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Went to school today.
The amount of coursework I have to do is insane BUT it has to be done if I want to graduate and wear this pretty dress..

So yeah I have to do my coursework or no going to prom ):


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Paper Towns

Just finished Reading Paper Towns ^^ OMG it's amazing. The thing About the black santas Was hilarious, As was Ben needing to Pee on the road Trip.
And I totally agree with Margo about the random Capitalization thing. The rules of capitalizing Are unfair To the words In the Middle.

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I just ate 4 packets of winegums. I don't feel so great.

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The Hangover

Went to see The Hangover with my friends today. I saw it first last week but I wanted to see it again coz it's just so funny. My arm didn't ache from my jab really, just when the friend I sat next to kept elbowing me right where the needle went in, asking 'do they find Doug?'

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I got my Tetris jab today. I don't actually know what it's called but I do know that it sounds like Tetris so i'm gonna call it that. It didn't really hurt that much but according to my friends it's gonna kill my arm tommorow. My mother bought me some winegums afterwards so that was good =].

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