There is a “C” word which upon hearing it can illicit any number of negative emotions. Whether you have been through it yourself, or know someone who has suffered with it, nine times out of ten you will know someone. There are at least 200 different types in the world, which just plain sucks.  I have lost love ones to it myself in the past, and know at least part way of the grief it can bring.


But along comes one young man, aged 15, who has gone through it all, and come out the other side smiling. A user who frequents the chat called “Dave Tarragon, the NerdFighting Herb“ or David Crews in the real world, once was diagnosed with a form of cancer known as “Hodgkin’s Lymphomas”.  Living through such a traumatic time in his life he decided to write a book about it; to both inform and entertain. Now, when I say entertain you might think: “What the hell?” but believe me, if you read it, you soon get to grips with his cheeky, upbeat style of writing. His book “The Chemo Diaries” which is available for free here takes you on a rollercoaster ride through first getting to grips with the illness to his road to recovery. It really is inspiring stuff, which I encourage you to check out!


I am not one to be without words, but this book really made me stop and think. How lucky that myself, and the majority of people are to be healthy and happy. Dave manages to keep a macabre, depressing subject light and humorous by injecting his own critique on the path he has taken. To know he still came out with very impressive exam results regardless of his illness shows just what an amazing person he is. At one point in the book he even says that he does not think of himself as brave or courageous and that is simply took the only path he could see. This in my eyes makes him even more so.  Speaking with him you could not tell that any of this has happened to him, he is a happy and hilarious individual. I have no doubt he is not the only one with a story like this; there are probably hundreds out there that should be told!


It is rare to hear about a happy ending to a story such as this, so I thought it was one that could do with sharing. So if you get a spare half hour check the book out and tell Dave how you thought he did writing it, reviews always welcome!


See You On the Flip Side!

Dave J

(Operations VP)

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Comment by Sian on April 1, 2012 at 1:56pm

Hey FAMOUS DAVE! How you doing? You know I like your book, so im not gonna go on about it, but people reading this, Dave has written a really good book that is really good and i really think you should read it ;)

Comment by Dave Tarragon, NerdFighting Herb on March 5, 2012 at 12:51pm


I see what you're saying. And you're right, there is no 'bright side' to it, and ultimately, reading this book will not save anyone's life. But I do disagree about looking at it from as positive a side as you can find; as a patient I found that think positively was half the battle, and there is evidence to suggest people who think positively are more likely to make full recoveries. And since the book was mainly written to express my thoughts during that time, it was inevitable that it should show through.

I do respect your opinion, and I'm not replying in order to start an argument. I just wanted to explain why it was written the way it is.


Comment by HC on March 5, 2012 at 12:34pm

I can see why people would want to look at cancer from a bright side. It feels like you're fighting it, it feels like you're standing up to all the nastiness, spitting it in the face, refusing to be beaten down. In some way, you disarm it, you take away its power, even if just for a short moment, to hurt people.

But there's no reason to. There is nothing positive about cancer, and forcing yourself to feel differently about it isn't going to change that. It's not going to save lives, it's not going to prevent death, and it's not going to make things good. It's going to be more pleasant to think about, less depressing to talk about, but the problem with cancer isn't that it's depressing, it's that it kills people.

Dave (assuming you're even reading this), I'm glad you survived, I really am. I don't even begrudge you for looking back on it without the doom and gloom commonly associated with cancer (I might even read through your book at some point). But surviving cancer is not a tragedy, and the fact that some people survive it isn't going to make what's so horrifying about it go away, which is the fact that some people don't.

I'm not out to start an argument or insult anybody (my apologies if I have, I know it's a sensitive subject), every tale is worth listening to, especially when it comes to important subjects that people are normally reluctant to think about. But let's keep one thing clear, there's a reason cancer is a heavy subject, and as long as that reason holds true, we have no business trying to lighten it up, regardless of how much we may want to.

Comment by Itai {Admin} on March 5, 2012 at 1:23am

Well, David, I didn't get to meet you until yesterday, and I was quite busy, so I didn't give you the attention I usually give people. Sorry ^___^   This has inspired me to write about my hospital tales, if you don't mind me using that same theme. Sooooo many injuries, although no sicknesses, atleast nothing as serious as cancer. If I ever get cancer, I'm using your handy guide!
That aside, it's well written, and I must own a copy! I plan on purchasing it, if you consider publishing it (Please do!). I have a few small book-like items I always have with me. One about medical treatment for various things (I'm always injured, for a multitude of reasons), one about survival of all sorts, and a few notepads, each filled with my own rhymes, tips & tricks, quotes, and general idiocy. I want to add this to that collection, please. (And I'd love to converse more with ya :D)
-The Ungodly Deity, a.k.a. Itai, Ze Chat Mod/(Bot?)  

Comment by Nienke Luchtmeijer on March 4, 2012 at 5:47pm

wow, i'm definitely going to read it, finely something 'positive' about it, instead of it being a curse word, perhaps even a word used in normal speech, because that's what that word is here in the Netherlands, everywhere you go, even online, you'll find it, it's so disgusting people say such terrible things

Comment by Dave Johnson on March 4, 2012 at 5:28pm

Haha you are welcome! xD

Comment by Dave Tarragon, NerdFighting Herb on March 4, 2012 at 5:21pm

Whoo, free publicity! Thanks a bunch, really. :)

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