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Does anyone else ever make up words or use random words in place of others? I really don't like swearing so I say other things instead such as: fruit, Francis (that is my favorite), mother of pearl, and most of the other ones are a string of weird noises or sounds that don't really make any sense. If you need to curse make it more interesting, add a little Nerd Fighter flare to everyday speech. Sorry for the short post, but that's all I have to say.

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inner thoughts

Uh, hello. I'm new here, and I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them: Hearing things in someone else's voice after you read or watch something of theirs. Particularly if you really enjoyed that something. For example, right now every other thought in my brain right now is in John Green's voice, as creepy and as fangirlish as that sounds. It happens with books or articles as well; I read a really good one, or one that just has a message that really sticks with me, and…


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What sons and their dads really talk about when they are alone

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The Cupboard of Words

So, for a while we have been planning to downsize from our wonderful memory-filled house in Walters Falls.  My mom sold the house, and soon after I came home for Christmas holidays, found a lovely apartment in Owen Sound to rent.  It has three bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and living room, and a bathroom.  MY ROOM HAS A RANDOM CUPBOARD IN ONE WALL.  A HUGE CUPBOARD WHICH I CAN EASILY SIT IN, AND WHICH IS CARPETED AND HAS THIS SLANTED PART I CAN LEAN ON VERY COMFORTABLY.

This is one of…


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MY obsession with words and meanings

I was writing the second installment of my book when I decided to use the word ‘befuddled.’ It was a genuinely perfect word for the situation that arose. I then stared at it in all its glory and thought to myself, “What would happen if ‘befuddle’ had some archaic meaning that I don’t know?”

As in all situations like this I strolled on over to my one stop shop for words: (not paid to type that, I just REALLY…


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F#*%? An Explanation of Curse Words

An introduction to curse words, why they exist, where they come from, how they function, and why they are, in fact, different from other sorts of words.

And, yes, I really did say all of those bad words and, with significant detective skills you can probably figure out what it was that I was saying. Sorry for the was interesting to scream curse words…


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Just to see what nerdfighters have in common, answer these in the comments below :)

1.Favourite colour?

2.Favourite book?

3.Favourite author?

4.Favourite movie?

5.Favourite subject to study?

6.Favourite city?

7.Favourite last words? (Yes, kind of a Looking for Alaska reference..)

8.Favourite website?

9.Favourite country?

10.Favourite tv show?

Thanks :)

My answers:

1. uh... that one

2. currently, Looking for… Continue

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GEEKING OUT Over Dying Declarations

Beckoning of Lovely info:

In which John goes completely nuts over the publication of the brilliant reference source LAST WORDS OF NOTABLE PEOPLE, which includes the last words of everyone from William Faulkner to Robert Frost to Benjamin Franklin, and which you, too, can own: (And no, they did not pay me to make this video. I just GEEK OUT OVER… Continue

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Words are wonderful beautiful things

full of happiness excitement and love

yet also filled with sadness and depression

along with anger and betrayel

they are full to the brim with every emotion imaginable

Most words are similar yet unique

but my words are the most…


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I know, I know...

Transferred from: Go there for more veggie goodness!

I know I said I was tired just a few seconds ago when I finished my last post, but I was reading a hilarious article posted by Asylum…


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My Peeve With Pluralization

If the rule is to add an -s or -es to the end of a noun to make it plural, we SHOULD say sheeps, mouses, fishes, etc. When any speaker says sheep or fish meaning more than one, they are violating a very simple and commonly accepted rule of the English language; and what's worse if I try to follow that rule, they say I'm speaking silly words.

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Rapping Battle Blog (Battle Raps)


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Goodbye Idiots

Ladies and girls, this is the last time I will ever be on this website for I find your depiction of nerds to be incorrect and ridiculous (its more ridiculous than the shoddy piece of hollowvision that is Hollyoaks).

Merry Christmas "nerds".

I hope you find time between chatting to each other, about all your cool stuff (likely including things such as "shiz" and this "B20" thing) and sleeping (about the only genuinely interesting thing you lot do), to read this blog… Continue

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Titles Take Too Many Words, But What Can You Do?

I'm getting very tired of the idea something has to go on for words and words, paragraph after paragraph to be deep or have meaning. Maybe just focus on a simpler idea. Why couldn't that have just as much meaning?

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The Human Condition (TtEoaA) - ___________ Thursdays! >.>

So it’s Autobiography Thursday again, and I have a confession to make… I’m chickening out.

It may not seem like it at times, but I’m actually quite shy. In addition to that, I’m not a big fan of my life’s story, and there’s a lot of it that is really painful to recount, so I don’t think I want to write about that anymore. After all, the current events of my life are bad enough. Why force myself to relive everything from the beginning again? Instead, I’ll do as I have… Continue

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Old Poem

[Just found this and thought it would be a shame to lose it when I move. It really speaks to the whole writing process and how an idea gets messed up as you try to express it and it's always at its best in your head.]


There are no words to express

The things inside my head

Perhaps this pen’s point’s too fine

Perhaps there’s too much on my mind…

Out there I see a world of wonder

These shutters capture as they… Continue

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Cool, just set up my Nerd Fighters account!

To start off this unnecessary blog post, I just set up my NF account. Is it any different than Facebook? Are all people here nerds?

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Google Wave and the Great American Novel

Hey, look! A blog!

So, the past few days have been fun. Research: Paranormal is currently on a week-long investigation of the Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY. We made our way up on Tuesday, stopping for the night in Gettysburg and meeting one of our fans (that's weird to say, we have fans). The next morning, we toured the Jenny Wade house and stopped by the North Carolina monument on the Gettysburg battlefields.

We even broke out some equipment and had an impromptu… Continue

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Pretty Words

I like pretty words, so with help from the interent i will compile a list. it may be added to later if that's possible. it will never be finished. if you are reading this and know a good word please leave a comment!
















ok thats only a very small list but i have… Continue

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For all grammar/word nerds - the 32 most commonly misused words and phrases

The 32 most commonly misused words and phrases...

Including, for example:

"9. Discreet/Discrete- We can break people into two discrete (separate) groups, the discreet (secretive) and indiscreet.

10. Emigrate/Immigrate- If I leave this country to move to Europe, the leaving is emigrating and the arriving is immigrating.

11. Elicit/Illicit- Some people post… Continue

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