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Damn it!

Okay, I sorta forgot to go on Nerdfighteria for a while. I've been busy, especially since school started. Um... yeah... So, anyways, sorry about that.

I lost my train of thought, and can't remember what else this was gonna be about... Fleh. Um... so... Hi. I probably won't be on here very often, my teachers apparently don't like it when we have free time. Anyways, dftba, see ya, blah blah bye. 

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Eheheheheh, sorry for goin' AWOL there, people. I kinda forgot to post a blog explaining that I'd be gone for a couple days at a camp. Basically, I went to this super hippy-ish thing with my mom for a few days, and was EXTREMELY traumatized by the nudity at the pool. I mean, seriously. A thirteen year old girl (okay, two months shy of thirteen) should not be around that many naked old dudes, no matter how un-perverted all of them are. Everyone was really nice, though. I met an ADORABLE little… Continue

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ERG! Okay, so it says on my profile that I was born in 1997, but I was actually born in 1998. I guess you're not allowed to be a nerdfighter if you're under 13 (though I'll be thirteen in less than two months) . However, John and Hank said themselves that you can't be too young to be a nerdfighter, and that says something negative about Nerdfighteria in my opinion. Not the fact that being young doesn't matter, but that despite that, people under…


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Peeps, Happy Dances, and Other Such Things

Hey everyone!

I've heard it's not possible to eat more than 12.5 Peeps in one sitting. If I can find somewhere that sells Peeps in the summer, I will prove that to be un-true. As soon as I get my effing braces off. FNEDJSAKLFNREJKNJK!!!!!! As you may have guessed, I hate my braces. Any thirteen year old human would.

ANYWAYS, on to my next topic. I only very recently found out…


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