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Mon 21st Jul Challenges and Mountains!

After climbing a mountain for some reason Connor and Dave talk about something they have decided should happen on the channel... everyone would listen to it... right?!

Links and Stuff:

Connor's Channel:…


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What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?

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uOttawa Rape Culture and What is Consent?

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Good YouTube content!

One of my personal favourite people on YouTube. I'd recommend subscribing to her without a doubt.

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Bonnie NerdFighters!

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Harry Potter Alliance: Equality FTW 2013!

Message from the HPA!

Hello Nerdfighters!


Please don’t forget to be awesome today and check out!

The Harry Potter Alliance is fundraising to support another year of equality campaigning, last year we made 3000 calls for marriage equality in Maine which passed! This year we want to do even more…


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Oh gamers. You dun' messed up

What by hell have you become? Ever week or so, a new story pops up detailing yet another attack on a women, on someone you dislike, someone who beats you and god forbid, a creator whose game you happened to dislike. The community, as wide and varied as it is, is becoming one giant, disgusting mess. Between clear and vivid sexism, to outright hatred for others, it begs the question what will be imprinted on those who you know and live beside in the real world.

I'm not a saint,…


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A little something I helped write for a pals Gishwhes thingy.

I can't stop laughing or cringing.

I'm a mean, bad friend. 

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Would-be Forums mods, come hither!

Hello my little Nerdians! Tam the forums and blogs admin or NingMaster here. If you can't tell by the header for this topic, it's a invitation for any user who feels they'd like to try modding out. Quite simply, just send me a message via the chat or leave a message on my wall - or here - and I'll get back to you. A wee list of things we're looking for first though.

  1. Active.

    Obviously, we're looking for people who're actively involved with the site, meaning that…

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I'm not going to try and be funny here. No, I'm simply copying and pasting a speech which I think ought to be displayed world over. With that said, words by Malala Yousafzai

In the name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

Honourable UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon,

Respected President General Assembly Vuk Jeremic



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Site issues

As you've most likely noticed, the site's bordering and whatnot seems to be seriously out of whack, believe me when I say it; we're trying to fix it. 

Hopefully it won't last too long, but if you have any questions/complaints, be sure to leave them in the comments within the update. 

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Power of Pages

Give the lassie a view and like for the song folks!

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A response to Problematic and a defence of John Green

You know what time it is kids? It's.. Thomas couldn't think of anything important stuff to write about, so he's just going to refute some stuff about John Green. Yaaay! In all seriousness, there's this page lying around our interwebs, and felt since my last piece on John was generally well received, might as well give it another shot. If this is your first time reading one of my articles, then…


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Boston attacked

What can be said, truly? Mankind seems hell bent on buggering the other half of itself. Gods and devils only know the reasoning behind this recent attack; at this point however, does it even matter? We can speculate, gossip and have a little rumour here and there. But will that help the people who were attacked, hurt or killed by this senseless attack? For that is what this is truly, a senseless, pointless attack. …


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Quick, hide yo' kids! The gay's gonna' get 'em!

Oh silly politicians. The day when we no longer need to deal with fools who wish to legislate their personal beliefs; the day in which we may look onwards at capital hill without a mighty ol' facepalm and headesk, seems too be a bit further away yet. If you haven't guessed by this point - keep up slow-poke, do I need to play the magical rant flute? Turn on the news! -, I'm referring to the ongoing thingy-ma-bob in regards to gay marriage. Yes, thingy-ma-bob. What? I does nus…


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Talents, where do yours lie?

Talents, we each have our own. Perhaps they're small, subtle or none too blaring to the public or yourself; but it rests within you nonetheless. Be it the ability to comprehend languages too being able write with bonnie - beautiful for non-Scots - style. As it's likely clear from reading any my previous pieces on this site, grammar or writing isn't exactly my forte. No, rather my own skill lies in the ability to capture a moment. Which is the fancy way of saying I take pictures of an already…


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Public service announcement: Mounting spam

As you've likely noticed, over the past couple days we've been under assault from our arch rival - bloody spam. Aye, it's been a right pain in our collective backsides. Who the hell decided to bombard a nerd site with adds to sports events? Yes, I'm being stereotypical, but come on! At least if they're going spam the crap out of us, they could at least make it somewhat appealing. But noooo, we must endure, suffer and take:

" Watch-bloody-Andy-bloody-Murray…


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The new year!

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Yet another shooting, yet another lesson unlearned.

If I hear one fool, one idiotic, moronic asshat suggest that having guns in feckin' classrooms or schools would have prevented and protected lives on this dreadful and awful day in Connecticut, I may just slap the living crap out of said cuif. Oh don't politicize this they'll scream. Don't take blame away from the gunman they'll chime. Feckin' excuses! How many more must suffer before action is taken to protect your own people, America? But it's in the constitution! Oh, really? Are you a…


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