So I'm posting a blog. Today has been filled with new, Internet-related things. I've finally started a Ning, like I've been meaning to do for too long, started up a Twitter, and now here I am.

I've always wanted to do things like this. Blogging, vlogging, tweeting. The problem is that I never feel like what I have to say is significant. I watch the channels I'm subscribed to and I go, "WHY can't I formulate thoughts and stories like THAT?" (I'm looking at you, Frezned.) I mean, I'm…


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I have a new Wrock/Trock/Fandom band.  We sing about of fandoms, and random things.  Check out our first song under the YouTube channel: RoboticLlama.

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