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Sexual Abuse, Consent, and Culture


If you haven't heard, there have been some really troubling stories about manipulative and even possibly abusive relationships between online creators and their fans.

While that situation certainly spurred me to make this video, I also think a video like this is long overdo. We're excited to be facing these problems head-on, because the only way out is…


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Happy Birthday John Green!


I've had a hard time getting the full resolution mosaic online because it's so huge, but keep in touch, I'll get it online somehow!

Chewie Solo 2012!…


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Open Letter to the Wizards - The Secret Mailing…


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Hank is Maybe Crazy

Put your feet up and watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries:…


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How to be More Productive...With Hank!

In which Hank gives some stellar productivity tips so that you can use your time more efficiently, be a more effective person and, also, stop having fun!

Co-star - Michael Aranda:…


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Hi! Remember me? I'm Senior Executive Ningmaster Tom. I'm supposed to be running this site. :D

In reality, I've been missing in action for a long time. I have hardly done anything ning-related in months, apart from occasionally banning a spammer, or responding to an e-mail. (And changing the banner. :þ)

But I should've been doing so. much. more. :|

(Including, but not limited to, essential tasks like…


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It's that time of year again...

Well, that time that reoccurs every once in a while, not at all regularly, but usually at least once a year.


Anyway,  it's been —once again— way too long since we've had a change of staff, and we're about to change that.

It'll be like previous times; you write an application, we will pick candidates that seem like good candidates to us.

You'll then be offered a position for a number of months, at which point we'll probably…


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NASA: Increasing Awesome



In which Hank talks about the 0.45% of the federal budget devoted to space education, and what NASA is doing with that money. 

Just an aside, my friends often say that we shouldn't be spending money on space when we have so many problems here on Earth. And I understand that argument. But I think that mentality is flawed. We can't wait until…


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In which John takes you to Amsterdam to discuss the tulip mania that overtook the Netherlands in the 17th century, culminating with the famed flower bubble of 1636 and 1637, the original irrational exuberance. (Or was it irrational?)

Buy ATLAS by Katrina Vandenberg now: …

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Humpy Hank

In which animations of Hank humping an astonishing variety of people and animals (and himself) are collected into a single music video for your enjoyment and Hank's embarrassment.

Let this be a lesson, friends: Never put video of yourself humping on the Internet or the Internet will make you pay.

Humpy Hank invented by the great Mattie Boosh:… Continue

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31 Jokes for NERDS!

In which Hank tells some seriously nerdy jokes. Harry Potter, theoretical physics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Chemistry, Engineering, Philosophy, Math, Computer's all fair game.

I chose 31 because I knew I wasn't going to hit 50 and I wanted to do a prime number.

I made this video before Humpy Hank became a thing...but something tells me… Continue

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Live on YouTube

Go to and click the LIVE tab!

In which Hank announces that he and John will be doing live streams on YouTube!

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7 Truths, 1 Lie!

This video contains one lie! Which is it?

In which John discusses Ivan the Terrible's lost library, Marie Curie, Hank as a tomato, and various other April Foolery.


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Ice Cream Changes

Slipknot to Ritchie Valenz, for some reason the I vi IV V chord progression just sounds amazing. I don't know why certain combinations of tones sound nice to us, nor why progressing through those tone combinations in certain ways are universally pleasant, but I am glad of it.

This video has no cuts, which was a moonpasta challenge that I silently…

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Participatory Geometry

CBC Awards:

In which John discusses the Butler Bulldogs astonishing second…


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Vote for Shawn! (Voting is over)


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Nerdfighters in Bangladesh - Project for Awesome


Sorry for the late upload. This is the story of the Dharmarajika Monastery in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was formed in the 1960s by a respected Buddhist Venerable. During the Bangladesh War of Liberation which killed over 3 million people, the Buddhist Venerable setup an orphanage for children who lost parents during the war.

Since then, the orphanage has turned into a hostel for both children without parents and those from poor families. No children…


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Welcome to Nerdfighteria

Welcome to Nerdfighteria
By Jordan Stillman…


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Making Adorable Music

Preorder a giraffe shirt:… Continue

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Stop Embarrassing Yourself!

We all do things every once in a while that make us feel pretty freaking stupid. I put together a video to help decrease the number of times we do that in our… Continue

Added by Ningmaster Tom on September 28, 2010 at 4:32am — 8 Comments

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