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How I Helped Decrease World Suck... By Listening to Music

Good evening, nerdfighters!

Some of you may or may not have heard of the tragedy that ensued last month here in Arizona. Of course, tragedies happen all the time everywhere, but this specific one took place on Yarnell Hill near Prescott, AZ. Some of you may recall that a wildland fire raged there and threatened the homes of hundreds. This is why they brought in the 'hotshot' crew from Station 7, a crew of 20 men. While battling the blaze, 19 of those men perished. In response,…


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Worldsuck Around Me

Worlds around me are good, they say,

Opportunities are there, they say,

Really? When I

Laugh, or think, I get

Dissed, and told that I


Undervalued, they say I am,

Call my brother, and say that to the

King of all Worldsuck.

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Aquaponics and other Sustainability Projects-- Go big or Go home.

I recently bought a 55 gallon fish tank for my first apartment.  If there's ever been a moment where I've felt like I'm riding a roller coaster of "oh god what have I gotten myself into?!?" it would be now.  

Though I can't exactly say I regret the purchase.  Allow me to explain.  There is a technology becoming popular that allows individuals to not only grow fish in their backyards (or in their apartments) but also grow plants (such as lettuce, herbs, and tomatoes) more efficiently…


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A Film to Decrease Worldsuck

Hannah Lindgren, Paul Weller, and I are film students at Ball State University, and we recently got permission from John and Hank Green via Twitter to produce a documentary about Nerdfighteria, the Vlogbrothers, and Vidcon. We are really excited about this project, and this summer we will be flying out to Anaheim, CA to film at Vidcon! Paul Weller and I will be the cinematographers, while Hannah Lindgren is the producer and editor.

Check out the official website for a A Film to…


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And so it begins... We have permission! Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted on our behalf to get our permission. My dad was the lucky one to get the response! Here's what's next for "A Film to…

And so it begins...

We have permission! Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted on our behalf to get our permission. My dad was the lucky one to get the response!

Here's what's next for "A Film to Decrease Worldsuck:"

  • Within the next week or so you'll see…

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Actually Free Money! (Really.) The Bank of Nerdfighteria's Quarterly Report

Not yet a kiva member? Click here to make your first loan ENTIRELY FOR FREE (Thanks to linkedin cofounder Reid Hoffman for funding these free trials!)

No Edge shirts:…


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Oh hey I kind of forgot about the Ning

So I'm running for King of the Web and donating most of the money to getting rid of slavery worldwide because slavery is totally a thing in almost every country in the world, including the United States, the UK, Australia and many other first world nations.

Vote for me…


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The Bank of Nerdfighteria


Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck:

In which John reports on the state of the Bank of Nerdfighteria, comments on Hank's goatee, and explains just what the Bank of Nerdfighteria…


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Corporatocracy and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

I recently just finished Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.  The book entails the world's new form of slavery created by the corporatocracy; the system by which the United States and its corporations have enslaved much of the third world. For those unfamiliar with the book, John Perkins details his experiences as an economic adviser (or economic hit man) for MAIN, a consulting company which had been continuously hired by the United States…


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What happens when people stop cheaters of cheatery

This I have to share with nerdfighteria because it is about an amazing group of people called "Neveneffecten" who are decreasing worldsuck on a large scale (read: half of the country of Belgium or for about 5.000.000 people) by stopping cheaters of cheatery!

What happened: There's 4 friends who met up and discussed everything that goes wrong in our society. Instead of just moping about, they are making a TV-show in which they adress these problems and actually try to change them! Plus…


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What's Wrong?

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p4a, Space Pasta, and Giant Squids of Anger


In which John and Hank Green reunite to discuss the 2010 Project for Awesome and then proceed to challenge nerdfighteria to solve a dinnertable dispute in re. the energy output needed to create moon pasta and then discuss the new t-shirts at DFTBA Records.

The idea of the project for awesome is simple. You make a video in support of a charity you wish to support, and hopefully lots… Continue

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Happy Armistice Day!

That's right, the original name of Veterans Day (or Remembrance Day as it is also known) was Armistice Day, to commemorate the signing of the armistice that ended World War I, signed at 11:00 on November 11, 1918. That means 11/11 takes on a whole different meaning today! Just thought you should know that random fact before I delve into the awesome projects that I've encountered on the forum as of late.
Firstly, there's a…

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You Are Awesome

Esther Bracelets:…

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Best Story Ever / Ultimate Worldsuck Decrease,0,4430472.story

This is a story on a project that just started up in my town...the featured production was held at my old high school.

if you have a facebook, you can view this video, too - a montage of all the kids and adults involved.

Seriously, if the whole world would take… Continue

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Positive Prank Calls!!

In which Hank calls random strangers in his town and tells them encouranging and true facts about our world.

I couldn't fit all of them in, and I had to cut a few of them down (and maybe re-film a couple because they took so embarrassingly long for me to say) but I've included the script I used which has all of the positive facts I…

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Going to the Vampire Food Bank

Alright, not really. But I can't be the only one that thinks the blood bags at the donation clinic look like the juice bags that some companies use. I'm looking at you Kool-Aid! *stink-eye*

So in less than two hours I am going to the blood donor clinic to give them a pint of the good stuff. Personally, I think that donating blood is an awesome option for fighting world suck because it doesn't take much to do. You don't need to be educated in the green movement, you don't need…


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Nerdfighters who like Harry Potter should read this.

There are lots of nerdfighters who like Harry Potter (duh) and if you are one of them then you've probably heard of a little thing called The Harry Potter Alliance. (Helping Haiti Heal anyone? Or how about this video? Maybe Hank's and John's tweets about how they voted?)

Anyway, if you'd like the HPA to be able to work on more awesome things to decrease worldsuck, I have a small… Continue

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worldsuck FTL

I hate it when I'm have a good day and someone reminds me that even tho I'm having a good day there is still so much worldsuck and some many people affected by it. Then not so good day, some people think that the media over exposes people to all the bad things in the world like war and poverty and murder and sucide and abduction and rape and so we don't feel as bad about all this stuff as we would if they didn't should it as often. But I don't think thats true because every time I see another… Continue

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Eating Donuts To Decrease Worldsuck

The embed wasn't working. So here's the link:

A collage of footage from the February 6th Krispy Kreme Challenge that I participated in. All proceeds go to a local children's hospital.

There's a piece of information in here that's…

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