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I sit, stand, pace: I know I am walking but in reality I am going nowhere. No matter how hard I push, how far one foot goes in front of the other, I will never go anywhere. In the end the thing with pacing is it takes you one way and then back again, it's a constant retracing of steps, always familiar ground. You can not travel as you pace.

I lie down, stare at the stars, think: Indeed I am sifting through thoughts, but these thoughts are not being organised, or concidered or even… Continue

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another poem

again written in physics,

Empty faces criticise

what they don't understand.

Scrutinise and glare,

un-compassionate and uncaring.

They don't concider

what they say

yelping rules and regulations

spreading rumour and s***,

un-thinking and unloving.

Yet some are loved more than I.

They are wanted and needed.

Cared for, well-off.

I ask myself why, though I know the truth:

I am wrong

I am the… Continue

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ranodm thing

Another random poem thing i wrote in physics:

Open my eyes and look in the light,

though it's blinding me, I refuse to fight.

I'll let it swallow me- eat my heart whole,

it can devour my life and subdue my soul.

But nothing happens as I fade away,

I just lie there my life at bay.

Disconnected from what I once knew,

I just lie there, nothing I can do.

All my hope is gone,

left to rot,

never know

I'm what time… Continue

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Family tree- wat i know of it

ok this is wat i know of the family tree thus far-


Kaite= Jake(pirate) and Bexxie and X's Mum

X= Fatima and Kelli and Beth and Chris and Aj and Jet and Jonny and Jenna and Kuhi and Lottie's mum

Kuhi=Luke and Sammi and Ron and Wes's Mum

Lottie= Bri :D and Caitlyn and Kristian and Banana (hannah :)) Tom2 and Mina's mum

Bexxie=M.M.M (nikki)


Kuhi married to Andrei

Lottie married to Jonny G and Kelli and Kristian… Continue

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The Darkness

ok so this is a really Sh*tty poem/ thing that i wrote in physics- I try to make this poem have a deeper meaning, but im not good at writing so *shrugs*

Umm comment :D

They mope in the shadows, waiting and watching,

moving as the shadows change shape.

Hiding in mid-day, cowering from the sweltering sun,

praying for a cloud to save them;

to make the city theirs;

to cover it in shadows,

allowing them to roam.

They… Continue

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Ok- so Everyone writes blogs about themselves- right??? *doesnt know as I have never really read anyones blog before*- but I am going to write a blog on someone else (a semi-biographic blog)- someone I have known very closely since I was born- If you dont like it- MOVE ON- I will send 2 blogs out weekly (i think, if anyone reads them)- enjoy... And comment...

Katie was 6 years old when she started self-harming. Of course she didnt realise what she was… Continue

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