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My twin?

Though I have three older brothers, all my life I have had this lonely feeling inside me. I never really thought about it much until more recently, I kind of just assumed it was because I was helplessly in love with being in love, and the fact that I've always felt unattractive. A few years ago my mom told me that she thinks I was supposed to be a twin, because she was at high risk for twins, due to blood pressure levels and the fact that she had already had twins, and had twins on both sides… Continue

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When I was little, Christmas was a blast for me. My brothers, Alex and Ed, would wake me up before the sun came up and convince me that we had to get up early so that we could be the first people in the neighborhood done opening gifts. I didn't really care because it kind of excited me to be getting up so early. After we were up we would go bug our oldest brother, John, to get up, he would refuse, we would go bug my parents and they would tell us that John had to be up before they would get, so… Continue

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I've never really blogged before

I've never really blogged before because I never really know what to say. When I do know what to say, it's usually about something that recently went wrong in my life, or something really exciting. I rarely have moments that are exciting enough to blog about. I don't like just talking about how my day has been because I don't want to bore people with my somewhat uninteresting life (this is also why I have trouble vlogging). I get up at 6:30am every Monday through Friday and go to work, I make… Continue

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