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summer of songs (maybe novel or short story idk yet)


I used to cherish the silence of the glen at night; the sound of my footseps echoing down the deserted street, the faint whoosh of faraway cars, snipits of TVs blaring in rooms high above my head, and the over all buzz of summer nights. It was my sanitarium, my retreat from the noise and sheer annoyance of my home life. I could walk the same street for hours without focusing on anything. My mind wandered as my feet aimlessly meandered down the darkend streets. I loved it. The… Continue

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rambling...which is all i really do *spoilers kinda for 'uglies' series*

i have just finished reading the Uglies series by scott westerfeld and well i loved it. i actually didnt think that i would because i found the titles kinda strange and the covers were way odd and im one of those peoples that is wary of titles and cover art, which is really bad i know!! plus even though i love reading i hate change so find it hard to venture out into new territory and the Uglies series was deff new territory. luckily i didnt have to have a self shaming 'i told… Continue

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closure is one of those nasty little things that are essential to all aspects of life. think about it, could you ever go on to be awesome with out accepting the fact that you are a nerd? but no seriously how much does it suck that if you cant accept or get over something it will always be eating away at the back of your brain. which will eventually turn you into either some sort of serial killer, or cheerleader (not sure which is worse lawl jk) ignoring things feelings is the way most… Continue

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the well waited for second half of the ILLUMINATION


People think that i'm really odd because i have an abundance of (katherines ha but no) Pet Peeves, its not like a few ramdom things that peeve me out its really serious to me. first of all i really cant stand when people use the word love in responce to someone they are dating, and this is basically limmited to high school students because they throw it around like STD's. i cant be described as anything but broad spectrum so like there are times when… Continue

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ILLUMINATION in IV parts (yeah i went there)

Part I: Is Winter Vacation Really A Vacation?

so i, and the rest of my high school am/is on break for a week, but and i highly stress that but I HAVE MORE WORK TO DO THAN I WOULD DURING A NORMAL SCHOOL WEEK!

-three chapters of APUSH to read

-'the sun also rises' must be read

-I have to re-read 'The Great gatsby' (even though i read it in like 8th grade)

-'the jungle' must be read

-i have to write my ancestors 'coming to america' story in a children's… Continue

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so hello my fellow nerdfighters, im sorry for not updating this since like JANUARY! but school is/was/willalwaysbe swamping me, but IM ON VACATION NOW which means i shall actually have time to update and add fun stuff and in general be awesome :] so it'll be soon

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people in my life

one of my very good friends got her first boyfriend at the end of last year, i didnt really know the kid so i was like whatever she's happy. and then i didnt see her much during the summer because im always working or lounging by the pool. so school starts and i notice that she is wearing a lot of makeup now, the girl is beautiful...blonde you know the type, essentially the exact opposite of me but she switched from brown eyeliner to black and added lots o lip gloss and i was like whatever its… Continue

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things that excite me:

this morning as i leaped from the front seat of my mothers blue mini van attempting to make it through the front door of the house before the cold penetrated my jacket, i spotted two...count em TWO little dandilions growing amidst the dead and frozen grass that constitutes my front lawn. do you know how excited this makes me??!! i adore spring and summer and tend to get a bit down during cold and dark winter. flowers are so pretty, growth is so pretty, hibernation is sweet for like a week, snow… Continue

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i REALLY dig music

i am deff a musical nerdfighter however i am one of the most picky humbugish people in existence, especially when it comes to my taste in music. i was just listning to 'Thank You' by zeppelin and its a great song. i really love zeppelin and the song. i hate that a lot of "those girls" only know it because it was like a big deal in Sara Dessen's book "Just Listen" its a good book but when "those girls" ruin songs with their presence its just like ughh. okay so i got majorly off track. the…


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latest work...its kinda a tribute to Seuss and B*witched (haha i know)

I sat, and I thought

I thought as I sat

I watched while I waited

I did just that

The sand was damp

The waves crashed down

As the rain rolled in

I sat, and I thought

I thought as I sat

I watched while I…


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my views on drama and the writers strike!

I really don't like the majority of my friends. How horrid is that? I know its mad grimey. here i go with the most overused teenage statement:they dont understand me. I am a bit more advanced than most highschoolers in some aspects of life, mainly my views on "love" and just over all maturity I hate when my friends do stupid shit. People wonder why i keep to myself so much well its because I don't want to associate with my peers. As all things do, it has come back to kick me in the ass. I…


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things that are great

JANUARY THAW!!! I am a creature of the sun. I live for the warm feel of the sun on my skin, and smell of fresh earth. January Thaw alows me to do that in the nasty deadness that is CT winter. walking home with the feel of the earth under my feet, I didnt have to bundle myself up until my shadow's figure is that of an overweight man. I like my shadow to look like me not some bundles up creature from the Ice Planet Hoth.

Other things that are great: the fact that I am now officially…


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there are some things in this world that are not okay with me

I can not make a list of all the things in this world that are not okay with me. Why you ask, well it is because i am a strange bird and have issues with commitment and lies so if i commited to making a list and then it became not true thats commitment and lies right there. Right now, and i mean now, this could possibly change in like 2.4 seconds the thing that would be number one on my list of things that arent okay with me would be school. I am all for learning and what not but first period… Continue

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