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Blog Post Hiatus

Well, I've already not blogged since last Wednesday night....yeah. I just didn't blog Thursday, can't remember why. I was up really late Friday and just decided to take the weekend off. Now I've decided I'm going to take the rest of Finals Week off. Not much is going to be happening, apart from me studying, playing WoW, and taking a couple of tests, so I'll just start up again next week once I'm down in Wichita for the summer.

Tonight, I'll be getting my Housing contract all finished… Continue

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Actual Content Mostly About Tomorrow, Strangely

TODAY: Didn't even hear any of my 3 alarms this morning, and missed physics lab as a result. Woke up in time for my Japanese oral, though, and was super super stressed about it cause I woke up late and didn't have as much time to study and I would have liked. But, I went and did it anyway, and it didn't go THAT badly. Probably a B of some kind. Knowing my current score in the class, unless the extra credit that's not on there yet is worth a LOT, I would have had to pull basically a perfect… Continue

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Maybe the "Stuff on Heads" Project Will Help Relieve End-of-Semester Stress

TODAY: Got up a little later than intended for work, but still went in and got stuff done. Also left a little earlier than normal cause I didn't have a whole lot to do. Studied Japanese for a while before class and actually felt decent about what we were doing. Unfortunately, we signed up for oral final slots. I picked tomorrow so that I could have Thursday more open to work, but that means that I've gotta do my final tomorrow. It's gonna be a killer. Talked with Jacob a lot over lunch about… Continue

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Invest Typoed, Weird Dream, Tough Japanese, Stuff on Heads

TODAY: Computer engineering class was fairly dull and short. It appears that we were done with content before last week, even. We're just reviewing for the final this week, and last week we reviewed for the test that we had last Friday. Oh well. In Japanese, we continued practicing for the oral final, which is going to be HARD. Casual style in Japanese is really difficult once you've gotten used to the normal, polite forms. Physics lecture was alright, not terribly interesting. After that, I… Continue

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Weekend Days With No Action Leave Crappy Blogs

TODAY: Woke up at 2 PM again (weekends rock) and finished questions for my mom. Then Lauren and I went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and then had Cold Stone ice cream afterward (buy one get one free coupon for ice cream). Went home and blew some time before Lauren came over and we played a little bit of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and blew some time for a while. I'm not sure when she left to go back to her dorm, but… Continue

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Sleeping Til 2PM Rocks, Especially When the Rest Of The Day Is With Your Fiancee

TODAY: I got up at 2 pm. Sleep FTW! Worked on rewording questions for my mom until I had about half of them done. Went to dinner with Lauren, Kramer's options sucked so we went to the little Chinese buffet place we like. Then we browsed CD Tradepost before going back to my dorm. We spent the evening enjoying each other's company and watching a Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, which was alright. Lauren didn't like it too much. We also went over the question book things we got, and we both… Continue

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Easy Test, Laid-back Work, Carnival, Nap, WoW

TODAY: Physics lab was relatively boring, but we got our stuff done, so that's good. Computer engineering test was surprisingly easy, got done 20 minutes early. Then I printed off stuff and turned in my computer engineering final project. Had lunch with Lauren at about 11, then killed time for a bit before heading to work. There was a special awards thing I hadn't heard about, so I got paid to stand around and mingle for about 45 minutes after I got my work stuff done. Then I went and rented a… Continue

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Projects are FINALLY Done

TODAY: Got up at 10ish and went to a computer engineering lab other than my own to show them that I got my project done. Then I had lunch with Lauren (an uncommon occurrence for Thursday), and went to Japanese where we practiced for the oral final next week. After that, I went back to my dorm and printed stuff off and got into my suit for my PPD presentation at 2. It went rather well, the people we were presenting too were pretty nice and seemed genuinely interested in it, which was cool. Went… Continue

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