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This actually happened.


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Hit me up on tumblr.

I'm mad addicted, yo.

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I'm in a weird mood.

I keep imagining my future. Or rather, what I hope my future would be like. I mainly daydream about the stage before marriage and children but after I've acquired my dream job. The time in my life where things have finally settled down and I'm ready for the next era to begin. I picture myself with an apartment in Japan, which I will eventually furnish and live in with the salary of an English teacher. I like the kids I teach. I have a kotatsu which I… Continue

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日本語を書いて、読むのがそれほど上手ではありません。流暢になるまで一生懸命研究するつもりです! ある日、日本に行って、英語を教えるつもりです。私は当日まで待つことができません。運を願ってください!

それは私がたった今タイプできるすべてです。 日本語は困難です!


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SexySexy Times Survey (Oh Lord)



1. The guy you'd take to meet your parents...

James Wilson.

Then we'd go upstairs and get it on.

2. The one woman you would do...

Susanne Kayson.

Slightly crazy, incredibly sexy.

3. The guy you would have sex with in your parents… Continue

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Just got this. Pretty awesome, no?

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To My Nerdfighter Friends of Awesome:

You guys don't know how helpful you have been during this rough time in my life! Geeeze, I couldn't ask for better e-friends, or even better real-friends, 'cause that's what you guys are. Special uber luv-thanks to the Nerdfighters who took part in my get well video which can be found on Captain Adorabelle's Ning. My favorite Bowie song (I don't know how Belle managed to remember something that obscure!) is even playing in the background! I was grinning like a fool during the whole video. It… Continue

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In Deutsch:

Ich bin müde und krank heute. Ich bin wütend...

Nicht gut auf Deutsch noch nicht, ich entschuldige mich. Dies ist schwieriger als ich gedacht hatte. Ich habe nicht das Lernen für eine lange Zeit...Ich mag befremdlich klingen zu Ihnen.

Wie auch immer.

Ich kaufte ein neues Buch heute. Es ist sehr schön, und ich hoffe, bis zum Ende es bald. Es ist eine Komödie, aber es ist auch ein Mystery-Roman. Ich frage mich, was ich gelesen nächsten...

Ich kaufte… Continue

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I never knew that it was possible to suffer from sugar and caffeine withdrawals! And the bags under my eyes are absolutely ridiculous! Plus, I have attained the posture of a gargoyle.

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I think...

...that I am doomed to be sick forever. First I had migranes, then I got food poisoning, and before I even RECOVERED from that I caught the cold from hell. I haven't been sleeping well and my hair is falling out! EEEEK. Nothing seems to help. I've lost a lot of weight too. I noticed today when I found that my pants--which fit a month ago--are now too baggy to wear out in public. I really wish I knew how to fix this, else I'll go INSANE! I hate having a stuffy nose...and a sore throat...and a… Continue

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Oh, hello. I didn't see you there.

School starts Tuesday. BRB SUICIDE.

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よい天気です。 暖かいです。

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Hello again, Ning.

I just got re-addicted to you, and it is oh so exciting. The Ning is something you never forget how to do--like riding a bike. Only more awesome. Perhaps like...a motorbike? With flames. And complimentary leather jackets. Oh yeah, and some fingerless leather gloves. And we can't of course forget the helmet, which will be decorated with Awesome Stickers.


It's good to be back, Ning!

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RIP Taylor Marie

We will all love and miss you so much. I know that I do and will, and I hope you're having a blast singing and acting and dancing wherever it is you are. Rest in peace, my dear friend. Be sure to serenade and dance for some of the angels--I'm sure they'd enjoy it as much as we always did.

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I Hate Blogging

No, I just feel like I'm cheating on my other blog that I actually use. I'm sorry, other blog!

Well, I just saw Indiana Jones yesterday. It was flippin' sweet.

That is all.

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New Song. And Stuff. OH, AND PARTY! song. I like this band.

FirstofMany sort of set up a party for me, to take place at 8;30 on May 2nd. I'd like everyone I know and even those I don't to pop in for at least a mo, because it would mean a lot to me. Honestly, it'd be the closest thing I've had to a party in quite a few years. And I also hear I may be getting brownies. I love brownies. -excitement-

If you want to get the recipe for the awesome brownies, or get better info, go to firstofmany's ning… Continue

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That really had no point. I haven't updated in a while, but thought that maybe I should, since lots of coolio things have been goin' down lately. Like the awesome Katrina of Walllofweird and Vlogramen giving us a super sweet shout out, the first week of our channel more or less being a success, or crazyness on the glorious website that is Oh, and I am now part of a Steamy Spanish Soap Opera, although the name is in Spanish and escapes me right now...I know it means… Continue

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