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Paternity Leave Ends! And I Find Myself... an airport.

In which John discusses his paternity leave, travel, the digging of holes, cursing during Liverpool matches, the strange memories of children, and Germans.


Hannah Hart:

Grace Helbig:…


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Introducing Subbable

Advertising doesn't care how you feel about content, and we are afraid that, if the current system stands, content that people love and connect to (which is necessarily difficult to make, and doesn't appeal as broadly) will become rare while content that is distracting (which is universally appealing) will be…


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Watermelon Internet Trolls

In which secret sister Maureen Johnson shares her Internet wisdom and talks about how best to have a discussion with trolls online.

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TFiOS Movie, Bees, Babies, and More!

I don't know if you've missed John as much as I have, but I assume you do. So, when I was in Michigan visiting the family, John and I decided to do a Question Tuesday. It was fun!

More Hank and John fun here:

And possibly the greatest acting you've ever seen here:…


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The Ghost of Teenaged Future

In which Sabrina ( fills in for John this week and shows what the future has in store for Hank and his niece.

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Oh, JK Rowling - A Harry Potter Song

Every year around the time when Accio Deathly Hallows came out, I release another Harry Potter song. This song is that song! If you want to know more about the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) go here: they are frikkin great.

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The World Needs More Magic

In which Nerd Factor winner Ben ( thinks the world needs more magic.

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The situation in Egypt is extremely complicated and changing constantly. The arguments between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood go back over half a century and they are much more complicated than the press tends to give them credit for.

I just wanted to share a tiny bit of context to help the world…


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The Perks of Being John's Assistant

In which secret sister Rosianna ( breaks down her role as John Green's assistant and gives a tour of the London office. She obvs forgot to mention tweeting in parentheses on John's twitter.

You can also find her here:…


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Plane Butts, Fish Farts, LeakyCon, and Gay Marriage

In which Hank gets a little silly due to lack of sleep, but then has a really great time at LeakyCon. And, yes, I did talk to Devon Murray from the freaking Harry Potter movies. He was freaking great, and I was only a tiny bit terrified.

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Thoughts from Places: Dog Days of Summer

In which Hannah questions if she is ready for some form of commitment... Or maybe it's just puppy love. (for comedy) (for all the feelz)

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New Channels, New Songs, and Just Plain News

Newsletter Signup Here: http://nerdfighteria.us2.list-manage.... - Go Now!

There is a great deal going on in this video, and there are lots of links below. So what did we cover?

Daily Grace Slaps Herself…


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50 Ways to Pretend to Be Smarter

In which Grace teaches you how to fake being smarter than you are in 50 easy steps. Some of them might possibly involve cheese. Maybe.

Today's paternity leave video is brought to you by the delightful:

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What is the Strongest Force on Earth?

In which Hank answers a question on a geology test that is really a terrible question and that the student who answered incorrectly may have been more right than any of us supposed.


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How To Be John Green

In case you're wondering who that bearded dude who made this video is:

In which Craig teaches you everything you need to know about being John Green.

John-from-the-past continues to star in videos on the following channels:…


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How To Be a Baby Properly

In which Hank welcomes Alice Green to the world by giving her some tips on how to be a successful baby. And also basically lets her know that the survival of our species is on her shoulders. WELCOME, ALICE!!!

I'm so excited for John. I have talked to him, of course, a bunch since last week. He's really excited and way less freaked out than he was when Henry was born.…


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A New Nerdfighter Baby

In which past-John presciently reports on the birth of his second child, with an update from very-recent-past-John. John reports that he will be on paternity leave for a time, but his video presence will continue in lots of places.…


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Optimism is Not Insane

In which Hank talks about our cognitive bias toward bad news, how that affects us, and why there are, in fact, lots of reasons to be optimistic about the future of humanity on the Earth. All of this was inspired by the people I met in Seattle while helping launch this Kickstarter for a space telescope (…


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NERD FACTOR! (...And Why I Fear for Tumblr)

NERD FACTOR WINNERS! Ruby Day: / NerdyAndQuirky: / MagicTurtle643: / The Swot Sisters:…


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What's Up with Start Ups

I'm just getting a little sick of the system that values aggregators of content more than creators of content, and presumes some kind of magical future where owning users free time results in lots of money.

Also, if you are an excellent, detail-oriented, graphic designer who wants to work with a company that does cool things quickly…


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