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Where's Your Nerdfighter Song?

I was just watching the recorded version of the live Hank chat from BlogTV, and he brought up the Nerdfighter Song. Anyone who has watched the earlier Brotherhood 2.0 videos knows that writing your own Nerdfighter Song is how you became a part of Nerdfighteria, how you were initiated.

This act has been lost; even Hank says so. Today, you really don't need to have a song to be a Nerdfighter, but I was just wondering if any of you have… Continue

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Patti Mail

This morning was just like any other summer, Monday morning. I wake up at 7am (yes, I'm insane, okay), wash my face, brush my teeth, and quietly tiptoe through the house to the computer room. Usually, I go on the computer to check anything that I missed last night while I sleeping. Most of the time, I'll have just one or two new e-mails about comments and such. This morning, I checked the first of my e-mail addresses and found two new messages.

"You have a new comment on your page on… Continue

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Patti LuPone, You Made Me Cry.

Last night, was, honestly, the best night of my life. Well, I experienced, at the very least, the best four minutes of my life. Everything preceding those four minutes, was excruciating and seemingly unnecessary at the time (except for the performance by the prinicpals of Gypsy, Benanti and Gaines winning their Tonys, Sondheim's Lifetime Achievement Award, and Mandy Patinkin, of course). The following video recollects those four minutes (and a bit):…


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Hello, Dolls!

Today, I found out that Patti LuPone has been nominated for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical, and Stephen Sondheim is being awarded the Special Tony Award for a Lifetime Acheivement in Theatre!


In this extreme state of joy, I decided to make a widget (below) for all the Patti/Sondheim fans who are counting down the days until the awards ceremony.…


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Consequent Bloggers: The Beginning- 05/10


Head over, now!


Well, blog reader, Adam J.M. Eagleton and I have decided to start a Question Blog thread. It starts today. :] Here's how it works. I'll post a question to Adam and… Continue

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I Found Pimp Surveys!

So, I was wandering about the internet, as I usually do on a Thursday night (and every other night for that matter) and found this fabulous surveys website, Obviously, I obsessed and took, basically, every survey that was on the site. I decided to post one of them here. This isn't a cool blog; it's not even a good one. It's just a survey. :]

Depths of me.
If you could live in any…

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This is My First Blog...and I am Livid.

Okay, I have just written my very first blog. It was perfect. It was engaging, entertaining, grammatically-correct, and NOT SAVED AS A DRAFT. You see, once I finished writing this exceptional blog, I clicked the button reading "Publish Post" on the lower right of the screen, as any normal person would have done, to finally get my name as a blogger out there, on the internet, in the Nerdfighter Ning I love so dearly, for everyone to read. The awaited moment had arrived. The timing was perfect. I… Continue

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Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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