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Okay, I just need to take a moment to brag. It is very late and I want to show someone this before I collapse.  Look at how awesome this blog looks now! 

Not that any of you really saw what it looked like before. But, honestly, I'm excited. That's just gonna happen.

I have also, by the way, come to the conclusion that…


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Give Me Some Hope, Guys

Reaction to Death of the Liberal Class by Chris Hedges

I can’t even call this a review because it isn’t really. If you want to know whether or not I liked the book, I did, plain and simple. I liked it because it made me think and it made me…


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Bias in the News (part 3)

For parts 1 & 2 (which this doesn't make a whole lot of sense without....) go to my other blog.

There are two parts to stopping this awful cycle. One is something that we, as consumers of news can do. The other is something journalists can do.
We need to stop dismissing news we don't like based on bias. Suck it up…

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Bias in the News (Part 2)

I’m a 90s kid. I have a vague memories of a time nefore the internet, but honestly they are hazy. But, it seemed like a scary, desolate place. I remember the AOL “You’ve Got Mail” guy and my first computer game was Pajama Sam (which was, by the way, the shit).
But, even I get that the internet changed everything.…

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Bias in the News (part 1)

Fox lies. So does NBC. Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart do too. And hoo boy, does Bill O’ Reilly lie. Ask around enough, and you’ll find someone willing to tell you all about how anyone under the sun lies. Liberal laugh at Fox. Conservatives can’t stand NPR. Anytime a news story breaks, the second wave of it is everyone squawking about bias. 
There is no shortage of causes for the increased political polarization we’ve seen lately. The murkiness of the 2000 election, Sarah Palin,…

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Red Light, Green Light Game

A guy friend of mine walked into my English class about a month ago, slammed his things down on his desk, and exasperatedly informed me that my entire gender was confusing. No, I told him. My gender isn't confsuing. Yours is just dumb.
The poor guy then told me a story about meeting a girl, exchanging numbers, flirting, and then being quite surprised at her mention of a boyfriend. You gotta feel for the guy on that one...
I told him it sounded like a classic case of…

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Mommy, Daddy, What’s the Difference between a Democrat and a Republican?

My American History teacher referred to it as coming from a “mixed family”. She gushed about how cool it was. Then she laughed when I explained to her that, considering my parent’s divorce, it really wasn’t. My dad’s a republican. My mom’s a democrat. Shocking, right? People are always curious to know how this “mixed family” affected my political sensibilities. I like to…


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History Pick Up lines

My friend and I were looking up pick up lines the other day and so of course we looked up nerdy pick up lines. And a lot of them are absolutely fantastic. BUT, we noticed a distinct lack of history pick up lines. There's some gold in there. So, here is what we came up with. Anyone want to add to it?

1. I may like the color red, but I promise if we get together I won't be Russian.

2. I'd like to free those serfs from your shirt's oppresion. 

3. Hey, wanna go cause…


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Jennifer's Body

 (I guess there are kind of spoiler alerts in this, but honestly, you canfigure out most it from the preview. You’re warned anyway.)

This might be considered controversial. I am full aware that I may end up getting flamed for this one. But I just saw Jennifer’s Body and I thought it was your great.

I know what you’re thinking. Wasn’t that movie just Megan Fox’s way of selling herself as even more of a sex pot? Isn’t it just stereotypical teenage boy paradise—hot girls…


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Liar by Justine Larabliester

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I just finished this book, literally this morning. And I liked it, it was an interesting book. But, it wasn't what I was expecting AT ALL.

I'm hoping that no one who didn't read the book read this, but Micah turning out to be a werewolf kind of bugged me. It wasn't so much that I didn't like it because well, I like fantasy. Some people don't though, like my best friend. She can't stand it. And Liar didn't… Continue

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The Power of Words (Jesus Etc.)

I've never been a fan of poetry. It's always driven me slightly nuts. We learn two kinds at my school.

1) Old. Very, very old. Like Percy Shelley and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I always sort of think of this stuff as pretty just for the sake of being pretty. It's the real Romantic stuff.

2) Spoken Word. I have no idea if you have anything like this at your school, but Spoken Word is our poetry club. Only, they slam poems. Slamming is like one step below rapping. It's…


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Spencer's Philosophy Question

The other day Spencer (my brother) asked me, "How can God be good if he causes he so much pain?". He's in a philosophy class so he's been spouting stuff like this off lately.

The first thing that I said was that God is neither good nor bad and it all depends on your perception. It was honestly just the first thing that I thought of.

Then I thought about it a bit more and my next answer actually answered the question. God causes pain because pain makes you grow. When I say…


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Re-Elections are Crap.

have this theory, and it’s a theory that I have shared with lots of people because I pretty much bring it up every time that I talk about the US presidential elections with anyone. So far, no one has ever disagreed with me about it. But, I live in a very partisan town, so I thought I might open this one up to the internet.…


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The Beauty of the Highway

This is the short story I just submitted to my school's lit journal.

The Beauty of the Highway:

The girl sighed and shifted her weight from one maroon Chuck Taylor to the other. She tugged on one of the loose curls that hung in front of her face. She crossed her arms and started to tap the scruffy toe of her shoe against one of the perfectly proportioned squares of the sidewalk.

She was standing on a perfectly straight street, across from one of the elementary… Continue

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Christmas List

Every year, my Mom and Dad ask me and my brother to type up a christmas list and email it to them because they say that ever since we became teenagers we are too difficult to shop for. Okay, fine.

Here's the problem. This year, there is nothing I really want. Okay, there are some things I want, but they are all drastically out of price range (iPad, laptop, college tuition, etc.)

Here is the list so far. As you can see, it's all books. Any other suggestions? Either for more books,… Continue

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Slytherin Bravery


Not really that big of a spolier, but i'd hate to disapoint anyone who really desperately didn't want to know anything about the movie before they went to see it.

First of all, just to get this off my chest, I loved the movie. I've literally come out of every single one of the other movies just ranting on and on about something that they got wrong (Harry and Ginny!), or didn't include that I thought they…


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Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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