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Anthems for a 17 year old girl- broken social scene.

Used to be the one of the rotten ones

And I liked you for that

Now you're all gone, got your make-up on

And you're not coming back

Bleachin' your teeth, smiling flash

Talking trash, under my window

Park that car

Drop that phone

Sleep on the floor

Dream about me

Used to be the one of the rotten ones

And I liked you for that

Now you're all gone, got your make-up on

And you're not coming… Continue

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Happy New… Continue

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1/2/09 1st Official: Video, Friday of 2009..and did I hear "Double Punishment"?

Happy New Year All!

This is the first Official Video of FangirlsUnite as all the videos before this one has been decided upon as a test run. We've officially started (would have yesterday but Alli wasn't able to upload and so here I am)!

It turns out that fiveawesomegirls are not ending yet and they'll stay on throughout 2009. Nice. We get to see the vlogbrothers more too.

So, I'm not sure how to call out Jess and Alli for not making… Continue

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12/10/08 Jonas Brothers + Twilight = (:

The Jonas Brothers Are Amazinggg.


Songs Played Throughout.

See You Again by Year One.

Selena Gomez by Greg… Continue

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I'm A Copycat :)

Well, actually I'm not cause I was doing this too but I'm a copycat for writing it down here...sorry :)

What IT is, you ask?

The 50 Books In One Year Challenge! :)

I don't think I have to explain the rules to you, right?

Anyway, so far I'm on book six of 2009, which is One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey.

Actually that's a lie.

I'm going to start it this evening cause I just finished my last one.

So far I've read:

Club Dead by… Continue

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I like surveys. Let's make a habit of this. Survey #1

1. What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before? I started dating someone actually worth my while, I made new friends, I asked for help and I talked to my counselor about his inclination to donate his sperm.

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don't make New Years Resolutions. It's just a let-down.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Well. Kind of close. My cousin. She's having difficulties, though.

4.… Continue

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A letter to my 7 year old self

Dear 7 year old me.

I know you're living in a pretty good place right now, but next year you will move away from Regina to a small town that you only visited a couple time with your grandparents. I know you're feeling very sad, but this is for the best.

You're going to be meeting new people that don't know much about you and you wont fit in very well, but give it time and you'll make some really good friends. You're eventually going to meet a girl who comes to your door and ask… Continue

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1st Worst day of the year

I might have possibly just of had the first ubber horrible days of my new year. I went to sleep at 2am only to be awaken by my ...interesting mother telling me to clean my room. Then I was late getting to work because of the weather, even though I left early. Then I left late from work because a meeting ran long. I had to go to the Art Insitute for a school project and in route there i dropped my cellphone and didn't realize it. After finding that none of the public phones worked in the… Continue

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A Survey Borrowed From Katie

Here is a survey I have completed. I found it on Katie's blog. I may do it as a vlog, but then again, I may do my holiday homework too.

1. What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before? I posted vlogs on my youtube channel, I had my first kiss, I acquired a boyfriend, I broke up with said boyfriend, I didn't sleep for 72 hrs.

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? My two new years resolutions contradict each other. That's… Continue

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My New Year is Good So Far........NOT

Some of you may be wondering, "Gee, why do you think you are having a bad new year so far?" I'll tell you why, forty minutes into 2009, I got sick. Around twelve thirty, I felt a little sick, but didn't think anything of it. A couple minutes later, I decided to get a bottled water. We didn't have any in our garage, so I was about to go into the basement, then suddenly, I felt puke starting to come up. I ran to the sink and chucked all my lunch and dinner. It wasn't just one time, it was about… Continue

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Happy New Year!

Ahh...2009. I can't believe it... '08 flew by.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve/New year's.

Mine was...quite interesting, but fun.

I'm so uber excited for's going to be AWESOME.

First 5 things I did this year.

1.) Played apples to apples with my friends. (AKA best game ever)

2.) Stayed up practically the whole night.

3.) Had my first breakfast of 2009 (lol) it was quite delicious...french toast, cinnoman buns,… Continue

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New Years Eve

its new years eve!!
It's almost 2009.
This year has DEFINITELY had it's highs and lows and gone by soo fast.
It feels like it just turned 2008.
Well, I hope you have a great year ahead..
and remember:
Life is what you make it(i hate that song but i liked that quote before hannah montana said it)

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Casting Musecast: Year 2!!


Hey, Nerdfighters! Please pass this on to anyone you know who wants to make a career entertaining people! Actors, Singers, Novelists, Clowns, Artists... All are encouraged to submit!





Submissions Due By: 10/21/08

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS ONLY - Instructions below

The Musecast is a vlog-style Youtube documentary which follows five entertainers as they attempt… Continue

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First Day of School.

My first day of school was really funny. I saw kids I had missed and kids I'd rather not see. My classes are ok. I have Spanish class and American History just to name a few,I'd rather have World history, but it's fine. In November my class will be learning about pirates which I am very excited about. Also in my American History class I will be having test every monday. I find that exciting because I love history. I have eighth period lunch, which is like dinner on the count of I get out of… Continue

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One Year.

I just finished celebrating my one-year anniversary of Harry Potter! On Labor Day weekend of 2007, my friend Chloe and I had a Harry Potter movie marathon that kind of changed my life. It was the start of my Harry Potter obsession, my love of Celtic Woman, and my Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy "obsession" that isn't quite an obsession. Good times!

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This year's reading list

I want to read at least 25 books in this school year. So far I have 20 [including every summer of the sisterhood of the traveling pants]. Please feel free to suggest 5 more [no twilight or HP please =)].

So here's the list thus far:

An abundance of Katherines- John Green,

Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte,

Paper Towns- John Green,

Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte,

Sisters- Danielle Steel,

RE READ- 1-4 sisterhood of the traveling pants-Ann… Continue

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The Last Drop of Rain: Chapter Nine

Alright. I thought, so…finally dead, eh? It’s really not so bad. Feels good not to have to worry about Anna or Caliga or Ephraim or anything…yeah, being dead isn’t so bad…

Then I hit the ground. Again. Except this time, it wasn’t ground it was more like cloud. Solid chunks of cloud. I felt my arms, my legs, my chest, my head, and looked at myself. Ten fingers…ten toes…one head. So…does this mean I’m not dead? There was something different though. I wasn’t in the strange denim pants and… Continue

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After about 3:00 today, my senior year is practically over! Yay!!!!!
All I have to do is do my 4-6 minute speech (eek) and then answer some question about my senior project (job shadowing...) and then I am done!!!!
Except for my government/econ project and calculus and some japanese...

I'M ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!

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february 29th is weird. it's like a free day

It is weird that every four years we tack an extra day onto february. what if we didn't do that? well, apparently we'd be f'd in the season department. i'm not sure how effective it is, especially since it's been snowing for 3 solid months up here and the seasons seem WAY off as it is.

that's all i needed to say, really.
oh well - happy free day :)

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i may or may not be dying. jeezus.

for the past three weeks, i have been so sick.



raw, red throat.

no voice.

which may work out for some, but when 85% of my day is spent correcting 5 year olds, it doesn't pan out so well. they keep asking me what happened to my voice. i wanna tell them that if they sit down and shut-up, maybe i would have a voice to speak with.

ok, i wouldn't say that.

plus, i can't be mean now. they gave me… Continue

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